Story In Ink - lrh

I haven't seen her before. She was so outstanding, the way her ink were covering her arms, all the way up to her neck. God, her neck. It was so beautiful, not in a seksual way, but the ink on it. It was decorated with flowers of all sorts, but right in the middle on the left side, there was an eye. The eye were so realistic, so...... full of emotions. And the more I looked at it, the more realistic it became and the more it felt like it was looking right through me. Right into my soul. And I didn't like the feeling, nor did I hate it.


1. Prolog


So this is my first ever fanfic I've written in english. 

I am from Denmark, so english isn't my first language, which means that my grammar probably sucks.

I'm trying my best to make sure, that everything is correct, but if you find something I should correct, please let me know.


But yeah, that's all, hope you'll enjoy my story.




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