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This is based off a current roleplay. If you wish to watch it please do. It's called High School Roleplay
We tap into Scarlett and Finnlay's life.


2. Chapter 1

I knocked on her door, a nervous wave coming over me. I hadn’t spoken or seen her for 13 years. 13! Would she still love me or will she turn me away. I still love her, that much I know.

"Dad, what are we doing here?” one of my daughters, Esther, asked me.

I smiled warmly. “Don't you want to see your mother and grandpa?” I think I wanted to see them more than they did. When Scarlett left they were only young so they couldn’t remember her face. They might just think she’s a stranger or something.

Jordan put up his signature smirk. “But doesn't he hate you?”

“I don't know.” I replied to him. It’s true. I think he’s never really liked me but…who knows,

“Are you gonna die?”  Faith, the worried little one questioned me honestly.

“No.” I hope not, I didn’t add.

“Can we-” Jonathan started but I cut him off.

Their questions gave me a burning headache on top of the butterflies. “Stop asking questions.”

The door clicked open. Here it comes, this is it. I took a deep breath.

Instead of Scar at the door, there stood her father. Poseidon himself. “Bitch I told you never to come here.” He said harshly, and then he spotted the kids. “And what are they doing here?” he spat with so much disgust in his voice it made me feel sick. “Come to see they're crazy mother? Please have a look.” This made me worried. He’d never call scar crazy.

He led us through the house and to a room where a small figure sat in the corner. After a moment, I realized it was Scar. She was extremely skinny, probably from lack of food and sleep. She was repeatedly stabbing her thigh over and over again. Her body was covered in blood like she had been keeping this up for a while. She was crying her heart out and screaming in pain. I regret every word I had said to her. I didn’t think she would act like this.

I covered Esther and Faith’s eyes. “Oh my god Scar!” I half lectured her. I had not been expecting this. I thought she could handle herself well without me. Apparently not.
“Whoa!” Jordan said.

Jonathan joined in. “Awesome.”

Faith shook her head. She was the only one of the girls who had seen Scar. “No not awesome.” She said in disgust.

“I can't see. Is that our mom?” Esther whined.

“Yeah but you can't see yet.” I said quickly.


I tried to look anywhere but at Scar. “Jordan, Jonathan. Please cover your sister’s eyes for me.”

“Yes sir.” Jordan, the little ratbag he is saluted me and covered Esther’s eyes.

Of course Jonathan thought this was hilarious. “Okay dad.” He said laughing proceeding to cover Faith’s eyes.

I slowly approached Scar. I had to face her sooner or later. “Hey...scar....” I said slightly hesitating. “It's uh, me. Finnlay....please don't kill me.” I was truly scared she was going to hate me. “And I brought the kids with me.”

She moved away from me. “No don’t.” she said, she sounded scared of herself. She started crying harder. “They can’t see me and neither can you.” She sobbed. “You shouldn’t be here, it’s too dangerous.” She looked down at her hands, slightly afraid of them, I think. “Sometimes I can control myself like now. Other times….” She shook her head like something was trying to take a hold of her. “Get out of here before one of the other times come.”

Desperate times call for desperate measures. I turned to Poseidon, instantly feeling timid in his stare. “Can you please take the kids for a moment?” I breathed. Don’t look afraid, don’t be afraid. “I need to talk to Scar alone.” I put an emphasis on the word alone just to get the message though to him.

“No please Finn,” Scar cried in objection. “It's not safe. I don't want you getting hurt.” At least I know she still cared.

Poseidon answered before I could actually listen to her. “Yes, come over here kids wanna play a game with grandpa?” He walked off herding the kids out with him. Gods give him luck. He’ll need it with those four.

Scar turned away. Her voice was barely a whisper. “Please no.”

It pained me to see her like this. “Are you going to push me away again?” I stepped a bit closer. “Look, Scar, please come back with me and the kids...I'm not really the best role model....besides I need help figuring out what they can do.” A lie obviously, I just wanted her back.

“What- what if you guys visit me every week then every day until I’m sane again and have some strength back, right now I can barely stand.” Her voice was weak and quivering. I had never seen her like this before.

