Fairy Tail: A Hero's Legacy II

Peace doesn't last long! Katsu will be facing off with new villains such as new rivals. His adventure continues in A Hero's Legacy II!


3. Ice Dragon's Rage


                                    (MaddieCream32's idea. She couldn't publish this ch. so she asked me to)


   Back at Fairy Tail everyone is having a good time. Marzela and Celest are arguing over hair color's. Marzela has her hair in a bun and Celest has her's down. 

   "Look honey! I'm not coping Juvia's look!" Marzela yells. 

   "Yes you are! Your hair is blue, and so is her's! You're coping her!" Celest yells back. 

   "Don't talk to your mother that way honey." Gray says. Celest looks back at him and so does Marzela. 

   "Stay outta this!" They both say. Gray raises his hands up in surrender. 

   "Aye!" Gray says. They both look at each other and about that time a man walks in the guild. He has black spiky hair with yellow eyes. He has a tattoo on his left arm and also on of his shoulder. Half his face looks burned. He smirks as he sees Marzela. 

   "So baby its been awhile." The man says. Marzela starts shaking. Gray raises an eyebrow. 

   "Who you calling baby?" Gray asks. The man chuckles. 

   "She's my girlfriend." The man says. 

   "Rin don't start anything. I thought you were dead." Marzela says. She clenches her fists. Rin smirks. 

   "You thought I was dead? Baby I'm a Demon Slayer." Rin says. Everyone gasps. 

   "That don't mean shit bro. I'm a Ice Demon Slayer too. We even have another one, but he's visiting his grandmother with his sister." Gray says. Rin chuckles again. 

   "So? I'm trying to say that I've been looking for Marzela for a long time now, and I think its about time she came with me." Rin says. Gray cracks his knuckles. 

   "Zela was never with you! She's my wife, and I'm about to give you a beat down." Gray says. Marzela puts her hand in front of Gray. She has her head lowered. 

   "He's right. I was with him before I met you." Marzela says. Gray looks shocked. 

   "What? But Zela...." Gray says. Celest looks at them two. 

   "Mom....." Celest says. Marzela looks at Rin. 

   "Mom huh? So you had kids with him? Why you are a whore." Rin says. Gray nearly came unglued but Natsu held him back. 

   "You fucking bastard! I kill you!" Gray says in anger. Rin shrugs. 

   "By the way, you're the reason your dragon's dead. You tried to kill me and you actually ended up killing your dragon." Rin says laughing afterwards. Marzela looks up. Her expression turned into an angry one. 

   "You're the real reason its dead! You fucking bastard!" Marzela yells. Her hand ignites with bluish magic aura. 

   "Oh yeah, my bad." Rin says. Marzela begins to grow scales on her body. 

   "You don't mention my dragon again, unless you want to die." Marzela says getting a bit angrier. She clenches her fist, and then she raises it. She enters her DDQ (Demonic Dragon Queen) mode. Everyone steps back. 

   "I survived this mode before. I can do it again." Rin says. Wings come out of her back, and horn appear. 

   "Not this form. You're going to die this time." Marzela says. She clenches his fist and a spirit of a dragon head appears. "This is called your fucking nightmare come true!" Marzela's eyes glow with red. Rin steps back. 

   "What's with this magic?!" Rin says. Celest hides behind Gray. 

   "Your Fucking Death Bitch!" Marzela yells. "Dragon Slayer Secret Art: Ice Raging Dragon Fang!" Marzela yells as she moves her hand in front of her and the spirit comes from her hand and it hits him. It sends him across the town. Marzela is gasping for air as she returns to her normal state. 

   "Remind me to never piss off mom?" Celest said and Gray nods

   "Will do kiddo....." Gray says. Natsu pops his head out from under one of the tables. 

   "Is it over?!" Natsu asks. Marzela smiles and she looks back to the guild. 

   "Yeah." Marzela says. Her strength leaves her and she falls back. Gray catches her. 

   "Zela you okay?" Gray asks. She nods. 

   "Perfectly fine." Marzela says. They smile at each other. Soon Erik runs up and looks at them

  "WHAT IN THE HELL WAS THAT?!" He yelled and Marzela looked at her son

"Nothing Erik, don't worry about it son it's over now" Marzela said and Lettie walked up

"Man Marza you freak the shit out of us. He was really a bad guy huh?" He asked and Marzela nodded

"A bastard that made Isavel die so yeah" she replied and the Guild smiled at each other

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