Said It All


3. Chapter 3


Gary stared at Kelly and did not say a word. Kelly smiled at Gary and then Robbie, and then walked towards Howard and gave him a kiss on lips. Gary was shocked and couldn't believe Howard did not say anything. Robbie wasn't bothered as he was happy for Howard. Gary and Kelly used to go out with each other for 5 years at old school when they were young. Kelly broke Gary's heart by dumping him for someone else. 


"Howard, you didn't say anything" Robbie grinned

"We wanted it between ourselves and see how it goes between us, then we would of told you" Howard answered

"I'm Robbie" Robbie shaked Kelly's hand and kissed on cheek

"I know, nice to meet you and you're Gary?" Kelly smiled at Gary

"Yes that's me" Gary smiled nervously

"This is Kelly" Howard introduced her

"Oh Howard, i was just passing by and i thought to come and surprise you" Kelly holds his hand

"That's nice, it is a nice surprise" Howard hugs and kisses her

"Oh get a room!" Gary sighed and walked out of the kitchen

"I'll let you both get on" Robbie smiled and followed Gary


Gary and Robbie is in living room and Robbie wondered what was up with Gary. 


"I can't believe Kelly is going out with Howard!" Gary sighed

"You're jealous? I know she's nice and fit!" Robbie laughed

"No! Yes.. Because She's my ex!" Gary told him

"Really? Since when?!" Robbie wondered

"When we was about 16, at School. We been together for 5 years and she dumped me for someone else. I really loved her, she made me happy" Gary explained

"Oh i'm sorry mate. It's a bit awkward isnt it?" Robbie thought

"Seeing her just now, she still looks the same. My heart felt for her again and angry at the same time" Gary looked at Robbie

"Maybe you should tell Howard" Robbie said

"He seems happy with her, i'm not going to spoil it. I'll have to just accept it" Gary said

"What if she hurts Howard like she hurted you? People always say, if that person cheats, they can do it again" Robbie explained

"That's what i'm worried about. But the way she looked at me earlier.. Like she wants me..." Gary sighed

"Let's see what happens" Robbie smiled

"I don't want Howard to get hurt and i don't want to hurt him. She can't ruin our friendship" Gary explained

"She won't. We'll never break up!" Robbie put his arms round Gary

"We've only just sorted things out" Gary said

"We could tell her that we're gay, just to put her off" Robbie joked

"Yeah!" Gary laughed


While Robbie and Gary are laughing and joking, Howard and Kelly are still in kitchen but Kelly cant keep her hands off Howard. 


"Babe, i know you can't get enough of me but let me breath" Howard laughed

"Yeah, but it's too hard not to touch you and i've missed you" Kelly got her arms round Howard

"I've missed you too. Maybe we should go for a nice walk" Howard smiled at her

"Walk is boring.. Maybe we should go upstairs" Kelly giggled

"Is that all you're bothered about? Every Time we see each other, it's always sex" Howard sighed

"Sorry. Thought we liked having fun and plus i have not seen you for a month" Kelly kisses him

"I don't feel up to it, next time babe. I thought you want a relationship not just fun" Howard smiled and kisses her

"Fair enough" Kelly then let go of Howard and sat down

"Don't be like that.." Howard sat next to Kelly

"I just want to spend time with you but i guess you're more bothered about the two boring men" Kelly moaned

"They're my best mates and i wish you texted me to say you're coming. We had alot on our plate in the past few days" Howard explained

"Well, i'm sorry. Am i not enough?" Kelly asked

"Of course you're enough! I'm with you arent i? I'm happy you're here but i worry about Gary and Robbie" Howard answered

"Maybe we should go for a drink" Kelly thought

"Why not..." Howard smiled

"Perfect" Kelly kissed him


Gary and Robbie then sees Howard and Kelly holding hands walking out of the house. Robbie and Gary looked through the window and sees them going to a pub for a few drinks. 


