Its complicated

Avia Grace finds herself face to face with her enemy and soon-to-be stepbrother Luke Hemmings.

She now has to live under the same roof as the person who has tormented her for years.

But what will happen when Avia sees who Luke really is, and will he change for her?


8. chapter 8

Davids walks into the room just as Independence Day is ending, with a pizza box in one hand and 2 cans of Fanta in the other.

"Thank you" I smile as he places the box on the bed.

"What film did you guys watch?" He asks as he turns to see the credits rolling through the screen.

"Independence day" Luke replies as he opens up the pizza box.

David leaves and Luke connects his phone to a small Bluetooth speaker on the bedside table whilst we eat.

"So.." Luke says awkwardly.

Jesus Christ can he stop ruining things.

"Do you listen to any bands?" He asks as he reaches for more pizza.

"Yeh I only listen to bands" I reply.

Luke looks at me "Who do you like?"  he asks through a full mouth.

"Uh, catfish and the bottlemen, the neighbourhood, the 1975, bring me the horizon, bands like that" I explain.

He swallows his food.

"I like all of those bands, I saw catfish live last year" he adds.

I nod as I chew the food, "same."

Luke turns to the Bluetooth speaker as 'soundcheck' by catfish comes on.

"I love this song" I comment.

A small smile creeps onto his face but disappears slowly.


"The bathroom is there, we've got a spare tooth brush if you need one and I'll leave the light on in case you need anything in the night" David explains after I have changed into my pjs.

"Thanks so much" I smile.

I make my way to the bathroom shortly after David leaves.

I push the door open, toothbrush in hand, to find Luke on the other side.

"Oh sorry I didn't know you were in here" I mumble.

He removes his toothbrush from his mouth.

"Nah don't worry about it"

"I'll just wait out-" I begin before Luke cuts me off.

"It's okay, I'm done anyway" he says, walking past me and into his room.

I head back to my room after I've done my teeth and curl up under the soft cover of the double bed.

It feels unfamiliar but surprisingly comfortable sleeping in this double bed - as I usually have a single bed.

I take advantage of the space and begin to starfish, rolling around until I drift to sleep.

9:27 am.

My reluctant eyes open and I notice the sunlight creeping through the edge of the blind.

I drag myself out of the bed and pull back the white covers neatly.

My messy reflection stares back at me as I trace the bags under my eyes and begin to brush my hair.

A soft knock on the door interrupts me.

"You can come in" I exclaim as I turn around to see a messy- haired Luke staring back at me, a white t shirt hanging over his grey sweatpants.

"Did you sleep okay?" He asks tiredly with a blank expression.

I nod and offer a small "yeah."

My ears catch a female voice coming from downstairs and Luke notices.

"Oh yeh, you're mum is here" he explains.

"Why is she here so early?" I ask, I'm slightly confused.

He shrugs and we decide to head downstairs.

"Avila!" My mum beams as me and Luke approach her and David.

I notice some boxes near the front door.

"Hey mum" I reply as she hugs me. She never normally hugs me?

"I've brought some of your stuff round" she explains.

I swallow slowly.

"What stuff?"

Luke looks at me.

Mum shifts her feet.

"Just some clothes and some of your bedroom accessories" she explains.


I don't know why but a small wave of emptiness washes over me and I don't know what to say.

"I know everything is happening so fast Avia" she adds as she touches my shoulder, "but-"

"It's okay" I cut her off, moving away from her touch.

"I'll help bring stuff upstairs" Luke suggests.


Me and Luke set down some boxes in the grey and white room I slept in last night.

"Are you okay?" He asks as we stand there silently, my fingers sorting out my messy bun.

My arms cross, "I'm fine."

"But you-"

"Luke just stop, just stop pretending to be nice" I cut him off sharply.

His expression changes.

"What is your problem?!" He says, his brow frowning.

I look him in the eye. "You're my problem"

"Jesus Christ Avia stop being such a bitch, you're not the only one who has problems you know, not everything revolves around you"

"Luke just leave" i say as i begin unpacking one of he boxes violently.

"Fuck you Avia, I'm not even gonna try any more" he says though a clenched jaw as he closes the door.

I sigh and stop fumbling with the contents of the box.

"He's a dick to you" I mumble to myself.

After arranging some of the stuff in my new room me and mum head home.

"Thanks for having me over" I fake smile at David as we leave.

I have no idea where Luke is and honestly I don't care.

"So how did it go?" Mum asks as we walk through the front door.

"It was fine" I reply.

"Avis Are you okay with us moving in?" she asks.

"Well my answer won't effect anything anyway" I reply as I head up to my room.

I can hear mum sigh.

"Were gonna go round again briefly tomorrow to drop some more stuff off okay. And I've found a possible buyer for the house"

I stop as I make my way up the stairs.

A tear brims under my eyelid but I push it back.

Everything juts so real as I heard that sentence. This is actually happening.

As I open the door to my room I begin to remember all the memories I had in it. Sleepovers with my friends when I was in primary school, dancing around as I cleaned it, playing guitar and singing at the top of my lungs. Dad stroking my back until I fell asleep.

I'm snapped back into reality and realise my cheeks are stained with cold tears.

Come on Avia. Stop overreacting.

I wipe away the tears with my sweater sleeves and begin to go through the boxes of stuff under my bed, deciding on what to bring with me and what to throw away.

I don't want to throw any of it away.

A photo of me and dad shakes between my fingers as I place it in a card board box beside me.

Hour after hour, my room getting emptier and emptier.


"Avia?" I hear mum standing in the doorway.

"Yeah?" I reply.

"I've just been on the phone to the interested buyer and they've decided to take the offer" she explains.

I gulp silently.

"They came to see the house whilst you were at David's yesterday." She adds.

My teeth clench, not with anger, but with loss.

"So what does this mean?" I ask quietly, not turning to face my mum.

"We should have our stuff cleared by Friday."

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