The Carpathian Chronicles

The Carpathian Chronicles is a 20 short stories that Is based upon the Creatures of the Night, Known as Vampires, the life of immortality , how they learn to survive not just by drinking human blood, but also survive by drinking a stone, but this stone isn't ordinary to them, its known as a Bloodstone made by a Origional BlackRose, ( my aol rping character, I am using ). in order for them to fit in the human world, the stone heals their hunger while surviving the human world, come along and read the stories ..


4. The attack of Clydronia Castle

The Carpathian Chronicles


The Attack of Clydronia Castle


Part 2


King Anton's Pov:


I didnt know how it all started, well i knew that we were having a ball for my son and daughter in law's engagment, we invited the entire land to celebrate their engagement. I seen the Princess rushing towards me as she was crying, now landing into my arms as she shivered and whimpered.. she began speaking to me in slow words.


she was telling me that Erik had been kidnapped by his attacker.I gasped as I held her tightly, the next thing I knew that the side of the Castle walls exploded killing a dozen of civilians along with children,I yelled out for my guards to lead the Princess and everyone else out of the Grand Hall. I followed my men and the civivlians as i saw everyone coming to a hault and looked up, as soon isaw what or who they werelooking at, i gasped.


I knew that night i lost my son to my brother Tobias..


"ERIK!" i screamed out as my brother looked straight at me now grinning.


"what have you done Tobias!"I yelled out


Tobias looked down to me as he smiled. there he pulled my son out to the ledge as he was grinning.


I got who i wanted, dear brother, Tobias grinned evily as he moved his head to the boys neck as he bit him as Erik screamed in pain,as soon as he opened his mouth, Tobias bit his own wrist and shoved it into his nephews mouth.


Fresh meat , Fresh bait " Tobias grinned , again I revealed my vampiric form infront of the civilians as they now screamed,




The Thunderous thunder adrupted with echoing with their screams , I formationed back intomy vampric form as i growled, I flew up greeting my Uncle Face to face,


"What did you do Tobias?!, He was human, you made my son something he wasn't ready to be,


THE CHILD OF THE NIGHT! , is what he was meant to be, I made him he's mine,


HE WAS MY SON! screamed Anton as he now charged both Tobias and his son as they all three flew off the broken walls of the top ceiling of the Clydronia Castle.




The three toppled onto the ground as Tobias quickly moved to his feet while Erik laid on the ground, his brother Malachi grabbed him as he pulled him into hiding .


Demetri and Malachi watched the two lords in combat as they now tossed each other into the broken walls of the castle,


Tobias growled as he charged after his brother .Anton missed being tackled down as he now stood his stance, there he stared at his brother as he now apparated where Erik was hidden as he literally disappeared with his nephew leaving his brother Anton standing alone..

his Eldest son Jerimiah walked over to his father's side as he now sighed,

We will find our baby brother father I promise "


{sorry for this being so late, but I finally  added a new first chapter, hope you enjoy}

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