Tormented Vol 1

Death was not what i expected, though things usually never are, time and time again things change, so do people.

My life was full of misery and pain, but then I met them, but I lost everything all over again.


2. Tormented vol 2 part 1

​Note: I have decide to make these chapters shorter but I will do it parts. each volume will have about 2-3 parts to it.


Elsewhere in the world, another place, at another time, I was born. This was before I met Kuroi and before things went from shitsville to shittierville. I was born into a family of creatures called the Gifted, human like entities that are told apart by the oddities attached to their bodies. the more humanoid appearing ones had pointed ears and black sclera, strange coloured hair that could be made of spines or feathers. As it was in my family, I was born with irises the same colour as my soul, as my magic, White hair that put snow to shame. My sclera was back and my skin was of a silver shade. I had a younger brother who I was the ahead of by a few years, but it was usually thought to be the other way around due to his tall height and my small frame. My mother was the head of an Army, fighting to protect our kind in a war against the humans, my father was the head of a science department that specialised in making weapons and forced to weaponize our kind to be able to defend ourselves from the humans. Those who were weaponized were known as the Protectors, it was their job to protect the Gifted. I was among those Protectors, I was given powerful abilities, telekinesis, teleportation and transmutation among them.


But there were downsides to being a Protector, the humans began to kidnap the Protectors, making them into turn-coats, traitors. I remember when the humans attacked my city, the screams of the people, being able to do nothing, finding my mother’s dead body curled over my traumatized both, her blood staining the walls, her back a mess of splinted bone, flayed flesh and severed skin. Her spine was twisted jutting out of her flesh at awkward angles, her eyes torn out of her sockets and hanging out by the optical nerves that would have allowed her to see. A human came and dragged my brother out from under her body, he screamed and struggled, I tried to save him, I really, did, but like I said before, I was unable to do anything, I was only just a child, I could nothing, no matter how bad I wanted to. I watched as the dragged him away, I was next, I was sure of it. They had me in a position where I could not move, my face pinned into the dirt and tears of rage and fury poured out of my eyes. I was weak, I was helpless. Eventually, they took me to.


Hated them.

I hated them all.

​I hated all humans.

​I wanted them dead.

All of them.

​For none of them to be left alive.

​But I was trapped and alone.

I am worthless.

I am weak.

But I want revenge.

T.H.E.Y. W.I.L.L. A.L.L. P.A.Y.


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