"Fancy going to the pub?" Robbie asked

"I still feel rough Rob!" Gary answered

"Usually, two pints make you feel better" Robbie smiled

"Not now, they'll think we're following them" Gary sighed

"How are you feeling?" Robbie wondered

"I feel okay but i'm starving!" Gary thought about food

"Fish and Chips?" Robbie suggested

"Sounds good! What time is it?" Gary asked

"Only 4. I'll go and order" Robbie grinned

"You are lazy, it's only down the road" Gary laughed

"Okay i'll be ten minutes" Robbie walked out of the door

"What about money? Oh, mean you're paying then!" Gary whisphered


Twenty minutes later... Gary got plates out ready in living room, turned TV on and got few cans out on table. He also noticed Liverpool was playing but on repeat. Robbie walked in and got the food out. They both sat down and enjoyed their meal.


"How much was it?" Gary wondered

"£6" Robbie answered

"Liverpool is on but i kinda didn't see it last night properly" Gary told him

"They won" Robbie smiled

"Don't tell me that!!" Gary raised his voice

"Haha!" Robbie laughed

"I'm glad we're all getting on now" Gary smiled gently

"Me too. But i guess you're still worried about Kelly?" Robbie wondered

"Hmm let them get on with it.. They look happy" Gary sighed


Meanwhile, Howard and Kelly are sat in a pub sipping their drinks and chatting. 


"Where's Mark and Jason?" Kelly asked

"Oh they're away for abit. No idea when they will be back" Howard answered

"Bet you miss them" Kelly said

"Course i do. I've been looking after these two idiots" Howard jokes

"I'm sure they're not that bad" Kelly laughed

"You moaned about them earlier" Howard smirked

"Yes because i wanted to spend time with you" Kelly smiled

"I can see that. I wanted to ask you something..." Howard tried to ask

"What is it?" Kelly wondered

"Would you like to move in with me?" Howard asked nicely

"I'd erm..." Kelly whispered in shock

"Actually, it don't matter. We only known each other for few months" Howard interrupted

"I'd love to move in Howard" Kelly smiled gently

"Oh that's great" Howard grinned

"Will Gary and Robbie be okay with it?" Kelly asked

"Yeah!" Howard nodded

"It would be nice to get to know each other properly" Kelly thought

"It would yeah. You can still go travelling even though you're with me" Howard agreed

"I could yeah. Or i could stay here, stay in Yorkshire" Kelly thought

"You love going places though. Where's all your stuff?" Howard said

"I do. It's all at the B&B. I'll fetch it after this. You'll tell the lads?" Kelly wondered

"I will do. Seeing you here really does make me happy" Howard told her

"That's sweet. Ditto" Kelly smiled

"Would you like some food?" Howard asked

"Sure. What do we like?" Kelly got the menu

"Everything on here is so yummy!" Howard looked at the menu

"Love food don't you!" Kelly smiled

"I'll have Steak pie with chips" Howard sighed

"Sounds lovely. I'll have the same. Are you paying?" Kelly wondered

"Why am i the one always paying?" Howard asked

"Men always pay" Katie answered

"God.. It's not the 1860's!" Howard moaned

"I haven't got money on me" Kelly told him

"It's like you're using me" Howard thought

"Me? Why would i? I would never to do that to you" Kelly snapped

"Okay calm down! Let's order food" Howard got up and ordered


Back home, it's already 6pm. Robbie and Gary were still watching TV. Howard had been helping Kelly pack everything after a meal and were on way back to Howard's home. The door opened, the lads smiled as they saw Howard walking in but Gary's smile dropped as he saw Kelly with her bags. 


"What's with the bags?" Gary wondered

"I asked Kelly to move in with me" Howard answered

"I can't wait to spend the rest of it with you" Kelly kissed Howad

"Aww same" Howard grinned

"Oh great!" Gary whisphered

"You got a problem?" Howard thought

"No, he's being grumpy!" Robbie joked and looked at Gary

"Well, you know where the door is if you have!" Howard sighed

"I haven't!" Gary raised his voice

"Right.. Well. Babe, you go and unpack. My room is next to the bathroom" Howard kissed her

"It's nice that you got someone mate" Robbie tapped on his shoulder

"Thanks" Howard smiled

"I'm gonna get a nice hot bath!" Gary got up and went

"Is Gary okay?" Howard asked Robbie

"Yes he's fine, honestly. We've had a few beers" Robbie smiled gently

"Nice day?" Howard asked

"Yeah not bad" Robbie answered


Meanwhile, Kelly were unpacking and suddenly noticed Gary behind her. 


