The Carpathian Chronicles

The Carpathian Chronicles is a 20 short stories that Is based upon the Creatures of the Night, Known as Vampires, the life of immortality , how they learn to survive not just by drinking human blood, but also survive by drinking a stone, but this stone isn't ordinary to them, its known as a Bloodstone made by a Origional BlackRose, ( my aol rping character, I am using ). in order for them to fit in the human world, the stone heals their hunger while surviving the human world, come along and read the stories ..


5. From The Journal of The Royal Family Princess Isabella

Carpathian Chronicles     
            From the Family Journal         
            Princess Isabella Satana  The Night of the Dance was very quite fustrated,  me and Erik went down to the newly made maze he  made for me  for my birthday two weeks ago, we were speaking of our future  together, and how things will change once we were married,
he was only twenty of age and i was only seventeen, i told him i had news to inform him of me,  something i havent told anyone . i wanted him to know  first.
when we arrived  i ran through the large maze corridors, he stayed behind, I called out by yelling out "Marco" , i heard Erik call out " Polo" , i giggled as i ran thru the corridors, i stepped out into the botanical gardens as i smiled and laid my hand upon my tummy, i sighed and prayed that Erik would be extacted about the news of my pregnancy,
 I turned back into the maze as i let my fingers travel through the crevises of the walls, they were smooth and not to rough. i smiled as i now came around, seeing Erik on the shoulder of a unidentified man, taking him out of the Castle , i quickly turned and ran out of the maze as i quickly made my way to  my future father inlaw  informing him that his son, M'beloved had been kidnapped by an unidentified  male, i couldnt make  this male figure out, I tried to explain  to the king, I looked  for the Queen  but  she was nowhere to be found,  until  her maiden came in screaming,
That was the night  Queen Sayadenna was murdered as her only son was kidnapped.
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