Story In Ink - lrh

I haven't seen her before. She was so outstanding, the way her ink were covering her arms, all the way up to her neck. God, her neck. It was so beautiful, not in a seksual way, but the ink on it. It was decorated with flowers of all sorts, but right in the middle on the left side, there was an eye. The eye were so realistic, so...... full of emotions. And the more I looked at it, the more realistic it became and the more it felt like it was looking right through me. Right into my soul. And I didn't like the feeling, nor did I hate it.


3. 2

“How come you’re wearing a long-sleeved shirt? It’s like a 100 degrees outside?” well shit. 

“Ehm, I just get cold easily, so yeah,” Please just let it slide, please just let it slide..

“Yeah right, I don’t believe you,” fuck…

“Okay since we are going to live together, I’m gonna show you, but you can’t tell anyone, okay?” Katy looked at me, like I was weird, and I slowly starting taking my way-to-thick sweater off.

“Wow, wow, what are you doi-, holy shit!” her eyes become wide and she just looks at me. This was a bad idea.

“Don’t look at me like that, I know it’s crazy for a 18 year old, to have this many tattoos, but my dad, is a tattoo artist, so I startet at a young age and, please close your mouth?” My brow knitted together and I just stand in my lace bra, and wait for her to say something. This is really awkward.

“Holy shit, you look hot! Why are you hiding them? You will literally have every single guy at this campus, drool over you! Like, even Luke fucking Hemmings!” She just start to ramble about how I just should show them off, but to be honest, I don’t want to. My whole lifestory is written on my body, and the ink is very special to me. It’s nothing I’m gonna go around and show off, I mean I’m proud of it, but it’s very personal.

“Katy! I can’t show it to everybody. My entire story is on my body, and I want it to be something only for me. Besides, in High School, people would judge me so fucking hard, and think I was some kind of drug addict, which I am not, by the way,” I start taking on my shirt again when Katy stops me.

“No wait, can you please tell me about them? If you don’t mind? We are going to spend a lot of time together, so this will maybe help me to get to know you better,” she fiddle with her hands, as if she was nervous about asking me. 

“Okay sure, we can do that. Even tho, it does seems a little bit weird, that I’m gonna tell you everything about me, while I’m shirtless,” I let out a chuckle and Katy starts laughing to. 

“You know what, how about we both are shirtless? Then it’s gonna be less awkward,” She start taking her own shirt off, and I can’t help but start to laugh. I met this girl like 10 minutes ago, and we are going to tell each other about ourselves while shirtless. This is going to be interesting.

Katy sits besides me and start asking me about all my different tattoos I have across my arm and my neck. 

“What does this little heart means? It seems a little odd,” she asks and point at the little heart I have on my left wrist.

“Oh, that one. It’s the first tattoo my dad did on me. I was only 14,” I say casually.

“Wait what? 14? That’s early to start!” How come everybody I tell this, says that?

“Well, as I told you when you were staring at me, my dad is a tattoo artist and I had been begging him and my mom, if I could get one, and eventually they gave in. But I’ve been into tattoos since the day, I found out what it was. Thats one of the reasons why I’m majoring in art, so I can go back and have an actually degree in it, unlike my dad. He is a professional but he doesn’t have the full degree,” I have said this line so many times before, it sort of just becomes a habit to tell.

“oh wow, that’s sound so cool. Well okay, which tattoo means the most to you? If you don’t mind me asking?” She looks at me with all seriousness in her eyes, like if she wasn’t sure it was okay to ask me that question.

“It’s okay. Mhm I think it has to be the phoenix I have on my ribcage over here,” I tell here and show her where it’s located on my right side. It was probably the biggest tattoo I have, and the one that took the longest to finish. I’m really proud of if to be honest.

“Holy shit, that’s big! How long did it take to make that?” Katy just stared at it in aw. 

“I mean the whole process took about a month, but you know, since I have had a lot of tattoos done, I’m kind of used to the pain now, but normally this will take longer. But we did in three session, and it as about 15 hours,” it was a casual topic for me to talk about. I did work at my dad’s shop for a couple of years, and a lot of people have been asking me about this. I was used to talk about it.

“That is so fucking awesome! I know you said you didn’t want to show them, but I really think Luke will really want you if he saw all of this!” Luke? 

“Who the fuck is Luke?” I asked. And I immediately, get an confused glare.

“You don’t know who Luke Hemmings are? Oh My God, he’s like, the school most wanted guy! He’s also majoring in music and he can sing and play the guitar. He’s in a band, with Michael, Ashton and Calum, and I swear, they are probably the hottest guys on Campus!” She seems really passionate about these guys. But, like, why?

