Frostbitten Heart

A dear friend is lost in the hands of death unable to be found and brought back. Lauren Hunter has just lost a friend that she thought of like a sister and now she has to cope with the knowledge that she will never come back. That nothing is going to be the same as it was with her friend at her side. Lauren goes to school and has great grades better than with her friend around but when told that she can not go to school for fear that it is hurting her mental state her mother and father ask her to stay home and rest. They only wish her the best but she had more matters on her brain. After talking with her principle she is told a great secret that her mother and father do not know and can not know. She will have to gain control over her feelings or lose her mind trying to hide everything from her family. Were unlikely friendships are made in the middle of a great lost we always need someone to hold on to.


6. Chapter 6

           I knew that all the boys had followed me up there and were waiting outside of the bathroom door for me to go out and talk. I heard on the other side of the voice that told everyone to go away and give me some room. I don't know if it was in my head or if someone had said it but it sounded like someone I knew. Not like my mom or dad, who want me to stay home for a school year so I can 'rest' as they call it. I am tempted to take them up on that now that my principle seems to believe that we are wolves.  I burst out laughing because I don't know how else I would be able to handle everything that has been said and done. Once my stomach started to hurt and my face turns red I felt hot tears stream down my face I heard someone knock on the bathroom door and come in after the same time. I know that I should have locked the door but I didn't. I didn't do anything about it until I felt arms come around me and hold me to a warm chest. I knew that it was Xavier that had come in. I turned into him and cried until I had no tears left. He sat there on the bathroom floor with me and held me until I pushed away from him. I didn't have much room because it was a very small bathroom but it was enough to get out of his hands. He smiled softly and touched a tear that had slipped from my eye. "Will you tell me why you were crying?" He asked softly. I thought for a moment before I nodded. It was almost laughable the way his eyes seemed to bulge out. 

          Slowly I opened my mouth and it was then that I realized that I really wanted to tell someone my story. I didn't have my notebook or a pencil or anything that I could write things down on. It was just my mouth that was going to have to tell him. I had my mouth open trying to talk for three minutes before I made a sound. "I- I am sad. Understand how-how important you are. Not many hear my voice anymore. Not since IT happened. Not since I lost her. She was my friend and she is lost now. I can't talk to her and I can't see her anymore. She- she is de-dead. And I am going to rip the guy's throat out that killed her and show him who he messed with. I want him dead. I need him dead. He has to die for what he did," I ended almost boiling with rage. A hand on mine told me to calm down and I did. My tears were wet with tears that I held back. I felt Xavier come closer to me to hug me but I stopped him. "Not done. She was killed in a crash. She and I were walking home together after the moon came up in the park. It was late and dark and we should have already been to my place. She was going to spend the time. That night she spent on the ground waiting for someone to come and get her dead body from the park." I stopped once more. The emotions hung in my throat ready to spill out. 

          "It's okay you don't have to continue telling me. How about I get your mind off of this. Maybe some food would make you feel better?" He asked I shook my head sadly. "Okay, I am going to go and make you a sandwich while you watch. Come on... I never caught your name. That is not important anyway" He took my hand and pulled me up from the floor. I went with him down the stairs and everyone was still staring at me.  I walked into the kitchen and sat down on the counter. I found sitting on the counter much better than sitting in a chair. I watched as Xavier piled every kind of meat between two pieces of white bread and realized just how hungry I was. My stomach growled and I smiled. Xavier looked back and chuckled.  "So you are hungry then. Why do you starve yourself?" 

          "I do not starve myself!," I said laughing. Slowly the laughter faded as I realized I hadn't heard my laugh in so long I had almost forgotten what it sounded like. I remember the last time I laughed my best friend had met her end. My tears came back, but I quietly moved to hide him. Xavier took my hand and placed the sandwich in it and motioned for me to eat. I took a test bite and then another and another until the sandwich was gone. "That was better then I had thought it would have been," I spoke quietly. Xavier moved my hair to see that I was indeed crying slightly. He hugged me until the tears went away. I looked over at the clock and saw that it was time for me to start walking home.  He pulled away and looked over to the clock. Almost like he was reading my mind he pulled me off the counter and walked towards the door holding my hand to make sure that I didn't get lost. 

          I liked the feeling of the semi-cold air and my tears stopped. I shyly lifted my head to see where we were walking and I almost ran the other way. We were standing right in the spot where Wolfe had taken her last breath. I shook my head violently and tried to get away. I didn't want to be here and I wanted to run. I wasn't ready to face the memorize of what had happened here just yet. Something like a death leaves a mark that one can't get rid of on the earth. I had to get away. I closed my eyes and ran forward to get away from the place. Xavier not knowing what I was doing went with me. 

          I ran home trying to avoid everyone and to get away from the spot. Like I normal did I used a back way of getting into my home instead of the front door. Xavier at that moment let go of my hand and watched me leave. I climbed up the tree and onto a thick branch that was in my backyard. From the branch, I went onto the roof and through an open window that was mine. I noticed then that Xavier wasn't following but I really didn't care. The only thing I wanted then was to be by myself. Trying to stop crying I stayed in my room hugging a pillow and the last thing I had gotten from my friend, which was a bracelet. 

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