Said It All


5. Chapter 5


Howard arrives at his house and opens the door, then shuts it behind him quietly. He sees a note by Robbie "Off for a drive, see you soon mate"

Howard smiles emotionally and takes a deep breath. 

He then walks into the kitchen & sees Gary. His face turned red and felt anger. He suddenly punches him in face & grabbed him against the wall but then let's go. 

"Why??!" He shouted at him

"Ouch! That punch hurt!" Gary rubs his face softly, even Howard having him pinned against the wall he could feel his strength. 

"You deserved that!" Howard yelled

"Woahh calm down mate, calm down. why Dougie? Are you jealous or something?" Gary laughed

"Don't you laugh at me. She's my girlfriend and I caught you two having sex! What were you thinking? How could you do that to me?!" Howard firmly shouted

"Girlfriend? That's a joke! Remind me where you went last night. To Tracey's didn't you? What was she? Revenge sex after you caught us? So don't come the moral high ground with me .. mate" Gary laughs again

"It wasn't like that at all! What you did was worse!" Howard gets angry

"Don't try put this back on me! You aren't perfect either." Gary scowls at Howard 

 "I wish Robbie didn't give you that ring back what he stole from you, he should of left it! And the money!" Howard went too far as he was angry

"Woahh don't even go there, don't" Gary holds his hands up

"After all I done for you!" Howard gives him evil look


 Howard tries to calm down but holds back. 

"What's so special about Kelly? You both only just met!" Howard scoffed

"What's so special about Kelly? Ohh god you don't know do you? She is my ex, been there before, so thought i would re visit old ground you know.." Gary snares at Howard, seeing the evil look


Howard didn't say a word but didn't believe him straight away. He thought he was lying just to wind him up


"I don't believe you. You're just winding me up! But when and how? How did I not know this?" Howard was feeling shocked & sat down. He looked at Gary in disgust 

"It's true, i promise you it is" Gary sits down on the chair opposite Howard and sighs deeply. 

"You tell me everything!!!" Howard raised his voice

"It was ages ago, it had all ended then she got with you. I always felt something for her and guess i always will, even thought she dumped me for another man" He looks Howard deeply in the eyes and sighs again. 

"No wonder why you was abit funny when she arrived!" Howard stares at Gary. 

"I'm sorry" Gary sighed

"Well you can have her! Because yesterday I was on my way to end it with her!" 

 "You were gonna end it? and guess we didn't know how to tell you we used to see each other" Gary said

"Yeah. She found out about Tracey, saw her text to me then we argued. You must have heard! Bet Kelly told you?" Howard wondered 

"Yeah she told me, she told me you moaned Tracey's name while you had sex with her" He takes a deep breath

"Because I still love Tracey!" Howard snapped

"Show Tracey that you love her then, be a man for once!" Gary snaps

"I showed her how much last night" Howard said

"I showed how much i loved Kelly too!" Gary snaps back harder

"And you love Kelly? We're even then!" Howard shouts

" You were hardly faithful to Kelly, thinking about tracey, then actually moaning her name! So we are even!" Gary told him

"Whatever. But how can I trust you if you go near Tracey?" Howard wondered

"Woahh you think i would go near tracey? She has always loved you, yet you never show her, by calling it quits with Kelly before, she's not a sex object you know" Gary yelled

"We've decided to make a go of it, not just sex! I did love Kelly too! But you took that away from me!" Howard shouted

"Classic Dougie move, charm them into bed and think that's showing them love" Gary smirks

"I am not like that! I do know what love is. I wrote a song about that didn't i!" Howard shouts

"I know you did, and it's a gorgeous song. But show this to Tracey, you have to be faithful to her" Gary told him

"I will be faithful to her" Howard promised

"Tracey deserves to know where she stands with you! Geez how many women do you want" Gary shouts loudly

"I don't know mate. I really don't know! I was fed up with you and Robbie arguing, being friends then falling out again, so i went somewhere else!" Howard explained


Howard then realised something and remembered

"Hang on... you both was being a long time upstairs other night.. Please tell me you didn't?!" Howard begged emotionally

"We did.. sorry" He turns away, not looking at Howard, he knows he slept with Kelly upstairs that night

"You what?! Thats even worse!! I had sex with her that night! You make me feel sick! Basically, you both cheated!" Howard shouts emotionally and couldn't look at Gary


Howard felt more hurt.

