yea everyboy wants to date me but for nothing they all end up dumping me but charlie is not one of those boys (swear words involved in the story and battles too )


27. the concert

so afew years flew by more like 5 and ive became friends with the one and only shawn mendes and today im going to go see him at a concert i got first row and i get to go back stage cuz im his friend and he allowed me to go after and before the concert 

i took and shover and told sydney my dog to help me cuz i knew nothing ''yea  never gonna happen bud'' i said when he chose my old purple t-shirt whrited girls rock and some old jean shorts like those that go up to your butt too short for me ''how about i wear logans old stuff that he gave me their way better'' i put the other clothes away and put on a pair of logans old shorts and the 2 tone black and gray maverick hodie 

and put on the white x phone case from jake on my phone

i wanted to represent my two fav bros cuz i love them so much (in a sister and brother way) 




''im going logan see ya later'' i yelled ''ok see ya'' he yelled from the other room i closed the door and ran to the car and drove to the place the line up was big but i was able to pass i walked to were shawn and was and surprised him ''hello'' i said in a creepy voice behind him he jumped and then smiled ''dont scare me like that'' he said and pointed at me ''ohh come on admit your a scardy cat'' i said sitting down ''ha very funny''


the concert started and he sang for about 4 hours but at the end he told me to come up on stage ''so sarah ive known you for 5 years now an di think its time i tell you'' he said in his microphone ''sarah,i know your with corbyn but,i love you'' i smiled and looked in his eyes ''i love you too'' i said after that we kissed and the croud went  crazy i know its kinda like cheating on corbyn but its kinda worth it lol

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