His problem❤️❤️❤️

This is a true story about one of the most important relationships that I have ever had in my whole life and for every girl that has been hurt like this, you don't need a guy to make u feel superior. You are a 10 not a 1 and don't ever let a guy make you feel that way.


8. the ending

I'm not necessarily saying that you won't ever fall in love again but it's difficult. There are still sometimes when I think, wow if I just did one thing different I would've been fine. Here's the thing that's really fucked up, that asshole lied when he said he loved me and I wanted to believe him but how can I believe something when I know it's not true. Sometimes I feel like I'm nothing and I think there's a knife over there I should just end the pain, but I'm still not exactly happy I go to school and I have to pretend that life doesn't suck. I have one friend that actually matters I'm not gonna put his name so C.A.C. He is the only one who can make me laugh and smile when I'm crying, he helps me when I don't understand what we are being taught, he stands up for me, and he makes life not totally miserable. Get yourself a good friend like that and you'll get though it. I hope you like my story. Tell more people to read it.

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