"We're done!" Howard splurted out

"Fine we are done, see if i care!!" Gary shouted but he does actually loves Howard

"Yeah! I want you out and I won't even care where you go" Howard raised his voice firmly and got closer to Gary

"Fine.. Kelly has a warm bed anyway" Gary smirks


After Gary said that and laughed, Howard felt his blood boil and grabbed Gary's jacket towards him and pushed him onto the floor


"I hate you!" Howard yelled

"woahh get off me Howard... now" Gary shouts but feels scared


Howard takes a step back after pushing him down to floor. He starts to get upset and walks round in kitchen, turns his back to Gary, looking down on surface

"I am gonna go pack my stuff" Gary sighed

He looks back at Howard standing in the doorway


While Gary walks away to pack his stuff. Howard breaks down into tears and then sees a coffee cup, suddenly smashed it onto the floor as he was so upset and angry. Gary heard a smash downstairs but decided to let Dougie cool off a bit. 


Gary came back downstairs thirty minutes later, crying the whole time he was packing. 

" I'm going then..." He says with tears, looking at his cases and bags


Howard was on floor and trying to stop crying, heard Gary walking downstairs and wiped his tears away. He quickly gets up and sees Gary near front door

"Where are you going to? Kelly's?" Howard asked

"Yes i am, don't bother with anything i might have left here. Bye Dougie" Gary wipes his tears as he leave the house and loads his car up


Howard didn't say anything but told him one thing while watching Gary load his car. 

"Tell Kelly that we're over!"

Howard raised his voice and shuts the door behind him. When Howard shuts the door, he takes a deep breath and tries to hold back the tears. He watches through the window and watching Gary drive off.


Gary drives off to Kelly's hearing what Howard said, he bangs on her door in tears... 

"Are you there? I need you! Open the door" Gary shouted


Kelly hears a loud banging on the door, opens the door and sees Gary with bags. She wondered what was up. Gary looked a mess.


"Gary, what's up? Are you okay?" Kelly wondered

"Can i stay here? Dougie chucked me out" Gary cried

"Yeah, you're welcome to stay here" Kelly smiled

"He also told me to tell you it's over between you and him.. and he hit me" Gary rubs where Howard hit

"Oh right, fair enough and oh my god, are you okay?" Kelly looks and holds his arms gently

"Thanks. My face is abit sore. Dougie packs a punch! You got any ice for it babe.. Please?" Gary smiles and rubs her arms softly

"There was no need to punch you like that. Yeah I've got some ice, you sit down!" Kelly kisses his cheek

"I guess he was angry, thanks for the ice" Gary looks at her


Kelly and Gary sat down and Kelly puts some ice cold on him


"Maybe we could talk about things?" Kelly wondered

"I think we do need to talk everything.. It's a right mess" Gary takes a deep breath

"Sure" Kelly nodded and agreed with him. 

He sighs and holds Kelly's hand as she holds the ice on his face 


"Where do we start?" Kelly asked and smiled gently

"When we had sex and made love, did it mean as much to you as it did to me? It meant the world to me, it did. Do you feel the same?" Gary asked

"I enjoyed it so much, it was like when we used to be together. I feel so guilty for hurting you and i'm sorry. I just hope you could try and forgive me?" Kelly answered and looked into his eyes

"I enjoyed it so much too, really did. It was like the old days with us. Of course i forgive you, course I do. Hey it's okay, come here" Gary kisses her with a passion 

"I feel bad about hurting Howard though" Kelly sighed

"I know, i hate it too, but i hurt him, it's my fault" Gary gets emotional

"What if, we went round and said sorry? I can't bare it if you both fallen out" Kelly strokes his cheeks
"We will go round later babe? Give Howard time to cool off" Gary feels tears in his eyes, loving Kelly's touch 


Meanwhile, back at Howard's house. He was sitting on sofa thinking about things and then he sees a text from Tracey. Tracey was on her way and when she arrived, she shouted that she's here, wondering if Howard is okay. Howard opens the door for her.

