A Collection of Thoughts

This isn't a story. It's a collection of thoughts, ideas, and poems. I'm not posting this for anyone but myself. If someone so happens to stumble upon these and enjoy them, than I am glad. If not, that's okay. They just need to get out there.


22. Twiddling my Thumbs

I’m twiddling my thumbs 

Over and over 

The urge is so bad 

One slick swipe and it will be okay. One quick swipe.


I’m stronger than blade. So I sit. And spin my thumbs around distracting me. Anything helps. Writing this helps to scare off my thoughts. Rambling to stop them. Just stop. Look over. See the wanted poison. Look away. Keep writing god dammit. Just keep writing and the thoughts will go away. Do. Not. Grab. It. Keep writing. Slowly subsiding.  I’m terrifed of my own mind. 

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