The Diary of A Vampire Vol. 2

The second diary of a vampire the first one is Dairy of a vampire without the Vol. 2 on it. It had somewhere close to 100 chapters so I started a new one.


36. Entry 36; Nov 9, 2017

Okay, so good news. I am being invented into a coven thing. I don't know the official term for it, but it is a group of vampires that found me outside last night. While I was at work one kinda walked up to me and asked if I had a ... a something. I can't remember the word. But I said no because I didn't. Anything to do with vampires I have nothing about it. I have just been way too busy with everything. I have new classes and I am sure that he knew this. He walked up when another walked over to me she whispered in his ear and that was that. I was invited to go to their home to learn more about everything. So I went with them once my dad had picked me up from work and he was asleep. After that thought it was strange. I got a lot of weird looks and everyone was years older than me when they were turned. I guess I was the youngest to ever be turned. Good to note that. But umm it was really nice meeting people who wanted to help me out who wanted me to be with them so they would be watching over me all the time. Instead of this good for nothing sap who turned me and then follows me around! I swear the most he has ever said to me was the night that I was turned. I don't even see his face anymore. It is more like I feel his eyes follow my every move. And now I am at least showing some progress. It is a lot to take in but I did get a lot of names from them. I wouldn't have even imaged what a grouping vampires would have and now that I meant one I just never want to turn back from what they get to show me. As I am still pretty know to all of this I need the help. I caught some of the there names and I am sure they did that on purpose because I did not introduce myself with my real name they might have caught on to what I am known as online. So I said I am Rose and they gave me their real names and I was shocked. I mean I didn't trust them enough with my real name. Some names that I got were.


Bryce Harmen

Glenn Hooper

Alex Hinton

Tony Wiggins

Eddi Huston

Mya Shaffer

Joann Douglas

Kay Woods

Ashlee Wattson

Gilbert Wheeler

Ava Lauren

Wright Jane


Yeah, just a bunch of names. All of whom are wanting me to put their names in. I was going to put in some fake ones from them but they wanted their real names. I guess they want to be heard. I also found out one other thing. That this thing that I do right now. It is illegal. I can't be putting out info in the hands of someone who might 'believe' it. EVEN THOUGH IT IS TRUE! *cough cough* vampire government is total weird *cough cough* I think that it is strange though that I am the only witch that is there. Most people think that my role is going to be along the lines of playing defensively instead of sitting back and enjoy the ride. With my touch and connection to the earth, they all think that I would make a good death dealer but I say it could be worst. They are going to be training me to fight and kill things. Everything could be a whole lot worst. I mean I could be being hunted down by vampires and hunters together with no idea of how to or where to hid to NOT die. But I guess that is what I should get. I mean I have been being carless. But much more carful then half of the people in this group They go around faulting everything. But I guess that is how they stayed alive so long. Which is ironci. 

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