"I'm not in the mood babe, shut the door after you" Howard told her

"l'm not going anywhere babe, you can't make me" Tracey starts to cry and holds Howard tightly


Howard couldn't say anything as he was really upset.


"Babe, i hate to see you upset like this" Tracey sighed

"I threw Gary out and he's gone to Kelly's! I couldn't help it but i was so angry that i hit him" Howard cries and holds her hands tightly

"Baby look at me, it will be okay. It will. He's gone to Kelly's? And you hit him?" Tracey hold his hands so tight showing her support

"Yes, they cheated on me other night... I didn't know they used to be together! Apparently, Gary still has feelings for her" Howard explained

"Ohh babe, It's alright, i hate seeing you like this, i am gonna stay here tonight" Tracey cuddles him

"Everything's such a mess isnt it? You can stay here if you like" Howard kisses Tracey

"It is a mess baby but you have me, and i am staying tonight" Tracey smiled

"How did we get to this?" Howard sighed

"I don't know. You should of stayed with me, not finding another woman.... I love you so much" Tracey engage in his kiss and kiss him softly again

"You told me you love me many times!" Howard smiles at her

"I'll always say i love you everyday" Tracey smiles

"What do we do now? I feel bad for throwing him out but he hurt me" Howard explained

"Just let the dust settle a bit babe, I know you feel bad, but don't" Tracey hugs him 


Howard looks at her and smiles gently. Hugs her tight and then suddenly forgotten something.


"I best text Robbie that i'm okay, i forgot to reply" Howard laughed

"Good idea babe, i love this, here with you" Tracey smiled

"I love this too. I'm starving" Howard giggled emotionally

" I'm starving too, what are you gonna cook me?" Tracey asked

"Eh? I thought you was cooking?!" Howard joked with his little grin on his face

"Ohh you are so cheeky!.. Okay, i will cook, just because it's you" Tracey giggled

"Haha! What will you cook darling?" Howard asked 


Tracey and Howard smiles at each other, holding hands and leading into the kitchen. Howard sits down watching her start cooking. Tracey looks through the cupboards and asking what they fancy. 


"I could make pasta? with sauce?" Tracey Holds it up to Howard

"Yeah if you like, have anything. I just can't be arsed!" Howard sips his drink

"Love it when you say can't be arsed" Tracey giggled

"I'd be arse in a minute if you want to please me" Howard winked

"Haha! I can make these if you want? Or something else?" Tracey smile softly and rub his arm with affection

"Sure" Howard nodded


Twenty minutes later, Tracey had finished cooking, poured the sauce onto the pasta and serve it, putting the two plates at the table.


"Mmm thats nice. Didn't know you could cook well" Howard joked and grinned

"Oi cheeky! No more sex for you then if you are being cheeky" Tracey teased him

"It doesn't bother me if we never had sex ever again darling!" Howard smirked

"Ohh that can be arranged then mister Donald, you are so cheeky" Tracey giggled

"Could i ask you a question? What would you do if Gary came on to you?" Howard asked being sarcastic

"I would tell him to stop it and leave me alone, why you asking?" Tracey wondered

"When we argued, i sort of called Gary and saying don't try and go near you, it sort of came out of my mouth! I think he loves Kelly and that is all. I just worry, i don't want Kelly to hurt him" Howard smiled gently

"Awww babe you are sweet looking our for me, i think he does too, he loves her, but don't know if she can be trusted with him, she better not hurt him" Tracey sighed

"This pasta is nice!" Howard eats

"Thanks babe, see i can cook" Tracey smiled


Howard suddenly gets a text from Robbie. Robbie says "On my way, need to tell you something"


"Robbie wants to talk to me about something" Howard wondered

"What does he want?" Tracey asked

"Erm, he just wanted to talk and he's on his way soon" Howard answered

"Oh right" Tracey smiled

"You don't mind if he comes... I mean, he does live here" Howard told her

 "Of course i don't mind. I don't know how he puts up with you" Tracey giggled


Few minutes later, Robbie knocks on the door. 


