yea everyboy wants to date me but for nothing they all end up dumping me but charlie is not one of those boys (swear words involved in the story and battles too )


29. ...

ok so quick side note umm im gonna be doing ... instead of atual words for the title way much easyer

ok so it make a month i broke up with corbyn and me and shawn have been dating i feel free when im with shawn i just be myself yelling random stuff like PATATOES  i say it like all the time i just act like myslef cuz i dont act my age im only 22 and i act like a 5 years old but i can act like a 22 years old sometimes

i took out my phone and started to record me seeting up a prank on logan i made a bucket of slime and put it ontop of the door hangnign from a rope and then i attached the other end on the door knob so when he opend the door the slime would fall on him i know it the classic prank but he hates it when i do it im younger of 5 seconds so  can do whatever i want with my bro's 

after a while i heard a knock on the door ''who is it'' i said pretending i was on twitter but i was recording ''logan'' he said back ''ok come in'' i said he opend the door and slime fell on him ''just letting you know that your gonna wash the clothes and FUCK YOU'' he yelled the last part i just laughed ''oh yea '' he took some slime and shoved it on me ''oh its on '' i got up and chucked my phone on the bed and started throwing food it was kinda like a food figth now 

after a while logan gave me a plate that was writed 'we good now' i shook my head meaning yes and we both threw them on the floor as lydia his assistant walked past ''guys now i gotta clean all of this '' she said pissed ''ok do your job'' me and logan left to go take a shower and we let lydia pick up our mess geez i swear where like 5 year olds then logan started his vlog i just played best fiends until i got a face time from shawn 

''hey shawnie'' i said smiling ''hey'' he said exausted ''so how was the concert'' i asked ''crazy'' i laughed at the way he said it then asked ''so when are you coming back'' ''tomorrow'' i then heard some call him and he said he had to go so we said bye even if it never lasts long i always love it atleast i get to talk to him                               anyways i got out of bed and went to the barn cuz i have a competition to do with my appaloosa a barrel racing one 

i got there and saddled him up putting on his matching breast piece bridle and saddle then loaded him in the trailer

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