The Diary of A Vampire Vol. 2

The second diary of a vampire the first one is Dairy of a vampire without the Vol. 2 on it. It had somewhere close to 100 chapters so I started a new one.


54. Entry 54; Dec 26, 2017


5 days left and I am trying to find a good way to tell my family goodbye without saying goodbye. Maybe going out in a car crash or something like that. It hurts to know that I am going to be leaving them soon but it feels good to leave this life behind me. I have been wondering what would happen to them when I am gone. What would they do? Would they live there life to the end or would they be so crushed with pain? Anyway time to get to the somewhat good stuff. I have to work today and I am oddly happy about it. I guess having the one out of three days a year I hate off is a good thing. First is Christmas, second Valentine's day (Forever alone) and the third day is my birthday. I don't think I could stand another year of returning things people got me for my birthday. Pink and lovey-dovey all day long. I hate pink and love so I clearly don't like my birthday. Which is why I am going to hate working on that day even more. I came up with a small joke about it too. 

So on my birthday, everyone gives me something pink and valentines day thing and I return it the next day. The person that asks why I am returning is saying that it is rude to return it if it was given on my birthday. I replied with "So is getting valentines day stuff on my birthday." 

I know that it would be mean to do that but I just don't care about it anymore. Besides my new family, next year isn't going to get me anything but treat me like I am truly one of them. Well, I have to go the cute vampire boy showed up again and is going to get me ready to say goodbye to my mother and father. Bye.


So while I was at work this one dude got under my skin This is the real conversation we had.

"Don't you greet the customers when they walk up?"


"Why not?"

"I'm not a people person."

"Then you should get a better job,"

"I'm working on that," I muttered this so I was really surprised to know that he heard me.

"And while you're at it work on the attitude. "


And at that point, I ended that talk right then. I was in a good mood until he said that. He was the one that was being snarky. I was smiling and being somewhat happy. It is rare for someone to be happy at work where I work and this person showed up and I stared after him wishing I could run up behind him and rip his heart out but the cute boy had come to work that day and he just gave me this look like do it and you're in trouble. So I just saw it happen in my mind. This guy thought just walked into the store a bad mood around him and he just put it on me. It was hard to be mad after a little bit of time because my mind went to "He is just having a bad day." Of course, deep down I didn't care if he was having a bad day or not. You do not come into MY store and rip the receipt out of MY hands because you're having a bad day. And if I see him again I am shutting down my lane and having someone else take over for me. I just can't do that one anymore. In my mind, I was saying "Its people like you that make me not a people person." But this very nice lady walked up and made it slightly better for ripping his heart out. She smiled and was nice to me. I wanted to tell her that compared to the last person I would take her all day. 

I can't believe the nerve of some people. I might have bad days but I don't say 'hey I am having a bad day let me just go to the store and making someone else have a bad day,' I would never be that mean. I might image killing the same person over and over again but I would never harm a hair on there head. 

Well I should go now. It is way past my bed time and I have to be up early tommorow. That and well someone is knocking on my window. 

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