Frostbitten Heart

A dear friend is lost in the hands of death unable to be found and brought back. Lauren Hunter has just lost a friend that she thought of like a sister and now she has to cope with the knowledge that she will never come back. That nothing is going to be the same as it was with her friend at her side. Lauren goes to school and has great grades better than with her friend around but when told that she can not go to school for fear that it is hurting her mental state her mother and father ask her to stay home and rest. They only wish her the best but she had more matters on her brain. After talking with her principle she is told a great secret that her mother and father do not know and can not know. She will have to gain control over her feelings or lose her mind trying to hide everything from her family. Were unlikely friendships are made in the middle of a great lost we always need someone to hold on to.


7. Chapter 7

          Hours after I had gotten home I had stopped crying and went to do homework that I really didn't need to do, seeing as how I wasn't going to school the next day unless I sneaked out. But right now I would much rather stay here and not worry about going to school. Hearing a soft knock on my door I look up and see my mother with my father behind her looking in. "Hi Honey, I didn't see you come in. Will you come downstairs for a moment? We made dinner and want to talk to you," She said and closed the door. I sighed and got out of my bed to go downstairs. Walking out of my room I noticed how cold my home was. Walking down the stairs I shivered and grabbed a jacket. My mom and dad were waiting for me at the table with a small stake at my place. I took my place and noticed how good it smelled. I took a bite and my mom and dad looked shocked. "Are you okay, Sweetie? You never eat with us anymore. In fact, we don't know when you last ate a full meal," My mother said looking over at my father. I took another bite brushing off her comment. My stomach growled when I got down and I got another one. 

          "Hey mom, can I get another one?" I asked my mother as she watched me eat my second stake. She nodded and got another. After eating that I was full enough. My mother touched my hand and looked over at my father.

          "If you want to go to school you can. We just think it is best if you stayed here for the rest of the school year. I know that-"

          "Sure. I will stay home tomorrow. I mean it's not like I don't have the perfect grades. And besides, I was hit hard. When I was walking I walked to the ... the park ... and yeah. So I want to stay home for a while," I said interrupting my mom from her speech. Se was about to reach for my head to check my temperature when the doorbell rang. She got up and checked it. By the time she got back and said that it was a ding-dong-ditch I was upstairs and washing up for bed. I went into my room and laid on the bed letting sleep take me. I tossed and turned trying to get comfortable in my bed. I was burning and then it was too cold. At one point I just threw the covers to the ground and didn't try to touch them for the rest of the night. It was like I had a cold. 

          I could feel every bone in my body and it was uncomfortable, which was why I was tossing and turning. Giving up after about two hours of doing that I laid on my stomach and reached for my phone. It was the only thing that I could think of doing. I opened the phone and was greeted by a picture that I took with my best friend right before she had died. It was us at the park standing in front of the biggest oak tree in the forest part of the park. I smiled at the tree knowing that we had brought a knife to that park and carved our name and 'bff for life' on the tree. I felt tears wanting to come out but I went on with going through my facebook. Seeing all the things that I had posted and all of the groups that I am a part of. I felt my eyes grow heavier and heavier but I was still awake.

           "You are starting to feel it now, aren't you?" Asked a voice that came from my door. I looked over and all I saw was darkness. "You are. I can tell." The voice said again. Stepping out of the shadows and into the moonlight shining through my window that was left open. 

          "Why is that open?" I said out loud. It was weird to know that my window was unlocked and open while I was sleeping. I jumped out of bed and tried to shut the window, but I was stopped by the person that I had met early today. "Xavier? Why the hell are you in my room?" I shrieked. He chuckled but said nothing. After a moment he walked back to his corner. I watched him as he stood tall and hovering near my door. He was starting to scare me. 

          He raised his head up a small bit and smelled the air. I don't know why or how but his eyes seemed to glow when he looked back over to me.  Walking forward very slowly I backed up the closer he came. I already knew what he was like and I didn't like this side that he was showing me now. I bumped up against the wall as he walked closer. Right before he was on me everything disappeared.  


          I was sitting in my room covered with sweat my eyes wide open. Why was he in my dreams? Why was he acting like that? It felt so real that it was hard to tell if it was a dream or not. In the end, I thought that it had to be a dream because it would be silly of him to be in my room. That is a werewolf thing right? You can't enter the house without an invitation. 

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