“What’s so special about them? Are they like famous?” 

“Not quite, like they have an E.P out and stuff, but they’re not famous yet. But they claim they are gonna be. But I mean, Luke have hooked up with almost every single girl on this school. I mean personally I haven’t even spoken to him, but I sear he is so fucking god damn hot and I can’t even descri-“ “Katy, sweety, you’re rambling,” I gently place my hand on her shoulder. I get it, this Luke Hemmings is a big deal, now get over it.

“Sorry, but he’s really hot,” she giggles. 

“What does he look like?” why do I even wanna know?

“He’s tall, blonde, has a lipring, clear blue eyes,” that sounds very familiar…

“I think I actually ran into him this morning. I’m not sure, but maybe it could be him? Is he, like, one of those fratboys?” 

“Nah, not anymore, rumor has it, that the fraternity he was in, kicked him out, ‘cause he had to many girls over. But I don’t know, It’s just what my sister told me,” wait what?

“Did your sister go here?” 

“Yeah, she graduated last year tho. But she slept with him a couple of times. She strictly told me to stay away from him, or I would get hurt, but to be honest, I don’t care, if he’s good in bed, like everybody says he is, that’s all that matters to me,” she giggles. 

“Oh my God, Katy…” I shake my head. What kind of roommate did I get?

“Don’t worry, it’s not like I’m going to bring him over here. Besides my sister told me, that if he’s gonna sleep with you, you really have to stand out. And I really don’t do that,” she says and shrugging her shoulders.

“You do stand out Katy, you’re beautiful. But just because Luke have this reputation, doesn’t mean you should sleep with him. I mean he can’t be that good,” I mean come on. A guy like that, must be boring in bed.

“My sister said that he’s good tho. And it’s worth a shot, I guess?” She looks up at me. None of us says something for a while, and I just walk around and start unpacking my stuff. The dorm is surprisingly big compared to what you would expect. It has a kitchen, 2 bedrooms, and a bathroom. It’s not quiet the standard dorm room, like the ones you see in the movies. But that’s what you get when, you paid a lot of money to get a big room, I guess. Not that I’m complaining. 

I start unpacking my first suitcase, which is only filled with clothes and a little bit my so called 'beauty products'. It doesn't take long to empty the suitcase and when it's completely empty, I hide it underneath my bed. 

I open the second suitcase, where the rest of my clothes is, and start hanging it up in the wardrobe, my OCD kicking in, and organizing it in colors. After I’m finished with that, I start putting the rest of my stuff up. Hanging some pictures up on the walls, setting all my drawing stuff on the small desk, and organizing my books, at the shelves. My OCD is really kicking in right now. But I swear in a month, it’s all going to be one big chaotic mess. Just like back home in New York. I’ve always been a messy person. But I always have an excuse. It’s an organized mess. Even tho, it’s not true, I still use it. People will just brush it off, and keep going with something else. At least that’s what my dad would do. 

Soon after I finish putting up the rest of my stuff, only left with a couple of sketch books and some brushes, I decide to go out in the living room and ask Katy, if she wants to go out for some lunch. I shuffle my feet over the floor, to lazy to lift them and when I come out in the living room, Katy is nowhere to be found. I walk over to her door and knock, but I don’t get an answer. After looking after her for a couple of minutes, the bathroom door opens and out she comes. Why didn’t I think of that?

“Oh hey you! Are you finished?” she asks.

“Oh yeah, almost, but I just wanted to ask you if you wanted to go out for some lunch? I’m starving,” I say, rubbing my stomach.

“Sure, theres a Starbucks not far from here, we can eat there,” Katy start picking up her purse putting on some shoes. I just nod, and mumble a small ‘sure, and start taking on my shoes as well. I quickly grab my wallet, and together we head down to Starbucks. 


On the way we start talking about Katy and her family. I find out that her dad, is a CEO of a small record label, and she grew up, making and writing music with him, and that’s how she found out she wanted to be a professional musician. But unlike most singers, she wanted to have an actual degree in it, because she always wanted to go to college and what better way can you combine music and College? Music major of course.

“But my dad thinks it’s stupid, because he don’t think I need a piece of paper to be a good musician. I just ignore him, I mean most dads would be thrilled to hear that, their daughter wanted to go to college, but I guess mine is just weird,” she shrug her shoulders and start laughing. I start giggling too, and suddenly we are standing outside Starbucks. We go inside, and head straight to the register to order.

“Welcome to Starbucks, what can I get you?” A tall guy with dark brown hair and green eyes asks me. 

“Hi, can I get a large Strawberry Açai, and a cheese and ham, sandwich?” I ask politely, and I hear a guy scoff besides me. I turn around and I see the same guy that I walked into earlier, and who’s apparently the infamous Luke.

