Tormented Vol 1

Death was not what i expected, though things usually never are, time and time again things change, so do people.

My life was full of misery and pain, but then I met them, but I lost everything all over again.


1. Tormented Vol 1

It is pathetic, how people can just walk past a child who is clearly broken, is it not?

They are oblivious to the pain and suffering that kid went through,

And still is going through.

Only idiots would ignore those in need.

I mean really? Who just stands back and watch people in pain like that?

Those people are just as bad as the oppressors.

That is just my opinion though, but it is not like I know how they think, right?

What would you do if you were in the place of the tormented child?

Well you know what, I was that child.

I had no friends, I was teased and humiliated.

I hate my life, I was tired, tired of living.

I wanted it to end.

And, all of a sudden, it stopped, but things were going to get worse.

It was July 1st. I had just turned 14 and I was walking home from school. The main street I used was over flooded with speeding traffic. I waited until I could cross, when I did, there was a car coming at me, a black ford with dark tinted windows, speeding at 160km an hour, I instinctively dropped my school bag and covered my face with my arms in some attempt to protect myself, but it failed. What did i expect, anyway, with a sicking thud, my blood splatted across the gravel of the road. My entrails and ribs were crushed, my organs a pile of bloody mush, my scream echoed across the city, I was breathing was shallow, my heart beat fading away. After what felt like hours, I could hear the shriek of an ambulance and police cars arriving at the scene, by that time, I was barely alive. I could hear the paramedics calling for medical equipment. They were trying to save me. But I knew they would fail, I wanted them to, I needed them to, I was sick of being hated, of being like this, tired of being me. I felt my mangled and crushed body being hastily but gently being lifted into a bed in the ambulance, but it was too late. I was dying, and I was embracing my death.


Death was not what I expect it to be. I was expecting a giant palace with marble pillars and angels with glossy wings, for there to be spirits living happily among one another. For there to be feasts to be held for joining god’s holy kingdom, but instead I got nothing. It was dark, there was no light, no living things or plants or buildings, it was just black nothingness, devoid of any creature, but it was… peaceful. I felt as empty as the space around me, I felt no pain or suffering, no regret or longing, no happiness or fear. I felt at peace. So, this is what death was like. I would be happy here if I could feel anything. This blissful sensation did not last long though, it was soon to be spoiled I was to be taken from it. In the darkness, I saw a light, I was attracted to it, like a moth to a flame, yearning to touch the brilliant white that illuminated against the dark. I moved towards it, I touched it. It was smooth like a polished diamond but it rippled like water, sparking under my touch. There was a sudden burst of light and the world went black, I feel unconscious, yet again.


I opened my eyes slowly. I saw a faint light; it was tinged in a pale blue. I opened my eyes fully, I saw a metallic sheen, it was glass, I was suspended in a large three-metre-high tube. It was about, I don’t know, one metre wide? Inside of it was liquid, a preserving solution I think. I managed to move my limbs a bit, I felt long my black hair coat my nude body, except, it was not hair, it was feathers, both long and short, I felt my back, there was a pair of glossy wings, the colour of a dark abyss with flecks of navy blue. On my shoulders, there was black feathers growing, a long, bony tail was growing out of my lower back, on its tip and covering its surface were feathers. My frame was thin and lithe, I was tall, maybe 6’9ft or 7ft. I placed my hand against a metallic surface, I pulled it back and curled my hand into a fist, I pounded into glass, it cracked, I did it again and again. It shattered, the liquid swept across the floor, I tried to stand but my legs gave way and I fell, I gave up and stayed there, lying in the shattered glass, exhausted. I felt my self fall in to restless sleep.


