Another book of deep shit.

I would love to invite you into the mind of a horrible poet.
Enjoy the ride.



I swear I am not stupid 

I tried to fly next to you

the music pulled me into you

it was all ok


I swear I am not stupid

you looked at me

pulled me to the side

you gave me hope

and I took it


I swear I am not stupid

you were there 

you were everything

you took my hand and pulled down the armor


I swear I am not stupid

I have been here for ten years

scraping my knees for you

it was just a dance

it was ok


I swear I am not stupid


I fell apart when you took her hand

I broke in half when you never saw me

I dug my own grave 

I threw my heart in the pile

I put myself to the ground when I realized

I am very stupid

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