“Do you have a problem?” I ask.

“You are just a typical white girl, aren’t you?” He looks at me with a smirk plasteret on his face

“You are just as white as I am, if not whiter,” I scoff and look back at the barista, ignoring Luke.

“Alright, what’s your name?”

“Megan,” I answer him and find my wallet and take out some cash.

“Alright, that would be 17 dollars, and 35 cents,” the barista says, and I quickly pay, and tell him to keep the change. I go down to an empty table and wait for Katy to come down. After 3 minutes she comes down, and shortly after, both of our names are called. We walk up to the register, grab our stuff and go back to the table and we both start eating. Not a word is said, we just eat in silence, both of us to concentrated, that we don’t even register that a group of boys has sat down at the table. 

“Well hello there ladies,” a guy says. I look up, mouth full of the last bit of my sandwich and just stare at the boy with pale skin and white hair.

“hi?” It sounded more like a question.

“So we are wondering if you two wanted to attend our party tonight? It’s going to be at a bondfire, and all you have to worry about, is looking hot, the rest we will take care of,” another guys says. He looks asian.

“Can I ask you something?” I ask

“Yeah sure, sweet cake,” The asian guys smirks.

“Okay first off don’t call me that, second, are you guys from Australia?” I look at all four boys, and they just start to chuckle.

“Yes we are, where do you come from? You don’t sound very Californian,” A third guy ask, This one has short curly hair, and green eyes, 

He’s actually kind of cute.

“I’m from Manhatten, New York,” I look over at Katy, to see her just staring at the four boys. The fourth guy, who’s no other that Luke fucking Hemmings, smirks at her.

“What about you, babe, what’s your name?” Luke sends her small wink, and I know that she’s dying inside.

“K-katy,” her voice is shaky. 

“Pretty name for a pretty girl. So what do you say ladies? Do you wanna come?” Luke asks us.

“What do you think Katy? Do you want to go to a party, filled with boys, and alcohol?” I look over at her, knowing that she would say yes. I may have only known this girl for a couple of hours, but she have made it very clear that she want to go to as many parties as possible, as long as she’s in college. She just nods and look back at Luke and the three other dudes, mouth still open.

“Well it’s settle then. We will come. But can you please tell me your names, and where exactly is this party going to be?” I lean back in my chair, looking confident, even tho, I'm kind of nervous. 

“Well, I’m Luke, This is Calum, Michale, and Ashton,” Luke points at the other three telling us their names. I’m probably gonna forget them, but oh well.

“Alright, well I’m Megan, and you already know this is Katy. Now I’m gonna ask one more time, where is this party gonna be?”

“Right, It’s gonna be at the old football field, behind the senior dorms. We’ll see you girls there,” They stand up and walk out of the café. well, that was interesting.

“Holy shit,” for the first time since the boys sat down, I hear her actually say something, without a shaky voice.

“Are you okay, Katy?” I ask her.

“What, no I’m not okay. The Luke Hemmings just flirtet with me. He actually called me pretty and winked at me,” her voice gets louder and louder for every word. I almost forgot about her small crush on Luke.

“Well, don’t get to excited, he probably just wanted to make sure, you said yes to the party. But Katy, honey, we got a problem. What are we going to wear?” I look into her wide eyes and put my hands on her shoulders.

“Oh my good god, I have plenty of dresses you can borrow, if you want!” She almost shout.

“Katy, calm down. And I what about all my tattoos? Dresses don’t really cover then,” I state.

“Wait, I got an idea! What if, you go to parties, and show your ink, but when you’re in class you don’t? That way, you will be able to do anything, and people won’t comment on you doing the day, because they can’t recognize you?” wait what?

“What?” I’m so confused.

“Ya know, this will be great! You can do what ever the fuck you want, and you wouldn’t hear shit about it! You can totally let loose, ‘cause as I said, they won’t know who you are!” I stil don’t get it.

“But just because I have tattoos, doesn’t mean people won’t recognize me, Katy…”

“Look my sister told me that people don’t really pay attention to you, unless you have something that’s outstanding, like your ink is, and if people can’t see it doing the day, then you won’t really hear about every weird thing you did while drunk, or who you hooked up with, or whatever the hell you did!” That sounds kind of like a good idea, but I don’t know.

“I don’t know, Katy…” I mumble.

“Please?” She looks at me with begging eyes. Well shit… That is something I can’t say no to.


“Yes!” I have the feeling I’m going to regret this.

“I have the perfect dress for you to wear!” she gets up, throwing out both of our trash. I get up too and we start walking back to our dorm.

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