yea everyboy wants to date me but for nothing they all end up dumping me but charlie is not one of those boys (swear words involved in the story and battles too )


19. last

today was the day of the football game i had to wake up early to get to the gym we all practiced after the gym then got ready for the game logan and the boys where here he brang kong and my dogs jake and team 10 where here mom and dad everybody we where in the locker room ''team today is the last game so i want you to give your 110% today ok '' we all nodded ''on 3...1.2.3'' we all did the yell and then ran outside i was in the back talking with jerry baisycaly what we always do at every game we hate being infront the coach showed us the plan and we all got into position ''HUT'' i ran into the guy pushing him on the floor and caugth the ball i ran until it was a tuch down at the last game of the first half things din't go as planned

i got into position and saw who i was against shit im gonna die today ''HUT'' i din't even hav ethe time to run before i was on the ground my head hurt i was dizzy ''hey your ok'' coach said ''yea im fine'' i tried getting up ''noooo im not '' i fell back down hurting my head even more my leg hurt my hole body hurt ''stay put'' he ran to get the others jerry stayed next to me ''hey don't move your gonna be fine '' he said i could hear he was worried ''are you sure my head hurts my leg hurts '' i could hardly talk ''i want to say i promise your gonna be fine but i don't know'' he said even more worried ''shit'' i wisperd they got my helmet off and my shoulder pads i closed my eyes in pain was i slowly dying or not

the ambulance came they got me in and drove me to the hospital i woke up in a bed i looked around and saw a radio i turned it on the chanel with the football game on ''oh miss your awake may i send some visiters in'' i nodded still locking at the celing ''hey sa you ok'' logan said stepping in first ''shut up '' i was able to say i turned the volume of the radio higher ''tell me are you ok'' he said again but louder ''shut up im trying to listen '' i replied a step louder ''fuck'' i wisperd 


the game was done and i turned off the radio i shook my head ''i knew i could'nt of beated him '' i said hitting the bed  ''hey you can beat everyone '' logan said getting up ''no i can't i din't beat him '' i looked at logan ''you could of if you din't let  fear take over you '' i singhed '' visit time is over '' they all left ''so what do i have '' i said ''nothing very sirious your only gonna need to wear a knee brace for two three weeks then your gonna be able to take it off '' she replied polite ''am i gonna be able to run with it '' she nodded and i smiled ''it's only gonna be there to relax the muscles '' i looked at her ''thanks and btw when am i gonna be able to leave ''  ''now if you want'' i smiled ''out i go'' i got changed and put the sport knee brace on ''im ready to go home boys'' i yelled scaring the boys everyone shushed me ''sorry'' i said we all laughed and left


hello this chapter is something that happend to me while i was playing football it hapend two three days ago i still have that stupid knee bracd but it does'nt keep me from doing the stuff i love 

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