Gilead, a totalitarian society in what was formerly the United States. Gilead is ruled by a twisted fundamentalism in its militarized ‘return to traditional values' Many families were killed due to rebelling aganist the higher power.Females forced into sexual servitude as a last desperate attempt to repopulate the world.
Children who were taken from there parents are now learning what society wants them to be.
Kids who never asked for this to begin with.
These are there stories.

1. Pilot

April 18,1985 

X: My name is X.
Like the alphabet,
Like the variable from math class you use alot,
Like the name that has no meaning or a name that was given to me without a choice.
(pause for 5 seconds)
X: Everyday is the same. 
We eat,
We bathe,
We go to class and then back to our rooms. There were no beds, we slept on the floor, that were vile and cold. It was always cold, never any evidence of human warmth found.
(X lays on the floor on his back as he slowly let out a sigh)
X: This was my life. A life I wish that I could end without the feeling of suffering and regrets.
(Rain begins to start)
X: The sky is crying again.
It's been crying for the past few months after everything that has happened.
(A drip of water smacks onto the floor)
Nine: Again? I'm tired of this shit.
X: Who isn't?
Nine: Pft, I wish I could escape.
Moses: You shouldn't say that so loud Nine, those Emisarries could be around here somewhere.
Nine: Shutup Moses, like they ain't everywhere.
(Nine pauses for a second)
Nine: They could be up my ass at any given moment.
(X chuckles)
Nine: Aye man, glad to see you laughing again at least.
(X looks across from him)
X: Yeah.
Moses: Do you think they'll let us out when the weather gets better?
Nine: Hmm I don't know Moses, let me get up and ask. Oh wait! That's right I can't ask questions can I, you fucking idiot.
Moses rolls his eyes.
Moses: It wasn't even that serious.
Nine: Yeah but it seems like to them it's serious. 
Moses: They should loosen up than.
Nine: God..
Moses: You shouldn't say that it's forbbidden.
Nine: And who told you that Moses? The speaker?
Moses stood quiet.
(Nine gets up and walks up to the window)
Nine: Each day were told to wake up and get re educated about the New World.
Nine: But this isn't a new world is it? It's shit. I hate it here, I had a life, and I had a family. They  took it all away from me. And here I am, the only thing I have left in me is that word God.
Nine: The only person I'll believe in always. No matter what, I'll keep saying it till my lungs run out of oxygen.
Nine: God..God..GOD!
(X closes his eyes)
X: I remember that day. 
I was there,Moses and Nine.
We witnessed The Speaker for the first time. The one who had all the power in everything we did.
The one that made this country into totalitarian shit.
(The Speaker stands in the middle of the class with a mask over his face)
The Speaker: Children of mine. Today is the day you'll finally see the New World and learn from it.
(X looks around the room to see kids his age staring at the masked man)
The Speaker: Today you'll bow to me because I am your leader, your saviour, your parent and this makes me a God.
The Speaker: So bow or thou shall suffer.
(Everyone looks at one another confused)
The Speaker: NOW!
(Than every kid kneeled before  the masked man, but one didn't.)
X eyes widened as he looked right next to him.
X: Valerie.
Valerie stood standing without moving an inch while showing no weakness.
X: Valerie kneel.
Valerie: I'm not doing it.
X: Valerie, listen to me just kneel.
Valerie: No, I will not kneel to someone who thinks he's god.Someone who thinks  women are useless. Someone who KILLED OUR MOM!
The Speaker point his slender finger at Valerie.
The Speaker: Mata la.
X: I didn't get what this man said, it was in a different language I couldn't understand. I wish I understood what he meant.
X: Than I could of..
A man with the emblem letter W was standing in front of Valerie as he grabs her by the hair.
Valerie eyes widen.
Valerie: LET ME GO!
The Speaker: You dare go aganist your god? You'll see what happens next.
X: No matter how hard I tried I couldn't move. 
I couldn't speak I was afraid.
And when I finally could say something.
X: Vale-
X: It was too late. 
I was too late. 
