Kira is your average 17 year old girl, she goes to school, gets good grades and her family is decent. She has a bit of an attitude and says how she feels and isn't afraid to defend herself. All of that is about to change when a new kid named Luke comes to town and changes everything. This is NOT your average story and DEFINITELY not a love story.


7. Chapter 7

"After a ridiculously long time of doing shitty homework that will get me no where in life, I look at the clock "10:56? And one of the *many* issues with society," I roll my eyes and walk over to my closet and I change out of my clothes and into an old t-shirt and some sweatpants. I take my clothes from today and put them in my hamper. I walk down the stairs I can hear my parents and Jim talking and playing cards. I sneak into the bathroom and brush my teeth while listening to Panic! At the Disco. After like 7 songs I make my way back to my room, normally I would watch Pretty Little Liars for the millionth time but I think I'd just like to sleep. I walk all the way back up the stairs and open my jumping full force onto my bed. Not bothering to put the covers on I fall asleep, half on my bed, most likely will fall off by morning. 



I had not what I call dreams but I call reliving a memory, it was when I first met Jack, I was in middle school 8th grade to be exact. He has always been the "jock" type but he isn't a dick he's nice. So we were in 8th grade in gym class and boys being the assholes that they typically are were being sexist dicks, and I was playing basketball by myself (like usual) not bothering anyone, when all of the athletic boys came over and basically pushed me out of the way and started playing with the basketball I had to pay for. 
"Hey could I have that back?" 

"You have to get it, princess." said the biggest asshole in the entire world Calvin Washington passing to one of his friends. 

"Dude just give her back her ball." Jack says grabbing the ball and passing it back to me. 

"Hey she has to play for it." He says ripping the ball out of his grasp

"Quit being such a dick!" 

By this time I'm pissed as fuck I just wanted my fucking ball back. "Hey dickhead just give me back my ball ok." The asshole of the century award goes to CALVIN WASHINGTON because the fucker threw the ball at my chest hitting me extremely hard knocking the wind out of me. 

"DUDE WHAT THE HELL?!" Jack screams when I can you know breathe again I walk over to him ready to punch him when Jack holds me back (the start of a beautiful friendship don't you say?) I rip away from him and I go to sit alone far away from the assholes when Jack comes over to me with my ball in his hands. "You ok?"
"I just got a fucking ball thrown at my chest no I'm not ok!' 

"Good point." And we just kinda sat there for the rest of recess. He's kind of like my only friend. 



I wake up to the sound of a bugle that's right a fucking bugle, look around me, I'm on the ground big surprise there. I walk out to the living room and Dad is there playing the fucking bugle at 5:30.


"Why not?"
"SO YOUR DAUGHTER CAN SLEEP THAT'S WHY NOT! I DON'T HAVE TO GET UP FOR 30 MORE MINUTES!! UGH!" I say storming up the stairs. I walk back to my room and over to my closet, when my phone goes off, "Please not another creepy text." I say looking at my phone

"Hey u up? -Jack"

"I am now thanks to my dad."

"Oh? Sit w/ me on the bus?"



I throw my phone on my bed and I pick out my outfit, a gray t-shirt that says "Go away" and a pair of jeans. I walk into the bathroom to take a shower and do my hair and all that other crap girls do to get ready (minus the make-up). After that's all set it's only 6:00 so for once in my life I eat breakfast, when someone knocks on the door. "I got it." I say putting my bowl of cereal in the sink. I walk over to the door and Jack's there. "Hey give me one second. Come in," 

"Ok, he says, I race up the stairs to my room and grab my backpack and my phone then race back down the stairs. "All set?"
"Yep, BYE DAD!" I shout closing the door. 

"A bugle?"
"Oh you have no idea," I tell him the story as we walk to the bus stop where Luke was sitting on the ground. "Hey Luke" 

"Hey man," Jack says holding his hand out for Luke to shake it.

"No thanks," he says rejecting the hand shake. Jack brushes it off as the bus pulls up, we get on Luke sits  in a random seat and we sit in the seat that Jack always sits in one very close to the back and I mentally prepare myself for whatever shit gets thrown my way today. 

"Hey are you coming to the game after school today?"

"I'm not sure I didn't know there was a game today."  

"Yeah it's a home game we are ageist Keinwood High's football team."

"I'll think about we have a friend of my dad's from the army's staying at our house for a while and he lost a leg I'd have to see if they needed me." 

We keep talking about stupid things that don't matter but they are the best things to talk about. Before we know it the bus pulls up to the school and we had to get off

"See ya in homeroom," he says walking to his team,

"Bye," I say walking to my locker. At my locker no one comes up to me no one talks to me.

"Kira," Luke says 

"LUKE!" I say dropping my binders, we both pick them up,

"Sorry I didn't mean to scare you," he says handing me my chemistry binder

"No one usually talks to me at my locker, you caught me off guard." I get my binders in order and we both start to walk to homeroom, 

"Hey that guy you were with,"

"Yeah him I don't trust him."

"Well you've been here one day and he's my friend so back off." He stops walking and I keep walking into homeroom when Harper blocks me at the door. 


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