The Diary of A Vampire Vol. 2

The second diary of a vampire the first one is Dairy of a vampire without the Vol. 2 on it. It had somewhere close to 100 chapters so I started a new one.


40. Entry 40; Nov 17, 2017

Well, even though I am not official in the group of vampires they are starting to just come and ask me things. One wanted to know if she was pregnant which is just weird. I didn't know that we could get pregnant and now I do. So I did my thing and told her she wasn't. Then after that, I had almost everyone lining up at my door asking for my help. I was just too busy last night. Some had been out too long and were hurting and they needed some help healing because we heal slower if you have had human blood for years and the sun hurts you. I healed them and then more and more and more are just coming. Some ask for revenge I turn those people down. It is like I am there personally magi. It is driving me nuts and I hope that at some point they will look at me like one of them. Even though it has only been a few days I am wishing to go and ask to join them. I am not an official witch yet or an official vampire yet and I just want to be in one or the other. I would take both but it just seems odd that a vampire something that everyone has thought to be the living dead could also be a witch celebrating the life of earth. Well, I have to go now they are wanting me more. I swear they are just doing dumb things all the time. No wonder the hunters in Colorado are so dumb when it comes to vampires. 

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