Said It All


4. Chapter 4



Howard stared at Kelly without saying a word. He didn't have a clue what to say and didn't like Kelly in tears. 


"Well?" Kelly yelled

"It's not what you think" Howard told her

"Really? Why did this Tracey put I Miss You! Hey?" Kelly asked

"She's not seen me for a long time that's all and we're good friends!" Howard answered

"Yeah... She's also put, lots of love!" Kelly sighed

"All mates do that" Howard smirked

"Oh really, so do you text Gary saying Lots of love??!" Kelly wondered

"No... Sometimes if we had a drink" Howard sighed

"Who is she?" Kelly wanted answers

"She's my ex" Howard answered her softly

"EX?!" Kelly laughed

"Look, nothing is going on!! I am with you now!" Howard raised his voice

"Wish i could believe you" Kelly told him

"I took you places and did everything with you, why would i chuck this away? I still want to go away today with you" Howard got closer

"You should of thought about that before you texting your ex wife! Is that who you was texting? Every other night? Did you go and see her sometimes when i was away?!" Kelly got heated up

"FINE! Yes, we have been talking and it's just a fling okay?!" Howard snapped

"A fling? So you cheated on me, why? Am i not good enough? I thought we were great together! So all of this was pretend?" Kelly wondered

"At first i loved you but you was always clingy onto me and always want to be with me! I need space sometimes. You're always texting me. I had a fling with Tracey before i met you. But the last time i saw Tracey was a month ago" Howard explained and got closer to her

"I'm sorry you think that! We was so good together!" Kelly sighed

"I know babe..." Howard sat on bed next to her

"Don't call me that. I loved you" Kelly looked into his eyes

"I loved you too. I don't know what i'm doing" Howard looked back to her

"It's either me or Tracey" Kelly told him

"Please don't make me choose!" Howard begged

"It's easy! You can't have two women at the same time!" Kelly shouted lightly

"I'm sorry i called her name but i did enjoy having sex with you. Please forgive me" Howard holds her hands

"I can try. But i don't know if we would work now.... There's something i need to tell you" Kelly looked into his eyes

"What?" Howard wondered

"I cheated on you" Kelly confessed

"What? You are joking?" Howard stood up in shock

"I am sorry. It just kinda happened!" Kelly got upset and tried to touch Howard but he pushed her away

"Who is it? When?!" Howard wanted to know

"Does it matter?!" Kelly told him

"Who is it?!" Howard yelled

"Let's sort this out" Kelly cried

"I erm... I need some space! Let go off me" Howard got emotional

"We're even. You said about Tracey and i went with another bloke" Kelly smiled

"What? No we're not even! We're not the same!" Howard snapped

"Yes we are... We can sort this and forget this ever happened, but just don't call her name out again" Kelly holds his cheeks

"What if i did? Babe, let me go. I'll see you later" Howard took her hands away

"Where you going?" Kelly wondered

"Out" Howard walks out of the bedroom


Howard walks downstairs and puts his coat on. He tells Robbie and Gary that the trip is cancelled and said that he's going round to Tracey's. Robbie and Gary wondered what was going on and got confused. They didn't have time to say anything because Howard walked out of the house quickly. Kelly walks downstairs and smiles at the lads gently but Gary could tell she had been crying. 


"Are you okay?" Gary asked

"Not really" Kelly answered

"I think i'll go and have a walk" Robbie smiled gently

"Kelly... What happened?" Gary wondered


Gary and Kelly sits down. Kelly tells Gary everything. Meanwhile, Howard saw Tracey and walks up to her. 


"Hey baby, you are finally here! You had a good day? I love you" Tracey smiles softly at Howard
"Hello Trace. My day was okay, tell me about your day? Love you too" He smiles back and holds her hands 
"I just worked from home, nothing much really, what did you do today then? Always love you" Tracey smiles again and holds his hands tight 
"Sounds good! I had abit of argument with Kelly, don't really want to talk about it babe" Howard smiles gently and kisses her on cheek  

"Argument? You know i am here right babe? You know that?" Tracey wondered 

Tracey kisses him softly on the lips, wondering what happened with Kelly.  


