The mysterious girl

"Who is she" said the girl with reddish brownish hair "I don't know" said the boy in glasses


6. Diagon Alley

I felt something shaking me I opened my eyes to see Ruby "were going to be late Josephine!" I got up with a jolt I hate being late especially today. I got ready in record time and it turns out we had thirty minutes left.

I glanced over to my bed where there was two silver boxes underneath my bed I got up and walked over to the boxes I opened one and found a little kitten inside I read a little note from Dumbledore "this kitten is just as lost as you her parents were taken away from her and I hope you and this beautiful can find a home in each other".

I decided to name this tuxedo cat Licorice. I then opened a box to find all of the things I need to take care of her and a couple of Gryfindor robes. Ruby then walked out and said "who's this cutie" I grinned and said " this is Licorice a gift from Dumbledore. I looked up and saw her with Licorice in her arms stroking the cats head.

A few minutes later we headed to the Gryfindor common room. There we waited for Ron and Harry, ten minutes later they arrived and when they opened the door to the common room I said "what took you so long are you doing your hair? Like a girl would" I smirked at them and then laughed.

~timeskip~ Diagon Alley

we bought all the things I needed for school and I even got an adorable snowy owl! I named her Luna. We arrived back at Hogwarts we were so tired that we all went straight to bed.

~My dream~

I fell into a deep sleep and I kept on falling and falling and falling, I finally landed on the wet rock of a cave. I looked around and saw a man standing in front of me he had a black cloak on and fiery red eyes. "I shall take a soul for a soul you took mine now I shall take one of your most prized possession,the one that means the most to you"

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