The mysterious girl

"Who is she" said the girl with reddish brownish hair "I don't know" said the boy in glasses


2. The new girl part 2

Gryffindor!" I proudly said to everyone. I soon heard a groan from the Slytherin prefects. I quietly sat down at the end of the Gryfindor table trying not to make any eye contact with anyone.

 I started playing with my fingers until I overheard a conversation "who's that girl over there?" said the girl " I don't know"said the boy with black hair and glasses " but there's something off with her" "yea" said the red haired boy right next to him, the red haired boy responded "yea she's kinda suspicious, do you think she's a death eater" "I don't really know" said the girl. The girl looked directly at me and our eyes locked, I turned away and heard a faint whisper from the other side of the table " I think she heard us" the girl said.  " I'm going to say hi" as she got up and walked towards me.

I looked up to a girl who had reddish brownish hair and sparkling brown eyes. I frowned as I noticed it was the girl who was just speaking about me. She frowned back and said " I'm sorry I don't know what was wrong with us we'd never speak about a person in that way to hurt them" I shrugged "ok" She gave me a warm smile and said "I'm Hermione, Hermione Granger. I gave her the same warm smile and said "I'm Josephine"

Hermione invited me to her table and I hesitantly excepted it. I walked over and kept my head down I sat down and looked up "hi" I said to the boys right in front of me. They both looked nervous and said "hi......" In unison I laughed  and said "Hermione told me that you guys were sorry and I forgive you" I looked at the boy with glasses and it looked like his body relaxed  after I said that.

The boy with glasses and black hair said "Hello I'm Harry and this is Ron" the red headed boy from earlier. Looks like I made new friends.

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