"Of course. Let's go back to yours? If that's okay with you? I could do with a drink!" Howard smiles 

Howard takes a deep breath and smiles at her along with a soft kiss back  


"Course it's okay, let's go back to mine. I could do with a drink too, and maybe more?" Tracey giggle and wink cheekily

"Oooh what are you trying to do to me?" Howard grinned and walked with Tracey by holding hands

"You know exactly what babe. I love you" Tracey winked


Once they arrived at Tracey's....

Tracey smiles at Howard softly and run her hands cheekily down Howard's chest and handing him a beer from the fridge


"Lets have a drink first and see how we go from here darling. Thanks for the beer" Howard smiles

Howard goes and sits down, sips his beer and smacks Tracey's bum softly and then had a big grin on his face thinking its funny. 


"Oi cheeky slapping my arse! But can't say i didn't like it though" Tracey grinned and looked at his cheeky grin on his face

"It wasnt me babe! Haha, it's sexy! You know what, i'm glad i came to you today" Howard giggled

"It was so you! I am glad you came too, really am. You love me don't you babe? it's not just sex is it?" Tracey giggled

Howard smiled and watched her getting a drink and looked into her eyes and laughed with Tracey. She looked directly into his eyes and squeeze his hands tight. 


"It's weird... When me and Kelly had sex, i called out your name.... It's because i was thinking of you, how stupid does that sound Tracey? We could be more than this and no, i don't want us to have a fling or fun no more, i'd like us to be together again.... If that's what you want? I still love you" Howard explained

Howard touched her hands and took a deep breath. Slowly touched Tracey's cheek and sat closer  


" You called out my name? Really? It's kinda sweet babe. I want to be with you, together too so much. I love you too, so much. But you have to commit to me..." Tracey's words trail off, feeling tears in her eyes 

"Yeah i did. It's even better with you! Commit? I'd never do anything to let you down darling, Trace, do you believe in me?... I'd do anything" Howard looked into her eyes and wiped the tear away

Howard begged and hoped Tracey would believe in him, as he got emotional.  


"Really? Better with me? I do believe you babe, i really do. I would do anything for you too, anything. You can never hurt me though" Tracey grips his hands so tight, feeling more tears 

"Yes, you know how to get me going babe.." Howard smiles

"ohh i love getting you going" Tracey winked 

"Bet you do! Maybe you could give me a massage later babe!" Howard grinned

"ohh i do babe! I would love to give you a massage later baby" Tracey winked

"What am i gonna do about Kelly then? I'd have to say its over..." Howard told her 

Howard holded Tracey's hands tightly, winked and sipped his beer. He took a deep breath and stroked her leg and thinking that things will be okay. Howard sighs and kisses Tracey passionately.


"Yes you need to end it with Kelly babe, I couldn't bear it if you slept with me. Then went to her.." Tracey sighed and took a deep breath, loving Howard's hand stroking her leg 

"I will, i could go now or go later... I am sorry, that won't happen" Howard smiles

"It's up to you babe. But sooner the better i think" Tracey smiled and kissed Howard back passionately, happy he is gonna fully commit to her

"Actually, i'll go now and you put something sexy on while i go and tell her its over.. I won't be long" Howard winks at her and kisses her softly on the lips again.

"Ohh i have something sexy that you might like" Tracey winked

He opens the door and gives her the biggest smile on his face and tells Tracey that he loves her so much. Tracey laughs and smiled softly back at him, telling him she loves him so much too  


"I won't be long. Wear something red!" Howard grinned


Howard walks out of the door and walks along to his house. Howard sees Robbie in a shop chatting to his friends, he smiled to himself.


Meanwhile, Gary and Kelly were on sofa chatting along about everything and then suddenly Kelly came on to Gary and kissed him passionately. Gary was shocked but still kept going and kissed her back. It started to get steamy.


"I love you" Gary whispered to Kelly


Howard then arrived at his door. He slowly opened the door and was shocked by what he seen. There was Gary on sofa with unbutton shirt and Kelly on his lap with her legs round him kissing. Howard slammed the door behind him. Gary and Kelly stopped and looked at Howard in Horror. Howard felt hurt and betrayed, especially by his best friend Gary. Howard turned round and walked out of the door, and breathed heavily.