"Hello guys, is this the right time?" Robbie wondered

"Yeah sure, come in" Howard smiled

"Hey Tracey" Robbie smiled

"Hello Rob. Everything okay?" Tracey asked, clearing the plates away

"I spoke to Jason and Mark. They asked if i wanted to go and visti them, i said yes. I thought to let you know mate" Robbie tells Howard emotionally

Oh right... That's good..." Howard looks down

"I wont be away long mate... Please don't start me off" Robbie hugs howard tightly
"Awww you two are cute! I will look after him rob promise" Tracey puts her arm round Howard

"It's not because of what happened?" Howard asked

"No course not mate" Robbie smiled

"Good" Howard smiled gently
"Make him happy for me" Robbie tells Tracey

"I will rob, i promise. Have a safe trip" Tracey smiled

"I will have a safe trip" Robbie smiles at Tracey 

"You better, text when you get there" Howard hugged him

"Whatever happened, i'm happy for you bud" Robbie smiled
"Thanks. Tell the lads i said hi" Howard smiled

Howard and Robbie hugs tightly and they both laughed nervously and emotionally

"We had good times hey" Robbie looked at him
"Yeah we did" Howard nodded
"I will be back. By the time i'm back, i want to see you and Gary made up!" Robbie joked
"Don't you worry" Howard smiles gently
"I'm off to see Gaz to say bye" Robbie hugs howard again
"Oh okay, no problem. Have a nice trip" Howard sighs 
"Thanks, bye mate, bye Tracey" Robbie smiles at the both and walks out


Robbie takes a deep breath as he closed the door and walks down to Kelly's, as he saw Gary earlier walking to hers, so he knew where he was.


Back at Kelly's, Kelly sees Gary getting upset and gives a soft passionate kiss


"Hmm you taste warm and soft" Kelly smiled
"You taste warm and soft too" Gary smiled
"Fancy a cup of tea?" Kelly asked
"Ohh yes please, would love a brew. Nice and strong one though" Gary nodded


Kelly then goes and makes her and Gary a cup of tea. Kelly started to have real feelings for Gary again and smiled to herself. But is Kelly really in love or just using him? She passed Gary a cup of tea. 


"Here you are" Kelly smiled
"It tastes lovely. Just perfect" Gary sips his tea
"Glad you like it! Think we really needed this!" Kelly laughed nervously
"We did need it, and it's a perfect brew" Gary smiles feeling nervous
"I think we should try make mends with Howard too. He is really nice guy and he has told me things about you and Robbie. He seems like a big brother to you" Kelly explained gently
"He is babe, he is like a brother to me, Howard is. But what can i do? He told me he hates me" Gary wipes his tears
"I'm sure he doesn't hate you Gary. Before you know it, he'll start to miss you then will want to see you again" Kelly holds his hand
"I hope you are right, i really do. I would miss him too much too" Gary looked down
"What about Robbie, wasn't he there?" Kelly tries to make him feel better
 "No rob had gone for a drive" Gary hugs Kelly tight needing her comfort 
"I bet Robbie will come straight to you after he finds out what happened" Kelly smiled
 "Aww bet he will babe, he is good like that" Gary grinned
"Yeah, well at least you have Robbie by your side" Kelly smiled at him
"Want another brew? I will make it" Gary  smiles and grabs her hand softly. 
"I'd love another one. Thanks" Kelly said


He smiles and finshes the brews and hands one to Kelly, blowing her a kiss too, he is falling for her all over again