I smiled a smile I’d put on many a time before. “You gotta eat something and get outside scar. Don’t wait for the sanity to come to you. Go and find sanity yourself.” I let that set in the air for a moment. “And for the love of god please get cleaned up. I know Jordan and Jonathan would be fine with the blood and stuff but not so much Faith…” I knew for one that Jordan and Jonathan like blood and death, the morbid little things, but Faith absolutely hates the stuff. She’d rather read books than make her own adventure.

She looked down at herself. “Oh sorry I didn't notice that.” she tried to stand up but fell back down. She really was as week as she looked. “Can you help me?”

“Of course.” I said and grabbed her by the waist and pulled her up. She was as light as a feather. “I missed you, you know.” I didn’t miss this close opportunity.

She rested her head on my chest, only then I realised how much I missed our quiet moments. “I missed you too. Oh I'm sorry I'm getting blood all over you.’” She grimed wildly. She knew what she was doing perfectly well. “I would kiss you but.....”

I smiled right back at her. “I don't mind the blood and you don't have to kiss me cause...” I bent down and pecked her on the lips. “I can do it for you.”

She let out a small giggle. “good.” She kissed me. The longing in the kiss was clear. It had been a rough 13 years.
My only reaction was to kiss back until she absurdly broke the kiss. “Oh it’s been so long.” Smiling to herself she walked into her bathroom and cleaned herself up. She came out with only a towel wrapped around her. I half jaw dropped. She knew perfectly what she was doing. Tease. She changed into new clothes that made her look absolutely stunning.


Meanwhile in the other room…


Poseidon smiled sharply. “So what are your names?”

Esther stepped up bravely towards the god. “I'm Esther and this is Faith.” She gestured towards her shy sister who only looked down in response.

Jonathan scoffed. “Fine. Don't introduce us then.” He smiled a winning smile. “I'm Jonathan and that's-”

“I'm Jordan.” He interrupted.

The god stalked over to shy little Faith and tilted her chin to face him. “It's ok sweetheart. Now, has your dad told you who I am?”

The shy girl only shook her head in response so Jonathan answered in words for her. “We only know you as our grandpa...”

Poseidon looked hurt at first. Had Finnlay never told them? “Well I'm Poseidon.”

Jordan rolled his eyes. “So the mythical god Poseidon is our grandfather. COOL!” he said eve so sarcastically.

The god wouldn’t tolerate this backchat and behaviour so he splashed him with water that he pulled from thin air. “And your mother once she gets her strength back will be able to do what I do and more.” He grinned slightly scarily at the children and the now soaked Jordan only glared at him in response.

“Father calls use the four elements.” Faith stepped in getting braver by the second. “I'm water. Jonathan is air, cause he's an air head.” The little girl giggled at her own joke.

Jonathan growled at her. “Am not!” he fired back.

Faith continued. “Jordan is earth and Esther is fire.”

Poseidon chuckled. “Well we'll see if you live up to your names.”

Jordan smirked and approached him. “And what's that supposed to mean?”

Esther held back her brother. “Careful what you say ‘cause he bites.”

The god snapped his teeth. “She's right I do bight with water.” Before they could say any more he drenched them all in water.

Esther half screamed in rage. “Hey!” her rage caused the room to increase in temperature.

Jordan clenched his fists well aware of his power. “Don't do that!” he yelled.

Poseidon realized the trouble he was in. “Calm down all of you please. Your father was on a roll when he decided to call u by the elements.”

Faith rolled her eyes at the comment. “He ain't completely dumb...sadly.”

“Don't talk about your father like that there’s more to him than you'll ever know.” Poseidon said. He knew how that would feel to be called dumb.

Jordan used his knowledge of the ties between Poseidon and his dad. “We know more than you do.” He smirked hoping to catch the god off guard.

“Besides,” Esther began. “Father says we can say what we want within reason.” Her temper had not gone down. She was still angry at Poseidon.


Back in the bedroom…


The change in temperature in the room was clear. It had become sticky and hot within a few seconds. “Finn…” Scarlett said. “Did you happen to call the kids by the elements by any chance?”