"Gary, you made me jump!" Kelly laughed

"Oh sorry" Gary being sarcastic

"What is your problem with me?" Kelly wondered

"You know!" Gary whispered loudly

"Know what?" Kelly wondered

"When you cheated on me" Gary answered

"Oh come on. That was years ago" Kelly sighed

"I'd still never forget what you did, you hurt me!" Gary snapped

"Well i'm sorry i hurt you but get over it! I got Howard now and we're very happy" Kelly sighed

"I'm very happy for you!" Gary chuckled

"You're still not over me are you? You still love me? Because otherwise you wouldn't be saying this?!" Kelly wondered

"Maybe! Look whatever! I don't want to see Howard getting hurt!" Gary told her

"I would never hurt him. I promise" Kelly promised

"You better promise. I could see he really loves you. I never seen him that happy before" Gary explained

"Right.. well.. Let me unpack and we'll all have a nice glass of wine later" Kelly told him

"Unless you're here to wind me up?" Gary thought

"You stupid? Why would i want you back or wind you up? You're not even my type" Kelly smirked

"So you didn't love me back then?" Gary wondered

"Of course i did" Kelly sighed

"You both know each other for few months..." Gary said

"So?" Kelly sighed

"So, do you really love Howard or are you doing this to get back at me?" Gary asked

"I do love Howard. I would like it if we were friends" Kelly sighed

"Friends? I bet you still got feelings for me" Gary said

"I haven't" Kelly told him

"I know what you are like" Gary got close to her

"Gary" Kelly whisphered

"What?" Gary wondered

"You're very close to me" Kelly laughed nervously

"Bet you'd like that" Gary whispered

"What are you doing?" Kelly whispered


Kelly and Gary stared at each other for a few seconds and felt their body tension. Kelly does love Howard and really want to be with him but she does still have feelings for Gary. While Gary was really close to her and they both looked each other in the eyes and lips. Suddenly, it just happened so fast as Gary and Kelly kissed passionately.

They stopped after two minutes and shocked themselves. 


"What did we just do?!" Kelly in shock

"I don't know" Gary looked at her

"Oh no!" Kelly felt guilty

"We can't tell Howard about this!" Gary told her

"We won't!" Kelly sighed

"I can't hurt him again... This was a mistake.. You're with Howard now.." Gary gets emotional

"It's only just a kiss..." Kelly whisphered

"Yeah" Gary looked down

"Better off as friends right?" Kelly wondered

"So you do have feelings for me" Gary looked at her

"Sometimes. I always felt guilty for hurting you" Kelly explained

"Why did you then? Why couldn't you just stay with me and not go off with some random bloke! If you really liked me, you could of stayed" Gary explained

"I know that. This guy, he's really... He can lead women on easily... He made me laugh and that" Kelly told him

"Oh and i didn't make you laugh? He was better than me?" Gary asked

"Course not. When i left you, i was only with him for two months and then he cheated on me. He used me. I did try to contact you many times" Kelly sighed

"I changed my number and everything. I tried to move on and forget you. It really hurt me. I loved you so much. Why now? Why are you back? Seriously?" Gary asked

"Look, we were young back then. Now, i'm glad to see you again. I'm a different person" Kelly smiled

"Different person? We just kissed, you cheated on Howard!" Gary said

"And Howard's your best mate" Kelly told him

"I know.. this is terrible.. we were young back then. Things change. How did you both meet and did you know that i was living with Howard?" Gary wondered

"Yes i knew you both lived together. We met couple of times in a bar and he was so amazing, made me smile and made me feel loved. I thought you'd forgotten about the past Gary, don't you want to be just friends? I want us all to get on" Kelly explained

"Course i do! It'll be hard but we will get there" Gary smiled and touched her hands

"Hope so. Can't believe we just kissed... i guess we were first love" Kelly smiled gently

