The Origins

Humans receive a signal from the far reaches of the galaxy. The only problem is; the message is subliminal and no one can figure it out. One question is on the minds of everyone: what could it be?


1. Introduction

As we all know, the orign of the human race is widely debated. Religion depicts the origin as an act created by a God or Gods while scientists, on the other hand, believe in the theory in evolution of course popularised by Charles Darwin. However Darwin did not necessarily say that evolution was real, he simply came up with the theory. Thomas Henry Huxley and Richard argued about the theory. Huxely, overtime, accepted the theory whilst Owen believed that the origin of man was more complex than just "natural selection". One man, Edward Richardson, attempted to bring the now known "Out of Africa" theory to light in 1860. Edward was laughed at by the scientific community, apart from Huxley who believed Edward due to the racial diversity of humans. Edward explained to Huxley that it is possible that caucasian people are actually deformed and inferior to the black people. Huxley started to rethink Edward's theory and started disagreeing with him ultimately causing a fallout between the two.

In 1861, Huxley used his connections to ban Edward Richardson from the community. Edwards would try and try again to get gain acceptence from the scientific community but would fail. Edward would fall into a state of paranoia and believeing that there was a conspiracy against him and his theories. 

In 1862, Edward Richardson would eventually die from unknown causes. The only thing that showed up on the autopsy was poison. His former associate, Thomas Henry Huxley, was tied to the murder; however he was proved innocent. The police failed to come across any leads and shut down the case.

In 1867, several people started picking up on Edward Richardson's theories and started believing this theory. The British Science Association came to a decision to erase his theories from history and that if anybody is to be seen supporting the theories should be assassinated.

The Out of Africa theory was re-discovered in the 1980s and was not condemned by any science association. The theory is still established to this day...

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