Sector 9

What would you do if you found out your whole life was a lie?


7. Chapter 7: James

Chapter 7: James

My brother seemed to accept the fact that a new relative had appeared into his life overnight. Unlike me the fact that he had nearly been killed, thrown into a rebellious civilization outside of any other human contact, and suddenly introduced to a brother who lived the life he could have lived was merely an everyday matter.

“Follow me. No noises. Don’t draw attention to yourself.” Will said, drawing a large knife from his belt. He broke into a run, and my city-walker legs screamed in protest. With Maddy, Zoe and Donovan around, I was always the strong one, the co decision maker, the protector. But out here, I was out of my element, the weak link, the follower.

Will turned, racing toward the orchard in the distance. Determined to match his pace, I sped up and nearly tripped over a molehole. I resumed my role as Will’s tail until we arrived, breathless, at the orchard.

    Will allowed me few seconds of rest before taking off again, though, to be fair, we were only jogging this time.

“No small talk?” I asked when I had finally caught my breath. “I just show up, and you're going to accept the fact that we are related? I'm a citywalker for god’s sake!” Will laughed.

“That’s how everyone is when they first show up in the Wander, James, and you're nothing different. And, of course Im going to accept the fact that you're my brother because we pretty much have the same face.” He shook his head, and slowed his pace to a vigorous walk. “Don't get me wrong, I'm glad youre here. If you had arrived a bit later, than maybe I would have had more time to welcome you to the family, and train you to be a harvester like me and my adopted brothers. But you happened to come at a very tense time.”

“What do you mean by that?” I asked. Will smiled slightly.

“You're going to find out in a couple minutes.” He stopped, reaching for a nearby tree, pressing his fingers to the bark. To my surprise, the very ground at the root of the tree seemed to open up, and Will instantly jumped down. A couple seconds later I heard a loud thump, followed by Will’s voice.

“C’mon James! Hurry before someone sees you!” I took a deep breath, leaping into the darkness after my brother.

I landed with a small thump at the bottom of the hole. It wa pitch black, but I could feel  that I had landed in some sort of shock absorbing surface. I could see the trap door above my head sliding closed. As soon as the light from above was blocked, electrical lights flicked on above my head, illuminating a small, cement walled room. Will stood in the corner of the room near a large metal door with heavy titanium hinges. A hand-shaped blue light stuck from the door, and there appeared to be no doorknob.

“Welcome to Paradise 317, otherwise known as the heart of the resistance. It is run by all residents of burrow 317, along with Jared, Octavian and anyone else deemed trustworthy and committed to the resistance. Octavian’s burrow is the only other access to Paradise 317, and his entire burrow is laced with explosives if he encounters an intruder.” Will said, instantly quenching my thirst for knowledge.

“By resistance… who are you resisting?” I asked. Will snorted.

“Ipsum. The government. Whoever is keeping us here.”


“Wait… you don’t know?”

“Don’t know what? C’mon Will, I just came from the city?” Will shook his head.

“Follow me.” WIll pressed his hand into the blue light. He motioned for me to go ahead of him as the door slide open, seemingly at his touch. I stepped into a large, well lit room with nine 9 doors similar to the one I just passed through along its smooth concrete walls. In the middle sat a large stainless steel table with a large holloblock in the middle. “Welcome to the headquarters of the resistance. Take a seat, we can go over everything.”


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