my brothers best friends

being zayn malik's twin sister is hard his friend louis keep flirting with me man i never knew being his twin will be so hard


13. ......

the alarm clock ran and woke us all up ''tour in 30 mins let's get ready'' i said getting off the bed i did my usual morning stuff and then we leashed the dogs and fed them and did all that we got in the car and went to the place we got on stage and everyone was yelling jack was used to it it's not new for him after we did a song there was a chat part i took a wattle bottle and opend it i went to the boys ''so when i do a thumbs up say in the mics turn around zayn so i can pour water on his for the first time ever i can get revenge'' i wisperd to the boys i walked inback of zayn who was talking i let him finish his sentence then did a thumbs up ''TURN AROUND ZAYN'' the boys yelled zayn turned around and i flipped the water bottle over him ''zayn i think your sweating abit'' i said trying to hold my laugh he opend his eyes and i ran away he chased after me until he was able to get water on me ''WATER FIGTH'' louis shouted as he threw water on liam jack took a water botle and got harry to hold him up ''daddy watch out '' jack said ''why jack'' jack turned the water bottle around and put water on lou it ended up we were all wet the boys finished singning the songs and we went to dry off ''that was awsome'' zayn said trying to dry his hair ''yeah the best one we ever did'' hazza replied  we got completely dried and did a few other concerts the month 

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