I dreamed, there I saw the waves of the ocean rising into a quay, the taste of the sea-water on the tongue and the scent of fresh seaweed was rejuvenating, I heard the sounded of water gnawing on the stones of the sand dunes, the feeling of the cold wind on my skin. My feathers ruffled as I walked on the cool sand, it seeping between my bare feet. As I approached the ocean, the waters calmed, I felt at ease. I went to the water, and stared down. My once dull, grey eyes was the colour of rubies and full of life, like that of a new born child, my once grey skin was pristine white, not a single wound or sign I had died in a car crash. As I stared down a little more, the water rippled, reviling the face of a boy about my age.  When I looked at him, my eyes were drawn to his non-existent pupils, his left iris was a stunning shade of cyan, the other of the purest white. His sclera was of a midnight black, his pale skin was riddled with scars, the most noticeable was the ragged one than ran across his chest, looking almost as if he was deeply cut with a butcher’s knife. He wore a no shirt, just black basketball shorts, a blue, fur lined hoodie covered in blood stains and worn sneakers.  He had shoulder length white hair that was tangled in mats and his eyes were dull like a dead fish. Around his neck was a rusted iron collar with an iron chain that hung loosely, he looked like he was running from something, he started shouting things in another language. I reached out to touch his face, but before I could, my vision went black and I found my self falling into a back to a familiar darkness.


My eyes flicked open, I was no longer in that room with the shattered tank, but in a hospital room that smelt of chemicals and detergent. The walls were made of a concrete painted over with white and the ground covered in tiles. There were machines everywhere, none of which I knew of, hooked up to creatures like me, human like but inhuman at the same time. There was a girl with fur, the ears and tail of a feline, a boy with reptilian scales covering patches of his body, with a snake-like tongue and yellow eyes, his hair was a shocking shade of forest green, like the scales on his appendages, face and torso. They, like me, were all dressed in hospital gowns, some of them had horrible disfiguration. Limbs twisted in horrible ways, some letting out quite sobs and moans, small children crying as they caressed their abnormalities. There was little girl that my eyes were drawn to, she looked rather normal besides for a pair of bird-like wings that were underdeveloped and were the same shade of gold as her hair and eyes. She looked worried and afraid, as if something might try to kill her at any second if she was not constantly looking everywhere. A door that sat at the far end of the room opened with creak, muffled voices entered the room, speaking in languages I did not understand. They were carting in a hospital bed with something on it, they then placed it next to my one. It was shocking what I saw on, it was him, the boy from my dream but he was more beaten-up. His right eye was covered in bandages with blood leaking out from some parts of it. He was covered in fresh wounds, what did whose people do to him? Was he in an accident? I did not know at all.


I had been there for three weeks now, while I had been here I found out somethings, these things might come in handy later, so made a list of them in my mind.

The names of the cat-girl and the snake-boy, Yuki Hime and Shinrin Kōzui (He lets me call him Shin) and the white-haired boy, Shima No Shiki, and that they were Japanese like me. I befriended them and told them my name, Kuroi Hana, which meant Black Blossom. We were moved around a lot though the facility, each time we would be given tasks. We were experiments. The scientists that created us by harvesting the souls of the dead and forcing them into these artificially create bodies. I also learned to never question the scientists, this I learnt this the hard way. I earned a large scar running down my cheek the first time I did. They kept us in these strange cells, they were basically empty aside from two beds and the actual occupants. Made from reinforced titanium and a white force field kept us penned inside of it.


I had shared my cell with Shima, we shared and went through the same pain, they would change our molecular structure and toy with our genes and DNA. Sometimes I would be on the verge of an emotional breakdown but unlike in my other life, I still have reason to live. Shima helps me get through the pain and when I get new wounds, he nurses them until they heal.

“Kuroi…” Shima does not speak much but he had so much to say, so it must have been important. I could have made out his abused features if it was not so dark, he was tired, having huge bags under his eyes that show days of sleep deprivation he had put himself under just to make sure I was ok, He had started to notice, Hadn’t he? He had started to notice I was no longer staying close to him? That I was secluding my Self? As I was Starting to talk, Saying,

“Shima wha-” Before I could even finish my sentence, I heard a scream.

The hallway, it came from. The sound of a little girl, I ran to the door of our prison room and peered out, the little blonde I see very often, that sweet little girl who I occasionally see smile because of when Shima cracks a joke or one of his terrible puns when we are aloud outside for thirty minutes a day for exercise, not that walking around a prison yard at a snail-slow pace does anything for your body at all. The scientists or “Satan’s children”, as I hear Shin call the sometimes, were dragging the poor blonde by her hair down to her cell, on the opposite side of ours, the one she shares with Yuki. I heard Shima mumble something, with a lot of malice,

“What did they do to her?” I continued to look at her, her wings torn and ragged, one of her eyes was bleeding excessively and blood left a trail as she was pulled along. Several bones were jutting out of some parts of her body. I swore to myself over and over because I could not help her, I was uselessly trapped and she was helpless. I knew her time was ending soon, her molecular structure looked like it was falling apart. She was literally melting alive; I saw this happen to others. First they start losing their senses, then they start having bones so fragile they break on contact, then they melt and disintegrate, turning into dust, then, they die. She did not deserve to die. So, when we were outside for our exercise session, me and the others talked.