Valerie was dead in front every kid that stood kneeling for there own lives.
My sister was dead.
X: I thought it was raining indoors.
But than I realized their were just my tears falling from eyes like a broken dam.
Nine: X man are you sleeping?
(X opened his eyes)
Nine: Man what do you think? Should we?
X: Should we what?
Nine: Get out.
X: From where?
Moses: From here. I want to see the world again.
Nine: I wanna live my life again. Don't you?
X: I don't remember anything. So going outside is meaningless.
Nine: Oh really? You wanna sit here and drain your fucking life away and die?
X: It either that or get executed from trying to run away.
Nine: You're such a pussy X.
(Nine points out the window)
Nine: That girl would be disappointed in you.
X: What?
Nine: The girl who called you James. The one who disobeyed The Speaker. She would of done anything she could to get the hell out of this (pauses for two seconds) This shithole!
X gets up from the floor and pushes Nine aganist the window and holds Nine by the neck.
Nine:Why you so mad X or should I call you by your real birth name James?  Not the one your God gave you.
X: Fuck you Nine.
Nine: You're feeble. 
Nine shakes her head.
Nine: No you're just scared of failing aren't you? You are afraid because you don't want to end up like her.
(Nine pauses)
Nine: Your sister.
Moses: Nine please.
(She gulped)
Nine: You can't kill me because you cannot bring her back by killing someone who wants to avenge her.
(X lightened the grip over Nine's neck)
Nine: She had a light in her eyes. A kid like her wasn't meant to live in this world. 
Nine: But we do! We could alter the world, even if were just kids. No matter what with or without you James I will fight for my freedom and for my family unlike you.
Nine pushes X to the side as she walks to the corner of the room, lays down and puts a blanket over her head.
Moses: X I know you'll change your mind someday. Just please listen for once.
X: Look who's talking, the guy who follows all the rules.
Moses: I follow the rules to surivive but when an opportunity opens I take it. You think I like sleeping on a freezing vile floor? I miss my bed and my parents.
Moses: Don't you miss yours?
X stays silent.
Moses: Oh yeah I forgot, they brainwashed you. You couldn't even remember your own name without someone telling you.
Moses pauses.
Moses: It doesn't matter if you come or not, you can stay here since there isn't anything you need from out there.
Moses looks at X one last time before putting a blanket over his head and sleeping.
Rain begins to pour heavier as X looks up at the skies.
X: ...
(Distant talking)
Man 1: Are you going to the  fight ?
Man 2: Ive heard of it comin, but I never knew it would be so soon.
(X walks over to the door and gently place his ear on it)
Man 1: I heard it starts at 10pm.
Man 2:And the location?
Man 1: The Den Of Hell.
Man 2: Isn't that dangerous though ? 
Man 1: It doesn't matter we either attend it or The Watchers will throw us in the Den itself.
Man 2: God damn it.
Man 1:Hey! We shouldn't be using that word if we aren't reffering to The Speaker.
Man 2: Oh I'm sorry.
Man 1: I know it's your first day here, but try to watch your tongue especially around those wearing all black.
Man 2: Okay.
Man 1: Take these keys and post inside that room there.
Man 2: Why?
Man 1 grabs Man 2 by the throat.
Man 1: It's your job idiot. You stand there for a few minutes to see if those rascals are actually sleeping and not fooling around.
Man 2  gulped as Man 1 let's go and walks away.
Man 2 sighed as began to open the room.
X: Shit.
X quickly runs towards his spot and quickly places his blanket on his face.
Man 2:...
Man 2  footsteps grew closer and closer towards X.
Man 2: I think there overracting. These kids are harmless, they looked to scared to even move a muscle.
Man 2 sighed once again and walks towards the door.
Man 2: I hate this.
Man 2 stands for the required minutes he was suppose to do and finally opens the door to leave.
Moses uncovers himself and looks at X. 
Moses: It will happen soon. 
Nine: I can't wait to leave. 
X stood quiet under his blanket than spoke in his head. 
X: Even a sheep loses it's fur someday. 

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