The Diary of A Vampire Vol. 2

The second diary of a vampire the first one is Dairy of a vampire without the Vol. 2 on it. It had somewhere close to 100 chapters so I started a new one.


49. Entry 49; Dec 17, 2017

So I don't know where to start with this but I am going to do this I am going to quit my job. Simple. I can't work the hours they are making me. I have told them this and they say that was going to have to. My thing is I am done. I can't take this. A job that will not listen and a group of people that can't do jack. You should have heard me last night. When I was outside the door of king soopers I flipped it off. I can't stand it. I m fine to work till ten. It is not that fun but I can. Now to work to 10:45 I can not take that. I asked them to change that and guess what nope not gonna happen. So I have a few things that I can do. I can one quit, two calls in all week, three not show up and get fired. I am liking almost all three of them if it means that I can get a new job. I have a job already lined up too. 

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