"Thanks for the tea, think you should do this more often. Gary, would you like to move in?" Kelly asked but surprised her self nervously
"I would love to move in, i want to be the first face you see in a morning and the last at night. I really do" Gary smiles, and meant every word 
"Yeah course i will. I'm gonna prove it to you. I'm gonna show you that i am so deeply in love with you" Kelly giggled and kissed him passiontely
"I will prove it too you as well, and I am deeply in love with you too" Gary sighed
"Aww that is so sweet!" Kelly got excited and hugged him
"I meant every word babe, i really did" Gary smiles and pulls Kelly softly onto his knee and kisses her softly 
"I'm really glad i met you again" Kelly smiled
"I am really glad i met you too again, ohh nice lips babe" Gary and Kelly kisses softly, feeling Gary touching Kelly's bum


He smiles and kisses Kelly with more passion, with his hands still on her bum, rubbing it. Kelly then sat on Gary's knee with her legs round him. Kissing him passionately and kissed his neck softly.

"Hmmm i am loving this" Gary moans softly


Gary smiles, lifting her top over her head. Loving her underwear, kissing her chest softly and Kelly takes Gary's top off and carries on kissing him using tounges. Kelly enjoys Gary's kissable lips all over her but then they laid down on sofa with Gary on top of her. Kelly starts to rub gently up and down on his back to his bum, she then squeezes his bum.


"Oh god that's so good! I want you so much" He moans again, loving her hands all over him, he slides his underpants down so quickly 
"You're so good Gary! I want you too much too, come in deep!" Kelly moans and enjoys Gary's movement


Gary pushes deeper and thrusts deeper too, getting faster and faster everytime. They both moan loudly. Suddenly, Gary gets a text from Rob but didnt hear it as Kelly and Gary was enjoying their passion sex so much. 

"Oh god, Gary!!!" Kelly moans loudly

Kelly then goes down onto Gary, licks his body and starts sucking him.

"Ohh that's so good, keep sucking and suck deeper" He moans so loud and pulls her head deep onto him, loving this 
 "Hmm you taste go good!" Kelly sucks deeper untill Gary come watches him enjoying it
"Hmm wow, ohh good that was soooo good, and i would like to taste you later too... if you get what i mean" He winks cheekily
"What if you tasted me now?" Kelly winked at him
" ohh i like that idea.. in fact i love that idea! I need to taste you" He winks again, and kisses her neck, moving down her body slowly, kissing her body as he moves down. 
"Hmm nice...." Kelly moving her body his body and against his body. 

Robbie was nearly on his way to Kelly's. While Gary and Kelly got heated up, trembling and kissing each other all over, suddenly they heard a knock on door

"Wait babe, was that your door?" He smiles, he is sure he heard the doorbell 
"Ingore it babe" Kelly begged him

Kelly carries on kissing and then they heard a knock again. They both quickily get change and then Gary opened the door and was suprised who was stood there infront of him

"Hello!" Robbie grinned
"Hey Rob, come in. Nice to see you mate. Want a juice or brew or anything?" Gary smiles at rob 
"Nice to see you! I'll have a coffee, thanks" Rob smiles and hugs Gary
"Anyone like a Take-Away too? Chinese?" Kelly wondered
"That sounds a great idea! Would you like a Chinese Rob?" Gary asked
"I'd love a Chinese" Robbie grinned
"You're faces are red! What you been doing! Pair of Rabbits!" Robbie joked
"Haha" Gary laughed
"I'll go and order" Kelly smiled
"I'd like to talk to you too, i just been to see that other muppet" Robbie laughed
"Muppet? You mean Howard?" Gary thought
"Yeah, Howard!" Robbie smiled at Kelly and Gary
"It's all a mess mate, it really is. Any advice on how to sort this?" Gary sighed
"I dont know what to say mate. Give him time and he will come round. He must be hurt and in shock. I haven't heard the full story. I just don't want to get involved but i really want you both to make up" Robbie explained
"Yeah, so do i" Gary nodded


Meanwhile, Tracey hugs Howard so much and cuddle into him. She had an idea about living together. 


