The Diary of A Vampire Vol. 2

The second diary of a vampire the first one is Dairy of a vampire without the Vol. 2 on it. It had somewhere close to 100 chapters so I started a new one.


34. Entry 34; Oct 28, 2017

Sorry that the last entry had a time. I didn't realize that I had made two for one day until I looked over at the one above this. So life is goodish like normal. A few stupid people out today. Nothing more and nothing... WHAT IS THE GOD HORRIFIC SMELL?!?! IN the middle of saying something this smell comes up and makes me cough my head off. It smells like fish but not. I like the smell of fish but this? This is a big no for me. Okay, it is gone now. I am going to guess that we have mermaids now?! I can stand smoke but that kinda fish is just not right. 

I swear though someone that I was ringing out gave me this dumbfounded look like 'why the hell are you even behind there?' 

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