The Tutor

Daniel Copper is you normal, popular guy. Football Captain, great friends and a great family.
Jayden Clarkers, he is the opposite of Daniel. He's the school 'Loser', No fame, No friends and a family who hates him.
But, Daniel can't have bad grades in Social Study's, and Jayden is forced to tutor him.


5. Day Four: Part Two: Sissy...

-Daniel's POV-


"Oh god..." I grumbled. Jayden looked at me, confused. I sighed. "Sissy," I told him. Jayden still looked confused. "Who?"

Before I could answer, a heavy mass of fake jumped on me and pushed my body off the bench. "Danny! I thought you had tutoring!" She pouted. I sighed and tried to sit up, but Sissy was sitting on me, so it made getting up quiet the chore. 

"I am." I held back a growl. "Where is he? I don't see anyone." She blinked, looking around the park, probably looking for some big-glassed nerd with bright green braces and shaking hands. Ha, good luck. Jayden had no glasses, nor braces, and there was no way his hand would shake.

"I am here, I assure." Jayden sighed, staring down at Sissy and I with a glare. Sissy blushed. "Y-You're Danny's tutor?" She gasped. Jayden nodded. Sissy suddenly growled.

"You will not take my Danny from me, you hear?" Jayden blinked his eyes lazily. "I haven't stolen anything, just claimed an unmarked person." He shrugged.

"He is not unmarked! He is mine!" Sissy hissed, her gross fake blue eyes glaring into Jayden's. I would have backed away but ya' know, Sissy on me.

"I don't see a sign saying 'Daniel Belongs to a whiny fake brat.'" He said. Sissy glared and stood up, grabbing his collar. "And I don't see a mark saying 'Danny belongs to a vampire wanna-be.' So, tell me, Jay, where would that be?" She growled in Jayden's hardened face.

"Do not call be Jay," He growled, standing from his Indian style sitting style. Sissy huffed. "And why not, Jay?" 

Jayden growled and grabbed her ponytail, making Sissy cry out. "You do not have permission to call me by such a name." He told. 

I sat up and crawled to Jayden. He looked down at me, his eyes softening slightly before he looked back at Sissy. "Why don't you go hang out with your girlfriends and make out with any guy on the street, Shall you?" Jayden asked kindly, pushing Sissy towards the exit. 

He reached down and picked me up like a toddler, resting his head on my shoulder and growling lowly in my ear, directed at Sissy, who cried out how much of a jerk he was and ran out Sakura Park. Jayden stopped growling and flopped down on the bench, burrowing his face into my chocolate hair.

"Are you okay?" He asked. My eyes widened and I slowly pulled myself off his chest. "I-I'm fine, are you okay is the real question!" I gasped. Jayden shook his head. "Don't worry about me, only worry about yourself, I'm fine." Jayden assured. 

I sighed and nodded, laying on him once again, which made him sigh. "I'm sorry, do you want me to get up?" I asked quickly. Jayden shook his head and pulled me closer, almost purring. I relaxed and dosed off slightly, and almost falling asleep!

Jayden knocked me back to earth when I heard him start breathing slower. I gasped and pulled off him again, making his head fall. "Jayden...?" I whispered. Jayden grunted and relaxed his tight grip on me. 

I smiled. He fell asleep? I sighed with a soft smile and grabbed his chin, pulling it up so I could see his sleeping face.

Eyelids closed and lashed rested on his cheek, lips parted and letting out soft puffs of air, hair in his face. I kissed his cheek and put his head on my shoulder again, closing my eyes.

The last thing I knew before I fell asleep, was that right when I was about to be surrounded by a dark sleep, Jayden's arms tightened around me again, pulling me flush against his body, sighing happily.  

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