The Diary of A Vampire Vol. 2

The second diary of a vampire the first one is Dairy of a vampire without the Vol. 2 on it. It had somewhere close to 100 chapters so I started a new one.


19. Entry 19; Mon, Aug 28, 2017

Oh, my gosh do I feel great! I feel like the best thing alive. Yeah, what I did wasn't that impressive but damn did it feel great. So I guess you want to know what I did. It didn't involve killing or the death of something that I can't stand but it felt like I did those things with a few movements. My father, he has a blade next to his bed. My mother will not let him have a gun in the house so he has got a blade. He has shown me this blade and sometimes I take the blade out to 'play' with. No one ever gets hurt. Not even the cat that I love to chase around. He got this blade a couple of years ago and has given me a wooden one. I was very happy when I saw the wooden one but not as happy as I was when he brought home a real one. I have been trying to learn how to wield a sword. I have looked up things online but have come up a couple books short of anything useful. (I always end up watching cat videos on youtube every time.) I was starting to feel sick so I told myself that enough was enough and I took out my wooden blade. I swung it around a couple of times but it didn't feel right, so I grabbed the real one. Now the real one has a cloth sheath around it and a cloth strap to hold it by. I have never used that cloth strap until today. I pulled it out as far as it would go and put it on my left arm and neck. The blade was next to my head. I don't know why but my dog got really upset about this. He gets upset when I play with sticks bigger than him. You see he is a very small dog, but he thinks that he is much more powerful than he is. And I proved to him who is the alpha of this house when I am the only one here. I went into my mother and father's room and took out the blade that was still around me. The sound that it made is what has made me this happy. It would the sound of the blade coming out and showing itself that made me the happiest that I could have ever gotten. So that was today. I also called in because of something going on with family.

Later tonight I will be driving half way to Iowa. When I am from with my father. It is important to note that I have never been to the death party of anyone. I was never allowed to go until now. My father told me this and I sprang up and was alive the moment I heard 'go back to Iowa...' He had me at those words. I didn't care how long we would be there and what we did I wanted to go. The city, it is just not meant for me. It doesn't feel like home to me. I needed the drive time anyways so it was a win win thing for both my father and me. I only asked one thing while we are there. It is not to see the cat that I have left with another family, no. It was to drive through my favorite park in Iowa. Of course, it would be even better had THEY LEFT IT THE SAME!!! But of course, they changed it. Growing up I called it the upside down park. Everything but one thing was upright. A bridge.  A bridge was built the wrong way and it was my favorite thing in the world. I still call it that of course, I just wish that they hadn't changed it. It looks much better than it did before. The grass in full bloom, the trees and flowers are growing like they never stopped in the winter. I am sure that it will be much nicer there than it is here. Then again, anywhere is better than here. If I don't have to listen to cars pass my house every night until almost midnight I am happy. I do plan to be driving much more than what they think though. I might not have much sleep right now. I might be running on a single energy drink but I need it. I will even ask to stop and get one for me so I can be up and ready to drive. From where I am right now we could make it to Iowa in a day if we start at 3 'o clock in the morning. Be there just by nightfall. I plan to bring my computer and hope that I can get some updates in. I doubt it but it would be nice to think that I could be. 


Well, that is just about it for my fingers tonight. I wrote more then I thought that I would. I guess that is good. I haven't written in a while. I was starting to feel this weird feeling that I am going to asume is stress? I don't know. What does stress feel like?

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