Project: Gemini

Five strangers were brought in to use their special skills to undertake a project. They thought that it was a simple task until it all falls apart. The hunters become the hunted. What happens when the simple mission turns from finding the most wanted to them becoming the most wanted.


Author's note

This is something that I came up with and like to share with all. Hope this keeps you intrigued and wanting more.

1. Chapter 1

This isn't part of my other works of SnowBarry even though these are the characters I imagined when I wrote this story. It is appropriated when you read this story and enjoy it just as much as I liked writing it. Thanks. 

                                // ------------------------------- \\ --------------------------- //

Wyatt O'brien sat up and sat in bed again. He was covered in sweat and he was breathing heavily. He turned to see that his wife was sleeping next to him. She hadn't realised him get up again. Trying to calm himself he got out of bed slowly and made his way downstairs to the kitchen. 

The house was dark and the time in the microwave read 3:18am. He drank some water still trying to calm down. This wasn't the first time he had woke up with a nightmare. There was footsteps and he turned around to find his wife walk up. She turned on the light and sat down at the table. 

"I'm sorry, I didn't want to wake you. It's becoming a constant thing," he said. 

"Honey, I don't know how I can help you but like I said, I'm always here for you. You don't want to go to a counsellor and you don't want to talk to me. We all just want to help you," said Anna O'brien. 

"Yeah well I don't need help. This will pass. I went to counselling when I got back and she was the one who gave it all clear," argued Wyatt. "I just want to move on and get everything  back to normal."

But before Anna could say anything further, Wyatt left the kitchen. She sat there alone trying to stay strong. He had been doing so well and after his mates death, something for him had changed and he didn't want to admit it.

                         // ----------------------------------- \\ --------------------------------- //

Amelia Greenwood opened her eyes when she heard something beep on her computer screen. She looked at the tine which read 3:18am. Opening the link she read the reminder that she had set for herself. 

Wyatt OBrien starting today. Paper work to be ready for him.

"I told you go to bed ages ago. Can you turn that alarm shit off," called Amelia's roommate Kylie Meyers. 

"Its off and I'm sleeping, it was something for work. Wait why are you wake?" She asked. 

"Well... If you must know Matt called and said that he managed to get time off work wants to take me away," smiled Kylie.

"And he couldn't wait till morning to talk to you,"

"He is doing night shift at the hospital. Hey I don't dis you on your work schedule. You don't have a life. Since you decided to join the Government, you are too busy." 

"It pays better than being a hacker. Constantly running from police and all," joked Amelia. 


Amelia turned to her computer and turned it off. Maybe Kylie was right. She spent too much time either working or designing her own computer software which she hoped one day would be useful for Agents in the field. 

                     // ----------------------------------- \\ ------------------------------ //

"Don't forget to take your lunch honey. Good luck on your first day," kissed Anna. "Working for the Government after working for the Government, I honestly thought you were over it."

"Yeah well i cant just sit around the house anymore and the money isn't bad either," joked Wyatt. 

"I know that it's been a while and that you are ok to go back to work but don't over do it ok." 

"I love you but I know. I'll be fine." 

Wyatt walked out of the house and let out a deep breath. He could pretend to be ok with the whole situation but he was still not dealing too well with the whole situation. They would just call it PTSD but he wanted to forget all that and move on. Working at FBI was an accuse to clear his mind. 

He arrived at the FBI office where he would be working from now on. He loved serving his country but now working from one place relieved him and staying close to his wife. 

"Wyatt O'Brein, hi, sorry if I kept you waiting for too long. I have your ID badge here and Agent Fuller is waiting for you," said a female. 

"Thanks and you are," he asked. 

"Sorry, I'm Amelia Greenwood. I'm the technical analysist here," she replied. 

Amelia gestured for him to follow her as she gave him a quick tour. "Agent Fuller said to bring you straight to him. I have seen your file and Navy SEAL, wow." 

"Thanks, I think."

Amelia turned to face Wyatt. "I understand that what you did was a hard job and it leaves scares on your soul but then again it is the most bravest things anyone can do. So thanks and good luck. I look forward to working with you in the future." 

Wyatt and Amelia parted ways but something told them both that it would be long before they would be working together soon enough. 

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