My Music And You


5. Short comings

Mitaki's POV

"G'moorning, Mikaaa", Kase's voice sings to me. I rub my eyes and squint as Kase pulls the curtains apart. All the stress for exams has definitely got to me. Last night, my dream was so weird, I want to completely forget it. I had a dream that Kase and I....

I shake my head furiously and then shiver. Looking down, my hands fly up to my bare chest and immediately my cheeks flush,

"Sh-shirt?", I look around for the thick woollen top not seeing Kase swiftly move onto the bed, between my legs. I gasp as he holds my chin still and places his lips roughly upon mine. I squirm under him as his tongue slips into my mouth and I push my chest against him. Until reality hits. 

I shove Kase away with all my strength and he stands confused,

"La-last night, did you? did we..." I feel my cheeks now burning and Kase cocks his head,

"You thought it was a fantasy or something?" he leans forward and whispers, "It was all completely real, Mika",

"No! N-no, Kase. I don't want this", staring at him straight in the eyes. I don't know what came over me. Not last night or just now. Kase is my friend, what was he doing. What was I doing?

Kase looks at me, his eyebrows furrowed,

"What do you mean? Eh, I know it's early but i couldn't help it-"

"No. This is weird. I don't like you like that and I'm not into guys, Kase", I grab my top and walk as fast as I can to the bathroom door and lock it before Kase could get up.

Kase's POV

He gets up and stumbles his way rapidly across the room to the bathroom. I sit still and let what he said sink in. He's not into guys. I never even thought of it like that, it was just Mitaki, my ex's were all females. He just pushed me away but he blushed so hard and leaned in when we kissed. Do I give up?

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