Roll Dice With Fate

Everyone gets a pen when they're 15. It's a pen with invisable ink. You can do anything with it. But you won't be able to see what you write or draw. It just appears somewhere else. Specifically, on the body or paper of your soulmates'. You're set to marry that person. Fate said so. Mila Auttums recieved her pen, but never used it. Until now. Not much. Just one word. She didn't expect anything to happen. Expect it did. Dax Cannel replied.


4. Chapter 3~

Hey how y'all doing? I hope you're liking this story so far. I've been having writers block recently so sorry if this is bad or choppy or anything in between. If you like this you should check out Silver Pendants a story me and two other friends are writing! Hope you like it!


I crack my eyes open to see sunlight streaming through my blinds. Immediately I regret it and pratically hiss as I scurry back under the blankets. 

I hear my phone vibrate on the table and reluctantly stick out my arm to grab it. I almost drop it as I bring it back, and see why it went off. Nothing important. 

As usual.

I get up and, squinting and stare at myself in the mirror in disgust. Even though I took a shower and a bath to clear my head, last night. It didn't really work, considering I have very strange shower thoughts. 

Grabbing my brush, I comb through my hair, making it a little less poffy than normal in the mornings and head to the bathroom. I brush my teeth and immediately head back to my room. Thinking about what to wear, I open my drawers and grab a white t-shirt, black jeans and a denim jacket. Grabbing my phone, earbuds and wallet, I head downstairs and throw my black converse sneakers on. Waiting by the door, I wait to hear my mom ask me a million questions. But I don't hear anything. Weird.

Going to investigate, I wonder into the kitchen to see if she was there. Nothing. Living room, nothing. Back porch, nothing. 

Finally, I go and look at the fridge to grab something before I go, assuming Mom went out. 

There's a note on the fridge. It says:

Mila, I took your brother out and we'll be gone all day. Dad's working so you'll be alone. You can leave but we will be back by midnight at the latest. You better be home when we get back. 

Love you,


Huh. Well ok then. 

I put the note back on the fridge, and grab an apple. I spin on my heel and head towards the door but stop and think about where to go first.

Then I remember something. 

The pen and notebook! I should bring it! Maybe if I write on myself while I'm out, I could get a chance to see Dax....

Running back to my room I grab it along with my old black, backpack, jam it in and throw it over my shoulder. But I keep the pen in my pocket. 

Heading back to the door, I swing it open and breathe in the fresh air. Looking around I head down to the right, down into town. It would be about a couple minutes walk. Not long.

Taking the time, I pull out my phone and earbuds and play the playlist I listen to when I go for walks like this. 

A few songs in, I realize that I'm pretty close to the center of town, where all the shops and such are. I check my wallet and see I have about fifty dollars in it. 

Why not treat myself? I finally built up the courage to write something with the pen, so that's a start.

OH! Quickly grabbing the pen, I uncap it and hold out my hand. Writing "Hey!", on it I stare at it and wait for something. 

Nothing shows up.

Hoping for something, I keep going further into town. Maybe something will show up later. I reach the first shop and head in without even looking at the sign. First thing I see is very old nick nacks and things like that. Venturing further, I browse through all the isles and shelves. There was a whole isle dedicated to snowglobes. The shop seemed warm and cozy and really I loved it. I go up to the front desk and theres a glass case with a bunch of jewlery inside it. It looked pretty expensive...but it was beautiful.... This one patricular necklace caught my eye though. 

It was perfect. A sapphire with two diamonds next to it on either side. There was no price tag on or around it, so I asked the man behind the counter how much it was.

"Excuse me, how much is this necklace?", I ask, pointing at the necklace.

"Oh that? That's three thousand dollars miss.", he replies.

"Oh. Well, thanks.", I say, clearly dissapointed.

"Have a nice day."

"You too."

I walk out of the store with my head down, looking at the ground, (a bad habit of mine) when all of a sudden, I bump into someone straight on.

"Oh! I'm so sorry!! Oh my god!", I sputter apoligies at the man until I see him and stop short.


"Hey! Sorry about that.", he smiles at me.

I'm pratically swooning at this point and I suddenly can't say anything to him. His hair was a silverish-white, a quiff hairstyle, hastily brushed up....Bright sapphire blue eyes stare back at me with concern as he snaps in front of my face.


"Uh, y-yeah! Sorry!", I look down again to try to hide the blush spreading across my face and play with the ends of my hair.

I start to leave when he stops me, putting a gentle hand on my shoulder.

"I didn't get a name.", he says, smiling.

"Um, it's-it's Mila.", I say quietly.

His hand drops off me immediately, his mouth drops open and his eyes widen.

"M-Mila?!", he repeats.

"Yeah...?", I look at him, a bit concerned.


My mouth drops and I stumble back a bit. He has to grab my arms to prevent me from falling backwards.

"Holy shit."


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