The Tutor

Daniel Copper is you normal, popular guy. Football Captain, great friends and a great family.
Jayden Clarkers, he is the opposite of Daniel. He's the school 'Loser', No fame, No friends and a family who hates him.
But, Daniel can't have bad grades in Social Study's, and Jayden is forced to tutor him.


4. Day Four: Caught in a Tutoring session.

After my endless embarrassment, I had rushed out the school and to soccer practice, passing Jayden and seeing his confused glaze. I had brushed it off and jogged to my practice, getting changed into my uniform, and running out onto the field our Coach and other players stood. 

Coach was a older man with graying hair, mean silver eyes, and a scowl on his face at all times.

I sighed as we began our warm-ups. Coach was a football coach, so he was kinda hard on our upper body's, but happily our lower body as well. The lower body was all you needed in soccer, well, besides a head and eyes to see, of course.

Warm up's finished and we were put in two groups, one group was a different team and did a "Fake Match" as Coach called it. Long story short, we lost and they won. Jerks were rubbing it in our faces!
I sighed as I remembered I had a Tutor session with Jayden today, so no going home and sleeping on my soft bed. I changed out my uniform, taking a quick shower, Jayden would kill me for smelling bad. Don't you remember the first time he came to pick me up was practice?
"Take a shower, you smell like sweat." or something like that, I think.

I shook my head, letting water droplets fly and ran my hands through my hair so it wouldn't look like a birds nest.

When I got out the locker rooms, or whatever they're called, I saw a certain black hooded male leaning against the wall, a Sherlock Holmes book in hand.

I was about to walk over, but some of my other team mates beat me to it and started talking to my Jayden. 

A bit peeved, I hid behind the corner and listened in on their conversation.

"So, what'cha doing after school, Jay-Day?" One guy asked. Jayden hissed and shoved his hands, and book, into his hoodie pocket. "Nothing that concerns you, of course." Jayden replied. 

The boy made a mock gasp and clammed a hand over his heart, acting wounded.

"Oh my! How you wound my poor heart, Jayden!" He wailed. Jayden rolled his red brown eyes and pushed past him, to the locker rooms, but the guy held him back.

"Hey, Hey, Hey! Where do you think you're going?" He growled. Jayden hissed and jerked out his grip, and I could only guess he was clutching the book spine in his hand tightly, most likely imagining it as the boy's instead of the books.

I snickered at the thought, catching the attention of the guy, Jayden and a minion the guy had. Jayden sighed and stood beside me, glaring at the boy and his minion.

"We are busy now, so we will take our leave, excuse us." Jayden bowed and sped walked away, hand holding my wrist and snatched up my book-bag as we passed, his own on his back.

I stumbled along behind him and tried prying the bag from him, insisting that I could hold it myself. Jayden just grunted and kept walking to Sakura Park, heading to our bench.

We sat down and Jayden un-zipped my bag, pushing through the papers I had thrown about, and pulled the needed papers out. A math, Social Studies, and Science one. I had 120 minuets of reading a night for ELA, but Jayden does it all day anyways.

He pushed the papers and a pencil over to me, hand in lap as he waited for me to start working.

"What? Not gonna come over here and help me?" I whined childishly. Jayden huffed and glared slightly. "Try on your own, I'm no babysitter." He sighed, arms now crossed over his chest.

I whined again and picked up the #2 pencil, getting to work on useless History. Fuuuun. I sighed and started on my Study Guide in Social Studies, whining under my breath every few moments or so. Jayden watched me in amusement, that jerk. I hissed at Jayden much how he did with that guy, making his amusement grow. I grumbled and started working again, needing to get it done by the 14th. It was the 12th, so not much time I had left to do it.

After about 10 or so minuets, I gave up. I threw my pencil on the bench top and crossed my arms, pouting like a child.

"Jayden! I can't do it!" I whined. Jayden sighed and crawled beside me, sitting on his knees and pulling out his notes. "Now try," He commanded. I was in awe.

His Handwriting was perfect! (Unlike mine.)

I picked up my pencil and read it over, slowly coming to terms with the hell spawn. "Ya' know, this is kinda easy..." I muttered to myself, scribbling down the answers I found in Jayden's notes. Jayden hummed proudly and took out his phone when It buzzed. I looked over at him as he looked down at the device. 

Jayden growled and shut it off fully, silencing the buzzes. He grumbled a bit and looked at me with his red brown eyes. "Finish up," He said. I nodded and quickly wrote down the answers, pushing the Lead on Paper back to him. Jayden took it and placed it in his Social Studies Binder gently.

Binder in bag now, Jayden turned his body towards me. He opened his mouth to talk before another loud one cut him off. 


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