Frostbitten Heart

A dear friend is lost in the hands of death unable to be found and brought back. Lauren Hunter has just lost a friend that she thought of like a sister and now she has to cope with the knowledge that she will never come back. That nothing is going to be the same as it was with her friend at her side. Lauren goes to school and has great grades better than with her friend around but when told that she can not go to school for fear that it is hurting her mental state her mother and father ask her to stay home and rest. They only wish her the best but she had more matters on her brain. After talking with her principle she is told a great secret that her mother and father do not know and can not know. She will have to gain control over her feelings or lose her mind trying to hide everything from her family. Were unlikely friendships are made in the middle of a great lost we always need someone to hold on to.


9. Chapter 9

           Why was it that the footsteps I heard walking away sounded sad? Why did I feel so sad about him not being there why me? Why did I feel like I needed him so very much? I didn't have a place with him. He was as crazy as that Alpha person he keeps talking about. I felt tears coming down from my eyes. I heard myself cry like I had for some many days before. I used to have to cry myself to sleep at night because I missed her so much. It felt like I should be close to him. When the tears in my eyes turned into more painful sobs I got up. I was tried with no way of going out and dealing with him I looked at the bathtub. 

          I turned the faucet on and let the hot water run from the tap without stopping it or trying to trap it in the tube. It was warm but not hot and that was good enough for me. I trapped the water in the tube and waited for it to fill up. I slipped out of my clothes, feeling oddly comfortable in my skin this time, and turned the water off. I saw the steam coming off the water and got into the tube. Sinking down I felt the sleep come very fast. I must have been very tried if I just went to sleep after getting into the bath.





           I heard the bathwater run and clothing shifting. I knew she was taking a bath. I thought she would be out in a little bit after that, but I heard her soft mumble in her sleep and knew it was going to be awhile. I laid down on her bed and waited for her laundry finish so I could make her bed again. But the more I thought about her sleeping in the bath the more I couldn't relax. She is my Mate and the thought of her being alone in there was making me ach to be there with her, to hold her in my arms, and kiss her forehead watching her sleep. 

          But I knew that it would take some time before she would trust me and take me seriously about what we are. She needs to know about herself before her first full moon. I think we had luck on our side when she will turn fully wolf. The last full moon was a few days ago so we have time. I listened to her sleep from her room before I got up and paced the floor outside of the bathroom. I had felt my wolf when she had taken one step away from me, rear up. It wanted her now. And at that moment he said 'come on chase her.' I had held him down for now.

          " You know you want her right now,"  he growled in my head. I smiled knowing that he had my back for better or for worst.

          " Not the time," I growled back to him. I heard him laughing at me in my head. He was right,  however. He knew that I wanted to walked right into the bathroom and pull her out of the water and make her listen to me. I wanted to lick every drop of water from her skin starting with her lips and ending at her toes.

          " See. You want your mate. Go and take her. " He growled at me again. My eyes locked on the door handle knowing I could take it down so easily and I could walk in and take her by force. I forced my eyes away and heard the buzz from the washing machine. They were done. "Saved by a bell, " my wolf growled at me. I laughed and walked to get her bedding out of the washing machine. She was groaning in her sleep, I could hear it and when she said my name I knew she had been in my head while I had thought about walking in and licking her skin dry. I forced my mind away from her and let her mind take back over while watching her dream play out. I forced myself to watch her dreams and make her bed that way when she was done with her nap she could be comfortable in her room.






          He came crashing through the bathroom door with his eyes glowing, but he stopped coming forward when he saw me. I was petrified that he was going to turn into a wolf and rip me from the tub to eat me alive. But as his eyes started to glow brighter and brighter he came closer to me and was stripping down like he was going to turn into something. I was shaking in my warm bath with fear and watching him undress. I tried my best to cover myself from him but he only seemed to laugh and come closer. When he was at the side of the bath he bent down and scoped me up and out of the tub. his hand warm under my butt and the counter freezing. He took that moment to force my hands away from myself and look at me. I tried to cover myself again but he wouldn't let me. He drew nearer and nearer to my lips as I bite them with worry and anticipation for what he was going to do. I whimper his name and then he vanished only to return kissing me and licking me all over. It was like he was jealous of my soap. I found myself enjoying his attention and moaning his name and then he vanished again and I was in the park fully dressed with my friend at my side. I was hoping it wasn't going to be a bad dream again.

           I looked over and smiled at her. It was already rare if I smiled at anyone again, even in my dreams which were almost always about her now. I felt someone else with me two. It was him again. I didn't seem to be able to get him out of my dreams now. He was holding one hand and she was holding the other and we were walking into the park. He was smiling at me and I was smiling at my friend. We were going to play the game we always did. She counted and I ran into the woods with him finding out where to hid and where she might not find me so easily. I forgot about her through the moment it felt I was flying through the forest with ease. I looked and saw I was eye to eye with a wolf. I tried to scream and felt I could only howl. This was a different kind of dream then my normal one. It was as if I had left a life behind and picked up a new one. 


          It was the sound of a knock on the door that made me wake up. It wasn't the bathroom door but a door, probably a few houses down the street. The water had gone cold and I was better now. I got up and picked a large towel to wrap around myself before I unlocked the door and walked out of the bathroom. I forgot that Xavier was still here and was more shocked to find him waiting for me in my room. I almost dropped the towel covering myself and he would have seen everything. 

          "Will you stop worrying about your body? I have seen other girls naked before. Although I do want to see you naked more than the others," He said grinning and looked for a hole in the towel. I gripped the towel tighter to myself and stepped back. "You shouldn't have done that. I have been holding it together by a thread, but every time you get scared or take a step back and think about running away I need to chase you more," He growled and took a step near me. I took one more step back as if I was teasing him and I was pinned against the wall. His lips were so close to mine I found it hard to breathe anything but the way he smelled. And he smelled good. He put his face near my neck and growled softly. I felt my stomach give a jump and by the second growl, I knew he had known that my stomach had done just that.

          "Oh come on. You two are like a bitch in heat. Your mother is almost home and you Xavier, are going to come and have a little chat with me about personal space," I heard the principle speak from my own window. He was just standing in my room not even looking at us but he had a grin on his face like he knew something.

          "How do you keep getting in my room and why is my window always open?" I growled and stopped over to shut it with my arms at my side. I had completely forgotten about the towel around me until the moment it fell down and I was exposed to the cold air. I saw the two men in my room give a gasp before they left and shut the door behind them. I saw the way they looked at me. I rushed over to get the window first before I looked down and noticed that it looked like I had changed.  

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