A Faded Love.

This poem I wrote highlights the feelings of neglect and pain when a relationship can switch from being so strong and passionate to nothingness extremely fast. This conveys the loss of feelings the narrators ex has, but the narrator still has feelings of love towards them, as they are finding it hard to shake off the emotions so easily as it seems the ex has done.


1. A Faded Love - Poem By Steffella


A Faded Love

Last time I saw you we were together, 
Folded into one, a bond,  skin on skin, 
Beautiful and immaculate,
Your perfect face looking back at mine,
Thinking as if feelings will never leave,
We always lay with feelings forever stay.

Watching, I'm leaving my body, 
Playing a story on with my mind, you and 
Me: hand in hand like old times. 
Quick and you are gone, 
suddenly it's as though it was never us, 
Just you and then I watching as you walked by.

Something tore us gently away,
I gripped on to the dust but when you are
Broken you cannot fix your body,
Time can heal all wounds but
Not a heart that is empty from
A breakage full of pain seeping through like rain.


By Stefani 

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