The Tutor

Daniel Copper is you normal, popular guy. Football Captain, great friends and a great family.
Jayden Clarkers, he is the opposite of Daniel. He's the school 'Loser', No fame, No friends and a family who hates him.
But, Daniel can't have bad grades in Social Study's, and Jayden is forced to tutor him.


3. Day Three: Skye draws Me and Jayden

Heeyy guys! Sorry, I kinda forgot about this website after school ended... Hehe.... Gomen...

Daniel's POV

Why did I just now realize how boring class is without Jayden? Everything the teachers say sounds like gibberish, like the adults in Charlie Brown. I rested my head on my fist and tried to listen to the on-going information we will never use in our lives. Besides, the only things needed in life is Food, water, beds, Males/females, math, and ELA. And half of Math and ELA You won't need!
Like, Addition and subtraction, okay, I see why. But you only need how to write, read, and speak. That's all I need a least. Jayden soaks up every word the teachers say while reading his Book, Sherlock Homes I think. Or Holmes? Whatever.

I glanced over at the clock and almost jumped out my seat, Only 5 more minuets until I can see my Jayden! Okay, Okay, shut up. I know I called Jay Mine, I don't care. As long as he and nobody else knows about that, I'm fine.

I drew a small heart on my paper, putting Jayden + Daniel in the center. I sighed dreamily, thinking about all the things I could take Jayden to if we would start dating.

Maybe the Skating rink? Roller Skating? Amusement park, yes, I would have to bring him there!

I was so caught up in my thoughts that when the bell rung I almost yelped! I chuckled at myself before packing up quickly and rushing out the door, heading to the left to my next class.

Half way there I was caught up with a small ball of annoying. Sissy. I mentally rolled my eyes, hoping it wouldn't take as long.

"Hey, Danny~" She purred, leaning up close to my face. I gulped a took a small step back, getting away from her a bit. Sissy pouted her pink lips and pushed her books to her chest.

"Wanna hang out after school?" She asked, almost shyly. I blinked in surprise. I was kinda expecting her to insult my friends, like she always dose.

"Um... I would, really, but I have a tutoring session after school so..." I told the girl. 

"Skip." She said simply. I shook my head. "I can't or else I would be kicked off the Soccer team." I replied. Sissy groaned and flipped some fake blonde hair over her slim shoulder. "Danny, is Soccer really more important than me?" She asked, blue eyes glaring into my brown ones.

I oh so desperately wanted to nod my head and tell her yes. But instead I just shrugged my shoulders.

"Sissy, I need to get to class now." I said. Sissy pouted again and whined. "Skip with me?" She begged. I almost gagged at her wide fake blue eyes. "I can't. Plus, it's last class, I need to get to practice and meet with Ja- My tutor." I said, almost letting Jayden's name slip. If she knew who was Tutoring me she would try to murder the poor boy. 

"Sorry," I shrugged and walked around her, heading to Social Studies with a little skip in my step. I soon stood in front of the door and pushed it open, just in time as the bell rung.

I sighed happily and walked to the back, not able to sit with Skye because the bell rung. I normally sat beside him, but I really wanted to sit with Jayden. Apparently Skye saw that I would do that because he followed me up to Jayden's seat!

I sat down directly beside Jayden, Skye siting on the other side of me. I listened to the teacher a bit, glanced over at Jayden, who was reading Sherlock Holmes: Black Ice, and looked over at the blue haired best friend of mine.

"Skye..." I whispered, facing ahead. I heard him hum and took that as a Invite to keep talking.

"Why in the lords name are you up here?" I asked. I saw Skye shrug from the corner of my eye and growled a bit. "I felt like seeing what had you caught on Mr. Holmes over there." He whispered back, voice holding amusement like the park I want to take Jayden to.

I huffed a bit and watched Jayden for a bit, not at all listening to the teacher. Why would I? I had Jayden to teach me anyways.

I saw Jayden glance at me as soon as I did, which was kinda Embarrassing. We locked glaze's. Brown on Brown red. I gulped a bit, mouth feeling dry. Jayden's eyes held wonder and a wee bit of kindness.

Mine was probably covered over in embarrassment...

Jayden looked away, all to soon for me. I pouted a bit and ripped my eyes away from him to watch the teacher without sound.

I gasped quietly and my eyes shot down to my hand that was my knee, seeing a much paler hand intertwined with it. I looked up at Jayden, only to see him watching the teacher as well, head propped up on his other hand while the other held mine.

I blushed bright red and kicked Skye a bit under the desk, a wide smile on my face as a nodded my head to our hands. Skye raised an eyebrow like he was asking if I grabbed it or he did that on his own.

I mouth 'Own' and Skye gave me a teasing look and pulled his notebook out and doddled something on it. He pushed the notebook to me when he finished and I saw a quick drawn me and Jayden on a bed.

I pushed my hand over my mouth, almost in, to keep any sounds of alarm to reach any ears. I glared at Skye and he grinned creepily. I looked down to see his hand writing out names over the correct person and he glanced at Jayden.

"Don't you dare." I growled to him lowly. I was seriously about to punch my blue haired friend. 

"Jayden." He whispered, grin still on his face. When Jayden didn't move, he whispered his name again.
"Jayden." "Jayden" "Jay-" "What?" Jayden finally whispered back sharply, brown/red eyes glaring at Skye. 

Skye looked at my begging eyes and grinned wider, hand slowly pushing the notebook to Jayden. 

Now, you'll probably wondering why i'm not swiping the book away from both of them. Well, Skye was holding my hand down on the desk. I whined and moved my head down on the book, stopping Skye from moving it.

Skye hissed like a cat at me and grabbed the back of my hair, pulling my head up. I looked at him, silently begging him to say Never-mind and take the book back.

He shook his head and pushed the book to Jayden fully, so it was in front of him and away from me. I whined and Skye finally let go of my hair, letting my head flop onto the desk.

I heard Jayden write something on the paper and pass the notebook to Skye over my back.

I hate my life.  






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