"Forget we ever kissed okay? Please? We may still like each other but do this for Howard. If you love Howard and want to be with him, then let's forget this, move on and be friends! I don't want to hurt him. I want him to be happy" Gary begged

"Do you think we can control our feelings?" Kelly asked

"I really hope so!" Gary answered

"You're so sweet" Kelly kissed him on cheek and started to carry on unpacking

"I best get a bath" Gary walked out of the room


Kelly decided to refresh her mind and so did Gary when he was in the bath. Kelly put her comfy joggers and top on and walked downstairs and gave Howard a really nice hug. 40 mins later, Gary walked downstairs and noticed everyone laying on sofa watching TV with glass of wine. Gary smiled to himself and sat down next to Robbie. 


"What's on TV?" Gary wondered

"Rubbish" Howard laughed

"Why don't you go and do some DJ stuff one day" Robbie thought

"I could but i'm really settled at the moment mate" Howard answered

"You love DJ" Gary told him

"I'll think about it" Howard smiled gently

"Great!" Kelly grinned

"I know what we could do tomorrow" Robbie thought

"What?" Gary and Howard wondered

"Let's travel, bring a picnic and go all way down to Whitby" Robbie smiled

"That's amazing idea!" Kelly agreed

"Sounds good" Gary agreed

"Well, it is going to be nice on Saturday. Who's driving?" Howard smirked

"You!" Gary and Robbie pointed out

"Thanks guys!! I am always driving" Howard said

"At least i'll sit next to you in front" Kelly told Howard

"That is so sweet" Robbie grinned

"I feel sick" Gary joked

"Gary, get out!" Howard shouted

"Babe, he's joking" Kelly laughed

"I thought you had a sense of humour!" Robbie grinned

"I do. Gaz, i think you're jealous" Howard told him

"Why would i be jealous?" Gary wondered

"Here we go" Robbie whisphered

"Because you got no one and i have. I have a beautiful woman here" Howard stroked Kelly's hair

"Awww Howard" Kelly and Howard kissed

"I know it's only half eight but im gonna go to bed" Gary sighed

"Okay goodnight" Robbie smiled

"Night" Howard whisphered

"Are we still gonna go on Saturday?" Robbie asked

"Yeah, we'll go to whitby" Howard answered

"I'll pack some food and drinks together before we go" Robbie thought

"Nice to know you're doing things and helping out" Howard told him

"Actually, i'll go to bed too. Leave you love birds alone" Robbie smiled gently and got up


Robbie and Gary went into their rooms and laid on bed. Robbie got a book out and started to read until he fell asleep. Robbie felt happy for Howard but Gary had other things on his mind. Gary was in bed snuggling up to keep him warm because he was cold but he couldn't stop thinking about Kelly and Howard. His mind was ticking all night. He still had feelings for Kelly but will let the past go.


Few days later on a Saturday morning, Kelly and Howard couldn't keep their hands off each other in bedroom. They were too much in love. Meanwhile, Gary and Robbie was in kitchen packing lunches and drinks into a bag, ready for a trip and chatted along. 


"Gary, you've gone quite.. You not said a word all morning" Robbie said

"I'm fine mate" Gary smiled gently

"You're not though, are you?" Robbie sighed

"I don't know..." Gary looked at Rob

"This is about Kelly isn't it?" Robbie guessed

"Sort of but i just don't get how they're together. Why couldn't he find someone else, but not her" Gary explained

"I know you still got feelings for her but you just got to let them get on with it. The past is the past" Robbie told him

"Yeah you're right" Gary agreed

"I wish Jason and Mark was here" Robbie said

"Yeah i miss them. They'll be back one day" Gary smiled gently

"I miss winding Mark up" Robbie grinned

"You wind everyone up" Gary smiled

"Gaz..." Robbie touched his shoulders

"Me and Kelly kissed" Gary told Robbie

"What?! When?" Robbie shocked

"Yesterday when we was upstairs. It was just spur of the moment. It's not gonna happen again. Please don't tell Howard" Gary begged

"Oh god... Gary! I wont say anything but promise me you'll not do that again" Robbie told him

"We've sorted it, i promise" Gary smiled gently

"Put the music on!" Robbie yelled lightly

"Rob?" Gary looked at Robbie

"Can't you hear them? It's like Cats crying!" Robbie joked

"Ha mate" Gary laughed

"Seriously" Robbie turned up the music full blasts

"Thats loud!" Gary shouted

"That'll make them stop" Robbie shouted back laughing


While Gary and Robbie was sorting things out and laughing, Howard and Kelly stopped what they were doing and could hear the music full blasts playing. 