"Oh no!" Gary sighed

"I think we should stop" Kelly felt guilty

"No, let's not. We've only just got started" Gary told her

"Yeah" Kelly moved in closer to Gary and started kissing him deeply


Howard stumbled across back to Tracey's in tears. He saw Tracey in a sexy red outfit in front of her and tried to put a smile on his face even though he was crying inside. 


"You look lovely" Howard smiled

"Awww thank you baby, what's wrong? I can tell there is something wrong? Tell me please" Tracey begged

Howard walked closer to her and hugged her tightly. Tracey hugs Howard so tight and lovingly, showing him her love. She then release herself from him and slipped her dressing gown over the outfit. 

"Now is not the time we need to talk.." Tracey tells him

"I so wanted you tonight!" Howard touches her arms and tries to hold back the tears.

"Later baby, i need you later.." Tracey whisphered

"I caught... Kelly having sex... with Gary..." Howard looked down and broke into tears

"Kelly and Gary were having sex? Ohh my god babe, oh my god! Shhh don't cry, you have me, you know that right?" Tracey holds him so tight, as he sobs

Howard sits down with Tracey holding hands and Howard couldn't stop crying. 


"How could he do this to me?! He was supposed to be my best mate. I just walked straight out, i didn't say a word! Please can i stay here tonight?" Howard asked emotionally


Howard tries to calm down and noticed his mobile ringing and it was Gary. He ingored it and turned his mobile off in anger. 


"I don't know what to do anymore" Howard weeps


Tracey squeeze Howard's hands so tight and lovingly, after wiping his tears. 


"I know babe.. i know.. shhh it will be ok, promise. You know i would never hurt you like that don't you? Don't you? Of course you can stay here, i love you" Tracey looks deep into his eyes

Howard leans to kiss Tracey softly and lays on top of her but after a few seconds, before it went further, he stopped it because thought it wasn't the right time yet.

"Babe, i'm sorry!" Howard moaned

Howard walks to the fridge and drinks the bottle quickly. He then sits down again and takes a deep breath. Howard goes really quite, saying nothing and puts his head against Tracey's chest. Howard also wraps his arm round her and closes his eyes for a few minutes. 

"Shall we go upstairs... I just need a cuddle?" 
Howard asked softly


Tracey smiles softly so he doesn't feel bad about what happened, cuddling him tight to her chest, showing him comfort and love. 

"Come on babe, let's go cuddle upstairs" Tracey kissed him softly

"I don't even want to look at him or her... I'm more mad at Gary.. I was going to dump her anyway but even worse, she cheated on me!" Howard explained

"You don't have to babe, you don't have to see him or her if that's what you want" Tracey holds his face

Howard and Tracey walks upstairs holding hands. Tracey took off Howard's jacket and unbutton his shirt slowly. Howard then touched Tracey's dressing down and got closer but then they both hugged tightly and kissed. After 5 minutes, they both got into bed and cuddled, Tracey cuddled behind Howard's back with her arms round him. 

"You feel so warm" Howard tells her 

"Aw, i am always warm when I am with you" Tracey smiles cheekily

Howard turns around to face Tracey. He smiles and looks down at her outfit, started to get closer to her. 

"You look hot!" Howard touched her outfit

"Do you like it then babe? I chose this, just for you" Tracey winked


Tracey felt his hand moving up and down her leg. Howard and Tracey release a moan.

"I will make you forget all this shit, promise. I'm loving this" Tracey slides her outfit down

"It turns me on" Howard smiles

Howard whispered and smiled gently. He moans gently as he could feel Tracey touching him at the same time she is touching him. Howard closes his eyes and could feel his bulge pressing against her thigh. 

"I love this" Howard kisses you  

"I can feel it turns you on, on my thigh babe, not that I am complaining" Tracey giggles


Tracey kiss him with passion, and pulls him tight on top of her and Howard tells her it's big and teases her. Howard giggles and kisses her with passion while getting on top of her. As they kissed deeper, Howard starts to take his bottoms off and then started to slide into her. Howard looks at Tracey like he is in love

"Are you okay?" Howard asked nicely

"Course. I'm loving this!" Tracey sighs softly

Howard and Tracey giggles. Howard carries on and going up and down inside her while kissing her deeply with tongues. Things started to get heated up and Tracey started to wrap her legs round his back. Howard started to touch her and made her enjoy yourself while he's inside her. They moaned loudly and feeling each other's passion and thrusts. After ten minutes, Howard releases himself into her and took deep breaths, then kissed her softly.

