The only hope for me is you

Phan Fic


1. Smiling Sadness

Dans pov

I smile as we walk across the stage to fans cheering. We get in the microwave and head to our dressing room.


"Yes Dan?"

"What would you do if you love someone but you are unsure of how they feel?"

"I would tell them."

"Ok thanks," I reply. I will tell him tonight.

~time skip to apartment~

I look up from my cooking to see Phil in the doorway. I smile and wave as I stir the noodles. He doesn't know I set up an amazing date night dining table in our dining room. I grab the spaghetti and carry it to the dining room. I call out for Phil and here a small "coming!" from the living room. He walks in with a wide mouth.

"Wow Dan! This is amazing!" he exclaims. I smile and pull his chair out for him. He thanks me and sits down. We eat our spaghetti in silence. He grabs the bag I placed with my love confession once he finishes his spaghetti. He opens it and reads it.


"Yes?" I reply nervously.

"Will you be my boyfriend?"

"YES!!" I scream. We kiss and head to watch AOT and cuddle in the couch.

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