The Carpathian Chronicles

The Carpathian Chronicles is a 20 short stories that Is based upon the Creatures of the Night, Known as Vampires, the life of immortality , how they learn to survive not just by drinking human blood, but also survive by drinking a stone, but this stone isn't ordinary to them, its known as a Bloodstone made by a Origional BlackRose, ( my aol rping character, I am using ). in order for them to fit in the human world, the stone heals their hunger while surviving the human world, come along and read the stories ..


2. From The Journal of The Royal Family Prince Erik Garucino

Carpathian Chronicles Trilogy



Prince Erik Garcucino

The Era is 1815,


The war has just begun , my father Anton and my uncle Tobnias are at war just because he wants the rights of our home, which is legally ours , which my father inherited by my Great Great Grandfather King Jonas Garucino who passed the Royal Crown to my father to wear which my uncle didn’t like


My Uncle held a strong grudge against my father swearing to him that some day he will get his crown and the castle that was rightfully his, even though he turned down the crown on my Great Great Grandfather’s death bed,


Before the death of my Great Grandfather, my uncle Tobias never suspected anything between my Grandfather King Nicholas and my Father King Anton meeting with my Great Great Grandfather at his death bed, as he himself stated a will that the Royal crown is to be passed a generation ahead that revealed that I was to receive the Crown and the Castle at the age of twenty one as long as my father wore the crown during the war, my Uncle Tobias never suspected anything between my father and Great Grandfather and my Grandfather Nicholas as they skipped a generation in our family.


My mother Queen Sayadeena was given notice by my father, as he informed her of the news, she accepted my fate, and accepted the fact that my father wearing the crown and pretending to play king . since I was the true king of the lands,


I was to rule the world with my love Isabella, the daughter of King Deigo and Queen Isabella Santana. They rule the lands within the South Kingdom of Santana Castle.


Isabella’s older brother Carlos accepted our relationship due to the fact that me and Isabella were close friends, but became closer and more than friends thru out the years. With those years passed we grew close for our family to notice about our relationship . It literally changed, we changed , my possessiveness changed towards Isabella , our love grew stronger and stronger each day as it bloomed into something more.


Now with the years gone by we were officially engaged, now our families ..are now preparing a Masquerade Dance just to announce our engagement….oyi vey this will be the night to remember...

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