"I enjoyed that so much babe" Howard whispered into her ear and laid on top of her panting
"My god that was good. I loved that babe, i really did. I love you. I love you" Tracey pants for breath

"Wow!" Howard laughs softly

"Oh god, this is amazing! I love you too" Howard looked at her

Tracey then holds him tight to her, keeping her legs wrapped around Howard's back.. Howard then lays next to her and cuddles her close. He strokes her hair back and kisses her one last time. Tracey cuddling close to him, loving his touch and his kisses. 

"You've worn me out" Howard joked

"You wore me out too, i won't be able to walk tomorrow now" Tracey giggled

"I'm tired now" Howard grinned

"This is so amazing, and i really love you" Tracey smile softly looking into his eyes

"I love you too" Howard smiled
"I wish i never let you go and from now, i'll never let you go" Tracey rested her head on his chest

"Try and stop me" Howard jokingly smiled

Howard smiled back but he was feeling tired and sleepy but he didn't want to go to sleep just yet. He giggled with Tracey but then Howard few seconds later, just realised something that worried him.


"You look so cute when you're sleepy" Tracey whisphered

"Babe....Ohh god we didn't.. what if you get pregnant?" Howard panicked 

"Now I am scared, I totally didn't realise we didn't use anything" Tracey thought

"Don't worry, we will sort it out next day. Lets try and sleep" Howard puts his arms round you and starts to close his eyes. 

In Tracey's mind, she is happy about it but will Howard want a baby? She knows she would. Howard starts to think about Gary but then he starts to think that he has the woman of his life who makes him happy. Howard doesn't know whether to see Kelly, Gary, Robbie, or go and see Jason and Mark for few days or stay with Tracey. Howard starts to fall into deep sleep and he whispered goodnight. Tracey grip him so tightly, showing him she loves him.

"Goodnight darling" 

"Please go and see Gary, sort this out" Tracey told him
"I will think about it, I'm not sure yet about Gary" Howard sighed while closing his eyes

"Then you'll come back to me?" Tracey wondered
"Of course I will come back but not 24/7" Howard smiled

Howard hugs Tracey tighter. Tracey closes her eyes softly snuggled into Howard.

"Good, I am never letting you go" Tracey 
smiles, and kiss his forehead softly

The next morning. It was 9am and the sun was shining. It was really nice weather. Howard opened his eyes slowly and sees Tracey asleep. Howard walks downstairs & makes himself a cup of coffee. He looks at his mobile, turns it on and suddenly there were a loads of messages from Gary, Robbie & Kelly. 

Howard sighed & ignored it. He walked back upstairs with coffee and banged himself into the door frame which woke Tracey up. 

"Ah! Sorry, that hurt!" Howard moaned 

Tracey opened her eyes slowly and rubbed them to wake herself up, and look over and see Howard stood in the doorframe looking like he was in pain.   


"Morning baby, Ouch are you okay? Come here i will make it feel better" Tracey smiled softly and tap the bed for him to join her   

"I'll live! Morning darling" Howard stumbles across and joins her, he sips his coffee. 
"I would of been to Whitby yesterday with the lads & Kelly" Howard sighed

"I know babe, but i am glad you are here with me." Tracey snuggled into Howard, resting her head on his chest softly

Howard feels a lot of mixed feelings and doesn't know what to do. He loves Tracey & Kelly. Still feels hurt & betrayed.

"I best go round there later, no point hiding away. I got loads of text messages from Gary, Rob & Kelly" Howard puts his arms round Tracey and kisses her forehead 

"I do love you" Tracey touches his leg

"I know you do darling and i love you too" Howard sips his coffee

"You go and sort it out later babe, i am here for you babe" Tracey smiles and squeeze him with affection.

Tracey hoped everything would be okay and making sure he needs to make it clear to Kelly that they are over. Even though she slept with Gary. Howard then gives her a big kiss and starts to get changed. 

"See you later" 

He walks out of door and storms toward his house

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