The Diary of A Vampire Vol. 2

The second diary of a vampire the first one is Dairy of a vampire without the Vol. 2 on it. It had somewhere close to 100 chapters so I started a new one.


50. Entry 50; Dec 17, 2017 11:09 Night

Alright, my mind is made up. I am going to get a puppy. I need a friend. One that when I feel lonely I can just hug and feel better. One that is going to wait up for me when I get home late. And one other thing. I am thinking about this. I have given it some thought as well. At the start of the new year, I am going to join the group of vampires following me. I am done being alone and I need a few friends with me. I am done with the pounding headache of crying before I go to sleep. I am just done with being alive. I overdose on sleeping meds every night hoping that one day I might not wake up. I do every time because I am clearly taking the wrong turn to trying to kill myself.  I just don't want to feel so alone anymore and now that this is out here I am going to have vampires pounding on my door. They are not going to be leaving me alone when this goes up but I guess that I have made my choice. But then I will not be alone. 

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