"Don't stop babe" Kelly stroked his cheeks

"What are they doing?" Howard whisphered

"Just ingore them" Kelly kissed him

"I can't wait till we go to whitby" Howard kissed her neck

"Me too" Kelly giggled

"Tracey" Howard deeply sighs

"What?" Kelly wondered

"Oh sorry, i mean Kelly" Howard apologised

"You said the wrong name, who is she?" Kelly asked

"It doesn't matter. Don't put me off please" Howard kisses her

"If you say the wrong name again, i'll squeeze you!" Kelly whispered

"Try it" Howard smirked


Ten minutes later, Kelly and Howard was laid in bed snuggled up but Kelly couldn't stop wondering why he said the wrong name while they made love. Kelly and Howard then got out of bed and got changed.


"Babe, i think we should get things ready" Kelly smiled gently

"Okay sure" Howard sighed

"Do you think of me sometimes?" Kelly wondered

"Of course!" Howard walked up to her

"Then why did you say Tracey? Who is she?" Kelly asked

"I meant you! Look, it doesn't matter!" Howard said

"It matters to me" Kelly shouted

"I love you" Howard shouted back

"I love you too but why" Kelly got confused

"I'm with you, i don't want anyone else! Please Kelly. I'm sorry" Howard tries to hug her

"I thought we was getting on so well" Kelly got emotional

"Look babe, sometimes i do say names and they don't exist. We do get on well" Howard explained jokily

"That sounds really weird!" Kelly whisphered

"Yeah it does" Howard laughed

"So, you say different names while having sex?" Kelly wondered

"Yeah" Howard lied

"Oh god, you're sick! I'm off downstairs!" Kelly walked out of the room


Howard was trying to get out of it and didn't really mean what he said. He watched her go and hated himself for saying it which wasn't true. He felt guilty. Kelly stormed downstairs and noticed in living room that Gary and Robbie already got stuff ready near the door. She takes a deep breath and walks into the kitchen and sees them laughing. 


"Glad you're having fun!" Kelly sighed

"Yeah.. what's up?" Robbie asked

"It's Howard, he's being weird but it doesn't matter!" Kelly said

"Right..." Robbie confused

"Do you guys know Tracey?" Kelly asked

"Tracey...." Gary thought

"Yeah, Howard was talking about her earlier and i just wondered who she was" Kelly smiled 

"Oh it's his ex" Robbie told her

"Really?" Kelly in shock

"Yeah... Are you okay?" Gary asked

"I'm fine... Don't worry. That's all i wanted to know" Kelly smiled gently and walked into the living room


Kelly sat down on sofa and took a deep breath. She was shocked to know that the name he called out is his ex! Kelly wants to trust him because she really loves him and they've only been going out few months. Kelly tries to forget it and then walked upstairs back to Howard. Howard left his phone on side of the bed, Howard was in bathroom having a shower and Kelly decided to get change in bedroom. Suddenly, Kelly saw Howard's mobile light come up with a text. Kelly stared at his phone for ten seconds and weren't sure whether to look or not but she decided to look at his mobile. She was shocked what she read. 


"I miss you, lots of love Tracey" 


Ten minutes later, Howard got out of shower and got dressed. He walked in bedroom smiling and noticed Kelly sat on bed with his mobile in his hand, she looked up with tear in her eyes. 


"Kelly?" Howard wondered what was up.


Kelly couldn't say a word but showed Howard the text from Tracey. 


What will Howard do now? What will happen next? Can he mend his and Kelly's relationship and what will he explain?



























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