Roll Dice With Fate

Everyone gets a pen when they're 15. It's a pen with invisable ink. You can do anything with it. But you won't be able to see what you write or draw. It just appears somewhere else. Specifically, on the body or paper of your soulmates'. You're set to marry that person. Fate said so. Mila Auttums recieved her pen, but never used it. Until now. Not much. Just one word. She didn't expect anything to happen. Expect it did. Dax Cannel replied.


6. Discontinuing

Hey everyone! So I'm so sorry I never did anything with this story. I really liked the idea and I knew how I wanted to do some things but now I have no motivation for this at all. And I don't like how it came out at all. I will no longer be updating this and I'm very sorry to those who liked it. Thanks for understanding, I just don't want to keep writing a story I don't enjoy writing.

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