"Babe, we could go between both our houses.. if you like?" Tracey wondered

"Yeah, that sounds good. Yeah, we could just live apart but still see each other" Howard smiled and cuddled tightly

"I know you miss Rob already, but im here" Tracey smiles

"Yeah but now he's gone, i got no one... Apart from you" Howard sighed

"You will make it up with Gary, i promise you that!" Tracey tells him
"Shall i sing a song for you tonight? What's your favourite?" Howard asked

"ohh that's a tough question, love all your songs. But think i will chose beautiful world i think, i would love you to sing to me" Tracey smiles and cuddles Howard

"I'll sing that, just for you. I'll get the Karaoke" Howard fetches the karaoke and started to set it all up

"Oh i can't wait for you to sing for me, you will make me all emotional" Tracey grinned
"There's someone who i am completely in love with" Howard smiled

"It's Lorraine Kelly...." Howard joked

"What?" Tracey whispered

"Only joking, it's always been you" Howard giggled

 "You are really cheeky! It's always been you too, really has" Tracey giggled

Howard started to play the music. He stood up and holded the mic. He grabs Tracey's hand. 

"Babe, hold my hand, come to me" Howard smiled

"I can't wait for this" Tracey giggled and stood up, and move to Howard, and take both his hands in hers and squeeze them softly.


"Here we go" Howard looks at you in your eyes and starts to sing while holding her hand

Here standing in the rain
The sun has gone again and nothing's gonna change
Time, I need a little time as you slip out of sight
And nothing heals the pain.

And I know that it's you that's stopping me from falling
Crashing down, losing ground til I see you again
And you know...

The sun will shine, and we will see there's nothing standing in our way
Love will stand and never break
Never thought this could be me
Do you feel what I feel?
Everytime that you are near it's a beautiful world
A beautiful world

Words are hard to keep inside
Even though I've tried, impossible to hide.

And you know that it's me that's stopping you from falling
Crushing down, losing ground til I see you again
And you know...

I'll be the stars guiding you
I'll be the place that you hide
I'd run a thousand miles, a thousand miles to be by your side.

Howard smiles with a big grin on his voice. 

"That's was so beautiful, really beautiful. I know you are serious about us now, this means the world to me baby" Tracey squeezes his hands
"Thanks babe. Fancy watching TV?" He leans to kiss her gently

"Yeah let's watch TV. This is perfect" She smiles and lean into kiss Howard softly on the lips, rubbing his arms softly


"I keep being tired again! Why" Howard wondered

"Was it anything to do with you being with me last night?" I tease him 

"Maybe" Howard laughed softly

Howard felt abit of faint but he sat down and took a deep breath


"Baby, are you okay? What's wrong? You have gone white" Tracey got worried

"Honestly, i'm fine, don't you worry" Howard breaths slowly and watches the TV  

"No your not ok, and i am so worried about you" Tracey sighed

"Stop fussing.... I just feel tired thats all..." Howard smiled

Ten minutes later, Howard falls asleep but was feeling sweaty and breathing heavy, making all shakily noises. Howard then tries to get up making Tracey worry, he stood up but felt some faintness, managed to walk to kitchen, he grabbed his chair and then collapsed on floor with chair falling on top of him. Tracey hears a thud in the kitchen and see Howard lay on the floor, she screams loudly and then compose herself and phoned an ambulance..  She slowly move the chair from on top of him, and hold his hand so tight.

"Howie, speak to me please. I love you, so much" Tracey cried

Five minutes later, she hears ambulance sirens and holding his hands. She then rings Robbie a few times.



Kelly, Robbie and Gary heard an ambulance near the house and they wondered what was going on. They looked through window and then noticed Robbie's mobile ringing.


"Something must of happened" Gary wondered
"That's weird.... Okay" Robbie answered his phone 


Robbie then looked at Gary with his eyes watering. Gary wondered what was up. Robbie hangs up and was shocked, he didnt know what to say.


"Erm.... It's Howard!" Robbie emotionally rushes out of the door, followed by Gary and Kelly






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