Just some random poems of mine.


3. for her.

It feels like a lifetime since I last saw you
But really it hasn't even been that long
I guess I’m just bad at being alone
I guess I’m just bad at goodbyes 

I miss the sounds you make in your sleep
Even though it always made me go crazy
I miss you telling me to put away my stuff
Even though you knew I just did it to annoy you

I miss our late night tv shows
The way you always missed your bedtime 
We were always caught up in something new 
Everything from Scream Queens to Teen Wolf 

I know this sounds like a letter to a guy
But it is actually for my mom
Because I miss every minute I have spend with her
And I am not embarrassed about that

My mom is the greatest
And she deserves to know
That is why I am writing this today
To show everybody my love for my mom 

She is beautiful, and so strong
The strongest woman that I know 
She is so caring and wonderful 
She deserves to be happy 

I could go on and on how great my mom is
But I don’t want to over do it
I just wanted to tell her one thing
And that one thing is

I love you. 

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