The Carpathian Chronicles

The Carpathian Chronicles is a 20 short stories that Is based upon the Creatures of the Night, Known as Vampires, the life of immortality , how they learn to survive not just by drinking human blood, but also survive by drinking a stone, but this stone isn't ordinary to them, its known as a Bloodstone made by a Origional BlackRose, ( my aol rping character, I am using ). in order for them to fit in the human world, the stone heals their hunger while surviving the human world, come along and read the stories ..


3. The Kidnapping Of The Prince of Clydronia Prince Erik

The Kidnapping of The Prince of Clydronia   Epilouge I wandered thru the castle as I searched fro M'love Isabella we were playing marco polo, I smiled as i walked hru the corridors of the castle which ws a huge maze on the lowerlevel where the secret passages lead out to the botanical gardens i had made for m'love, i searched and searched for Isabella,and sighed , i slowly glanced around as i quickly gave up, she hated that , me giving up so quickly she always knew that i would give up searching for her, ther I now leaned back against the wall, and thought about what she told me a few nights ago. She told me that she had some good news to tell me and i had to wait til tonight for that surprise. I closed my eyes for a few and took a deep breaths i felt someoe walk pass by me, i quickly opened my eyes hoping it would be Isabella but I was wrong, i was so wrong .i moved up from the wall as i made my way to the north hall, as i entered the dark halls i was suddenly attacked from behind my attacker was very strong which he made me feel like i was the weak one, of course i was I was only twenty who was struggling with the attacker. As soon as he released me i quickly turned seeing my attacker, he was taller than i was, his eyes were fire red, he was big muscled, he growled at me as he pushed me against the wal, there he pinned me against it as he moved my head aside, I gasped and cried out " No please, don't" I actually pleaded with my attacker, I knew what he was planning to do, I didn't want to become like my father, I was only twenty of age, I was barely becoming a man, that my father wanted me to be, i continued struggling with my attacker as he growled at me in my face my back hit the wall as he pushed me, i watched his move a he moved my head aside once more as he tried to cover my eyes, but he didnt get to as he felt the pinches of punctures beside my neck the penetration of his fangs ruptured my viens as he drank my blood as my lip parted a bit. I tried to capture my breath instead i felt a sweet taste no entering my mouth as i gagged, my eyes widen "Oh no!" I thought, it was my attackers blood, his sweet nector was now flowing into my mouth, my throat he was turning me into a immortal. something i didnt want to be,now i had no choice, the sweet nector flowed thru me, rapidl as i felt my tears trickling down my face, i tried to scream, the agony, the nector was taking a toll on me, i couldnt take it, as my arms flew upon their own now attacking the assailant, he quickly let me go as i fell upon the cold grounds as my body jerked as if i was having a seizure the blood flowed thru my entire body as the sweet nector took its full force of changing me the fire was erupted i felt the puncture wounds close on their own my body was on fire as i screamed in pain,while my body jolted up with extcrutating pain the flow of the blood circulated in my body as as the changes began to take affect on me I screamed again in pain with tears towed down my cheeks I My hair, My body, my eyes changed, I had no heartbeat, what will Isabella think of me , what will my father do to me. I closed my eyes as i was lifted up by my attacker as he walked out of the corridors and into the gardens, as we disappeared into the portal infront of us. Isabella I wandered thru the halls as i searched for Erik, the corridors were designed as a maze , m'love Erik managed to make this for me just beneath the castle, I smiled as i walked as i called out " MARCO POLO", there was no answer from Erik, I was very excited to inform him of some good news about me, I know he will be thrilled to hear the news, you see, I am three months along, Yes i know we are very young, But our creation was created by our love, I came around the corridors as i saw m'love being carried away by a man i did not reconize,i gasped as i quickly turned and made my way back up to the stairs and quickly ran into the corridors which led to the Grand hall where the dance was at, I entered the Grand hall, I rushed myself to the King and Queen informing them of what i seen, King Anton decided to stop the festivities early as he had his guards surrounding the guests and walking them to the bedrooms, The king managed to gather a few guards together informing them that the Prince was now missing. The king and the guards wandered thru all the corridors of the maze as they searched for Erik within the eastwing chambers and dungeons, they noticed that the young Prince was nowhere to be found, the king sighed as he fallen onto his knees as he knew that his little boy was dead...
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