Aquarius Ask Away

I am starting this A&Q, which is actually a place where you may ask any questions ranging from: problems, personal issues, to minor questions you wonder every day.
I will try my best to solve your problems or even answer your questions. If they're too personal, I'll set up a small private group to where you can ask me a personal which will be deleted after the problem has been solved.


9. Apology

I know my last post was rather selfish and narcissistic sounding, but that's because we all have a little of that somewhere in ourselves, right? I'm sorry about that guys and I'm back! I'm also very sorry for not updating for so damn long! I'm thinking of going back on some stories and rewriting them due to random things and it wasn't exactly how I wanted the story to go.... I need to plan out my stories more..... XD Oh well!

I hope you all have been well and not too mad at me. Sowwy! I will try to write more but so far, I kinda want focus on fixing the stories due to it jumping around and not making sense. Sigh. Oh well! So yeah, that's basically it right now. Um, ask away? XD


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