I explain to the others my plan. Shima agrees, Shin just says,

“Do you think it will work?”

“It has to.” Shima said, his filled with determination. But Yuki, looks away, I ask what happened, she starts to cry and sobs,

“Y-you know that b-blonde girl who was having a ‘break-down’, the o-one with the wings?”

“Oh, she died, didn’t she?”

“Y-yes, she started to v-vomit blood, her b-bones all shattered, s-she suffocated and her flesh was melting of h-her bones, when s-she died, her body t-turned to dust, it was so h-horrible, I d-don’t want to d-die like that! I j-just want to get out of here. I-I will help you. I r-really don’t like this place…”


We talked through different escape routes and what the outside world was like in our past lives. Little did we know that those around us will all perish. The doomsday was coming, slowly but surely the people around us started to die, the scientist started to wipe them out, they would kill mercilessly and those who died, died painfully. They would be shot, mutilated and mauled. Until it came to our turn. Shima tore through them, fighting to stay alive, Shin and Yuki would bite, scratch and claw their way through, I would doge and fly, landing a few square punches to their faces and necks, knocking them unconscious and leaving them comatose. During our flight, we got separated, all the commotion caused the building to start collapsing. We fought until our lungs gave out, protecting those that were still alive and to protect our goals and dreams. While this was happening, me and Shima were corned and Shima told Shin and Yuki to escape. They ran, looking back a few times with a regretful expression, not wanting to leave us behind. Shima warned them to get away quickly, when them and the others were a fair distance away, he covered his body over me, it rippled with cyan electricity, realising titanic shock waves, destroying anything they touched in a kilometre radius. The building as well as the people it touched were obliterated and destroyed, the remains of them, just dust, blown over the flat lands, the mountains surrounding were levelled and a forest partly decimated. Shima’s left eye was illuminating the darkness that surrounded us, a bright blue wisp was emitting from it and the other an empty black. He was shaking with fear. He was afraid of his power, what damage his power could cause and lives he had just stolen. I held him, I held him close. He held me back, tears running down his face and soaking the poor excuse for cloths he had had. I spoke with a gentle, trying to break this sorrowful silence,

“Shima, we need to move, this is not the place to rest, we will find a place to set up camp, I will treat your wounds, then my own, Ok?” Shima, was too tired to talk, so he nodded, cringing not long after due to the pain.


We set up camp in the nearby forest, taking shelter amongst its tall canopies and thick branches. I had scavenged a few wild berries, nuts and rodents and raid a cloths shop from a city a few km away. The cloths I stole were decent, Shima dressed in the hoody like the one from he was wearing when I saw him in my dream on first night at facility, a white tee, black tracksuit pants and black sneakers. I was wearing a dark, navy tank-top with midnight coloured leggings and a black long sleeved undershirt. His hair was mattered with leaves and dirt, my hair would be the very definition of a nightmare for a hairdresser. I cleaned our wounds and went to track down the other two of our little gang while Shima rested. The wind in my feathers was relaxing and helped me to wind down after the resent battle. Whenever I breathed in, I could feel the crisp air in my lungs, cooling the adrenaline that coursed in my blood. The freedom of being in the skies that I could usually only feel in my dreams. Over the horizon I saw a small plume of smoke, like that of a camp fire, using the vision of a hawk, I spied down on the people below, amongst them I saw familiar green hair and brown fur.

“Shinrin! Yuki! You guys are alright!” I called out as I swooped down to greet them, Yuki cried with happiness and ran towards me. She held her arms out and strangled me inside a tight hug. Shinrin, having a look of relief spread over his worried features.


“Shima!” Yuki yelled after he joined us in the camp.

“You three, come, I have information for you!” Shinrin had called to us from over the crowd, he told us we can only be free until the boss had been defeated, Sachi Mio, a ruthless leader and a cold-blooded murder who owned the facility. We gave ourselves the mission to stop her.

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