I felt guilty all of a sudden. Did I do something wrong? “I uh- nicknamed them sorta.” I scratched my palm. Damn these nervous habits. “Their personalities really suit them.”

She slowly backed towards the room where the kids were. “Esther is fire, right?” she asked worriedly.

I nodded slowly. “Yeah...” and with that she took off and I followed after her.

When I joined her in the room she was looking at the kids and then at Poseidon. “Dad you're not supposed to drench them in water.” She rolled her eyes and then looked at me smiling. “Well I guess something good came of this, Finn. When you named them the elements those happened to be their actual elements, their powers.” She half nodded to her father. “Dad dumped water on them and Esther got mad. Esther is still young therefore she can't control her powers, hence why the room heated up.”

Now it made a lot more sense to me. I remembered all the times that happened. “Oh. Well congrats to me that I made it this far without burning to death.” I chuckled to myself.

Esther stopped to stare at her mother. “You're a lot prettier than dad said.” She blurted out.

“And a lot smarter.” Added Jonathan.

Scar shook her head and smiled. “Well you could’ve also drowned, got caught in a wind storm or caught in quick sand.”

I smiled back at her. “Yeah, thank the gods.”

She realized she hadn’t yet said hello to the kids. “Oh I'm so sorry.” She said walking over to them and hugging them in a tight group. I wanted nothing more than to join them. But they need their space. “I shouldn't left you. And Jordon, Jonathon.” She ruffled the hair of the two boys. “I'm sorry you had to see that side of me, you should have never had to see that.” she smiled almost apologetically at them.

Jordan shook his head. “I like blood.”

“And death.” Jonathan added.

Esther smiled seeking attention. “I find pleasure in killing bad things.”

Faith frowned at the interests of her siblings. “But what about school?”

“That's for losers.” Jordan scowled at her.

“Be nice boys.” I said warningly to them. I knew how they treated faith and I had to do something about it.

Scarlett stood back from her kids. “Well it looks like you raised Jordon and Jonathon right.” She giggled to herself. “Esther needs to change bad to both good and bad but Faith… yeah water was the right choice for her. She's the calm waters. I'm the run for your lives ‘cause she's here waters.”

I chuckled at her rather harsh statement. “True. I kinda told Esther that she can't ever kill good things so...”

She shook her head disappointedly. Did I do something wrong? “What are we going to do with you?” she muttered. She approached Esther and bent down to the girl’s height. “Esther you can kill certain good things. We'll talk about that at home and Faith I turned out just fine and I dropped out of school in 3nd grade, boys that does not mean you can,” she eyed the two grinning boys as their faces fell. “I had no parents or home.” She’d never told me that before.

Esther grinned and looked at Poseidon. “If you say so.” She was trying to say that she’d kill him.

Jordan and Jonathan whined in unison. “Oh come on.”

“School sucks though.” Said Jonathan.

Faith frowned. “Does not. It benefits you for the future. Besides, we need it if we're going to be smart.” She stated matter-of-factly.

“Unlike dad.” Added Esther. I had been waiting for that.

I smiled half-heartedly. “And there's my Esther.”

Scarlett shook her head again. “Ok fine you guys can drop out in 5th grade, and Esther I saw that glance at dad he was alive but I didn't know I was a demigod until I was 13. So you can’t kill him.”

Both the boys looked at each other. “Sweet” said Jordan while Jonathan thanked her.

Faith looked between her mother and her grandad. “Question, can we do that water thingy too?”

“Yes Faith we can. Or rather, you can.” She grinned. “Pa and me will be training you guys I don't want y’all to have to figure it all out and grow up a hard life on your own like I did.” She looked at me a wild grin on her face. Oh god. She started singing from the movie/musical Annie. “It's a hard knock life for us.” Although she wasn’t bad it was really cringey.

I couldn’t resist the urge to face palm.

Jordan had a burning question and it couldn’t wait. “But we're different right? I don't wanna be the same as her.”

He glanced towards a fuming Esther.

Esther only glared back.

Faith used this opportunity to show her smarts. “Of course we're different.”

Jonathan sighed in relief. “Thank the gods.


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