Like a Broken Doll


1. Chapter 1

Have you ever actually been broken? Not how you think. . . broken like a porcelain doll falling off a shelf and shattering into millions of tiny pieces. I have, all my pieces were picked up and glued back together again, just to have that poor little doll fall off that shelf again, and that time no one was home, no one came back for the poor little porcelain doll on the floor in millions of tiny pieces, forgotten. I've had the feeling of being empty, like an abandoned forest people forgot was near them, or that abandoned house with the little broken doll inside. How do I shake these feelings? No, the real question is why did I do it? Why am I now dead? You might be thinking I killed myself, but no. I was the happiest person you would meet, well was, until eighth grade up until my death. The truth is, I was murdered. I did deserve it, I did something awful to one of my closest friends, that's why my life ended, but that's not the full story. So why and how was I killed? Here's the truth of why Calixta Adeline Silverman, age 17, died.


Let's start with my 8th grade year, quarter one, day one, first period.

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