Frostbitten Heart

A dear friend is lost in the hands of death unable to be found and brought back. Lauren Hunter has just lost a friend that she thought of like a sister and now she has to cope with the knowledge that she will never come back. That nothing is going to be the same as it was with her friend at her side. Lauren goes to school and has great grades better than with her friend around but when told that she can not go to school for fear that it is hurting her mental state her mother and father ask her to stay home and rest. They only wish her the best but she had more matters on her brain. After talking with her principle she is told a great secret that her mother and father do not know and can not know. She will have to gain control over her feelings or lose her mind trying to hide everything from her family. Were unlikely friendships are made in the middle of a great lost we always need someone to hold on to.


4. Chapter 4

          "Thanks for that. You were starting to smell a little like a scared cat," He told me without any kind of sugar coating on it. He moved around to sit on his desk right in front of me. "So when did you start," He asked me without even thinking about if the question was personal or not. I was so shocked I looked up at him showing just that. He let a loud laugh out. "I meant the change. When do you start the change? From the way, you smell a couple of weeks ago. Maybe even last month," He added looking me up and down before he titled his head back and smelt the air. I wanted to back up because he sounded insane to me. When he saw this he laughed once more at me. "You didn't even know?" He asked surprised. I felt the weird feeling in my head before he leaned forward and was in my face just watching my eyes. After a moment the weird feeling in my head changed and he was chuckling at me as if I had done something wrong. "Tell me, how old are you?" He asked suddenly all traces of laughter and enjoyment leaving his face in a second. After a few minutes of silence, he started to grin at me. 

          "What the hell are you talking about?" I asked him avoiding the last question that he had asked me. He stopped grinning at once and looked at me dead on as though my words were more important than whatever inside joke he had going on. He was starting to scare me a little before I told him, "I have to get back to class. I don't want to miss anything." Grabbing my things he held them out of my reach. He grabbed notebook after notebook until he came to the one that Mr. Skulks had read to the class all while watching my face to see how I would react to it. I didn't care if he went through every notebook in that bag but I didn't want him to read the short story from Mr. Sculks. He flipped it open to the first page and read until I saw tears in his eyes. 

          It wasn't until the moment he knew he was tearing up that he snapped it shut threw it in my backpack and gave my backpack to me without a word. He wiped at his eyes and before I knew it he had wrapped me in a big hug. "I didn't know how much you missed her," He said pulling back from me. I was shocked into sitting and just hearing what he had to say. "Well, your training starts here on the weekend," He said pulling himself together in less than a moment.  "Do what you must to get out of the house. I am going to train you up, little pup. And when your done your going to know more about what you are. Maybe more than you ever wanted. I want you to stay here though. We really do need to talk," He paused and took a deep breath as I scratched one of the cuts I had made on my wrist. I felt it open and covered it with my hand. He yanked my hand away from my wrist and yanked my sleeve of my shirt up with a growl. I thought I heard him cursed right before he licked up the blood that began pouring out of the wound. It stung so much so that I yanked my wrist away from him. He got on the floor and said,"I am so sorry but I can not help it when I smell blood. I know what you are now. Do you want to know something?" He asked me after a brief pause while he stood. I nodded shyly and watched as he smiled. "You are just like her, ya know. Just like the last wolf I met. The last one in the line with a black coat. But you are something else too. Hunter maybe?" He asked me like I would know. 

          "That would be my last name. What has this got to do with wolves?" I asked him feeling like I was going out of my mind.

          "I mean you are a wolf. A half-breed that has been chosen to ... to... to hunt with us. You... Did you do magic today?" He asked me suddenly. I looked at the floor shyly. He shouldn't know about that. That was a secret between Ms. Flower and me. "Of course. I am going to have to talk with her again about doing her witch thing inside this school building. It is a fire hazard. But that could also be the reason I had never smelled wolf on you before. The spell might have made the wolf come out. It has never come out like that before. Tell me, Lauren, what spell did she do?" He asked me out loud instead of muttering like he had been. 

          "I think it was called a cleansing thing? Yeah, it was to make me feel happier," I said calmly. I was hoping that he was going to think me insane or something and tell me to go home but the look he got on his face told me otherwise. "What did she really do to me?" I asked feeling more fear than I had since my best friend had been killed. He looked to the side and did not answer me. "Answer me! She did it. I have to know what she did to me," I said in a louder voice when we sat in silence for a long three minutes. 

          "One it was not something to cleanse you. But it is always happy times when the wolf finds the person. But you being as how you were not happy it should not have found you for a couple more years when you would have been ready to move on from the sad times that have befallen you. However, it has and we must deal with it accordingly. I must ask though. If your friend called you Vampy and you called her Wolfie then why did you end up being the wolf?" He asked me thinking that I might know something about what the hell was going on. I shrugged not having any idea what he was saying. I had the small thought that if I listened I would understand more of what he was saying. But most of the stuff that he was saying I thought that he was crazy. He looked at me and shook his head. He was smiling of course but he looked worried about something. I looked down at the floor shyly not knowing what I should be saying. After a few moments, I looked up and saw that he had moved to a desk with a phone on it. He looked over as he pulled the phone from the cradle and typed in some number. "Ms. Flower please come to the second-floor third meeting room." And he hung up the phone. I could almost feel the worry coming off of her when she walked into the room, but even as she walked into the room she smiled at me and greeted me like a friend. 

           She walked over and had a seat right across from me and looked over towards the principle. He was watching her as well as watching me. I might have thought that it was strange he was watching us so closely, but I was thinking more on the fact that school had a few weeks left. The first day of summer break was the day we usually spent together and it was her birthday. I guess now I will spend a day at her grave. It might have been well over a month but the thought that she is gone and not going to come back hurts more than the thought of just moving away. I wouldn't be able to see her or walk where she and I had walked once. I could walk to her grave and back home passing every place that we used to play by and only thinking about the time when we were together and so happy. I would not be able to just stand by the place she had died and look out to see where she had died because of that drunk driver. The last thing she saw was an empty dark road and then pure blackness.  I know that the last time she saw me was right before she died when we were smiling and laughing together. I was crying and begging her not to go. I remember crying and crying and crying, not knowing what to do. I remember screaming out and howling in pain up at the dark sky right before darkness came and I can't remember anything after that. That night just seemed to fade away from my own mind and bleeding into my heart that felt like it had died with her in the moment that she took her last breath. 

         It was the sound of a cough that got my mind back on track. I could barely feel tears coming down my face. "Are you okay, Lauren? You're crying," The principal said bending over the desk to give me a tissue. I shook my head and wiped away the tears with my hands. "No use the tissue it would be better if you did," He said and took my hand and placed the tissue in my hand. My mind went back to my friend while they went on talking about me. I was not even caring about what was being said I only seemed to care about the friend that I had lost. I thought about the pain it caused when I lost her. I thought about the pain from my dream. I thought mostly about running and getting out of this room and going into the park and seeing for the first time the way she must have felt when we went into the small forests to run around. I sniffed the air smiling as I thought I could smell the woods around me and I felt my eyes close and bent to touch the dirt and pick it up and just hold it. I felt the rain falling softly on the top of the trees and reaching the ground. I felt dirt under my naked feet and smiled as dirt was pushing up between my toes. Feeling hands on my shoulders and someone pulling me back I growled at them trying to not go with them. 

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